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2 x 570s and my 680sI wouldn't go as far as say dead silent, but it's not loud
In all my experiences, the stock intel cooler is quieter than my GPUs.
This card has more VRAM.
I just tried again, thought it might just be that I didnt have the RAM in all the way and the same thing. Any ideas? I am going to try removing my overclock when I get home and see if the RAM slot might just be faulty.
Here are a couple builds that I came up with. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
I think they have a $15 off $75 if you use their mobile promotion. Not sure if that is ongoing. Potentially making this ~$60 with a $10 filler item. EDIT: Found the promo code $15 Off $75 When You Checkout with MasterPass on a Mobile Device MBLMASTER15
I was wondering if this is normal. I have my i3-530 running at 4Ghz, after 20 passes of IBT and 24 hr Prime95 blend, but I noticed that it wasn't in dual channel mode, I put the RAM in the wrong slots . But after I moved the slots, I was not able to even get into the bios. Is this normal? I have never heard of dual channel restricting the overclock before. Thanks
Honestly, the only thing I would keep would be the case, HDD and PSU (If it's any good). The rest should be replaced. Go with 8GB of RAM.^^ This
If these are still available after the new year, I might be interested.
With the hi-rez texture packs? That's what kills me, even at 1080p. For the final battle I had to turn my settings down to medium/low @ 4k. I was getting ~10 FPS on high.
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