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I saw this kick starter today and thought it looked really cool. It has a lot of potential. Surviving in a Dinosaur wilderness seems pretty sick to me. I can't wait till it gets released. I am eagerly awaiting this. He has a couple of videos on youtube too.
Does anyone know if the 3.5mm jacks will vary in quality of sound? Or can I just get any 3.5mm stereo jack? Headphones are Samson RH600s Basically, is there a difference in quality in these Thanks in advance for the help!,3120-6.htmlI found it. A quad is not always better than a dual. More cores is not better for SCII. It only uses 2 threads.Source
Isn't SCII only single threaded? I am not certain on this, but I know at most it is dual threaded, so the performance increase between an i5 an i3 should not be as noticeable as you are saying. A dual core i3 chip will run a dual threaded application much better than a quad core FX Chip. Anyways, He might get 25 MIN FPS in a benchmark environment and should average about 40FPS, but in normal games he should be getting 60+ FPS
I would probably go with a 2GB GTX 650 Ti. You can go with an Ivy pentium or an i3. For SCII it should be good enough. An i5 was just a precaution. Try to keep a SSD in there as it will make the system feel much faster.
ahh okay, makes more sense now
If you arent overclocking, you do not need a Z77 board. Go with a B75 board. Swap out the GPU for a 7970, if you are willing to wait until the end of the month, grab a GTX 780.
Here is a quick build a GTX 650Ti seems to be just enough for SCII. As far as CPU goes, you are going to want an intel chip, SCII is not heavily threaded, but is very cpu intensive. It loves CPUs with good single threaded performance.Now, I don't know how much VRAM SCII uses, but as long as you are playing at 1080p or below, I would assume 1GB of VRAM is enough. If you want to put AA on max, you probably should look into a 2GB GTX 650 Ti.I added a 1TB HDD for storage, so...
5850 is going to bottleneck you big time now. What resolution are you playing at?
Actually, I was correct. You have fallen victim to someone who skews results.Lol I've seen Tek Syndicate's reviews. He does not benchmark correctly.So, please get your facts...
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