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Yeah, he was planning jumping on it because of the rebate, but I wanted another opinion. Thanks!yeah, i knew it was non-modular, it's not a huge deal anyways. Thanks for the suggestion!Thanks for the reviews, I already looked at teh Recommended PSUs, that's when I found this one
My cousin is upgrading his rig, and needs a better PSU. This is what the final components are going to be: AMD PII 955 x4 currently stock CM 212+ cooler 2x4GB RAM Blu-ray drive 1 SSD 5 HDDs Nvidia GTX 680 I was looking at this PSU So I was wondering if 650W would be cutting it close for his setup and should he invest in something larger? Thanks for all the help
Seems that it was a faulty PSU. I replaced it and now it is running everything just fine. Thanks for your help @Kleer Kut
Update: I ended up disabling the unused features in Bios, I even disabled it to use a single core. I talked to customer service and they had be update my bios and make the primary graphics adapter (onboard). Still a no go.
Yeah, I was only using one slot at a time. And I was not connecting any drives. I used a low end video card as well. It posted without and issue. I will try your suggestions when I get home.Thanks:thumb:
So, I bought a Asrock Q1900M in hopes of making a low powered NAS. I also bought two SATA PCIe cards.The problem I am facing is that I cannot post once I connect a PCIe SATA card. The PSU(CX430) fan spins, and then stops, and then spins, and stops, etc... I tested the PCIe SATA card in another setup and it posts just fine. I put a PCIe sound card in the Q1900M, and it also posts fine. So I have no clue on what is going on Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, any idea on the mobo or waterblock?
Sorry, 2 GB updated the OP
I was wondering what a few of my spare parts are worth. Corsair H60 i3 530 Asus P7p55D-E 2x4GB 1333Mhz DDR3 500GB WD Green Asus Radeon 7750 EVGA GTX 680 2GB EK 680 copper water block Corsair CX430 V2 Thanks in advance
Hi, I recently setup a PPTP VPN server on my Ubuntu 14.04 machine. This machine also has a dansguardian web filter on it as well. I am trying to use an android client(default) to connect to the server. It allows me to connect, but I cannot access the internet. Now I am not very good at iptables and ufw, so I could just be missing a rule there.These were the tutorials that I followed.DansGuardian TutorialPPTP Server TutorialHere is some useful output: [[SPOILER]]
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