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Are you near a Micocenter? Also, is this for business or pleasure/school? If for business go with an i7 If for pleasure/school you will not notice a difference between an i7 had a 8 core AMD chip. Go with the cheaper option. In benchmarks you are looking at rendering differences of just a few seconds. Do you want to overclock? Are you open to overclocking? Honestly, DDR4 is still pretty expensive and has minimal noticeable differences over DDR3. I would stick with...
You should get an 8GB card for 4k..
This is true, I have a 4k monitor, I constantly max my VRAM on even the most basic of games without AA, but that's because I only have 2GB of VRAM. If you plan on using any sort of AA or hi-res textures, you need a lot of RAM. I would suggest the 290X 8GB version or you could get a Titan Z. I honestly would go with 2 x 8GB 290Xs.
I honestly prefer reference cards over non-reference because you can find waterblocks for them without any issues for the future. Case is not great, I agree, just put it in there as a filler for a ~$50 case. If you want to get the most bang for your buck you do not waste your money on just a single vendor.
This one looks very good, It is actually one of the ones I was looking at. That processor has a turbo frequency of 3.2Ghz. Should run WoW without a problem, may be able to run it on high since laptops have such a low resolution.
Seems a little pricey for what you get. Probably upselling you because of the audio.
Here is a quick build I came up with... [[SPOILER]] I swapped out a few things... Different keyboard. The keyboard I grabbed has black switches. Honestly, corsair's keyboard is overpriced. I changed the monitor to a 1440p monitor, but this would be personal preference. Do you want pixels or more FPS, that is your choice. Changed the PSU and motherboard. I changed the case, I am not sure how set you are on the case, but spending so much on a case was holding you back a...
Look around for an AMD A8 or A10 laptop, then grab upgrade of 8GB of ram.
[[SPOILER]] Honestly, the intel build should perform better. I would spend the extra $10 and get the i3, it has more CPU power than the A8. You could always get a cheaper case and that could keep you under budget.You did not mention the need for a power supply, do you need one? If not, what PSU do you have? [[SPOILER]] On all the builds, I assumed you wanted additional storage, so I added 1TB HDDs to all of them, you could always remove to save $48 too.
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