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Just start with a i5/i7, and mobo that you are happy with and 1 GPU, and just add GPUs if you need some more power later
If you want a rough estimate, I would estimate about $400-$500 for mid level stuff.
Honestly, not sure if a single 980 will cut it for 4k. You might get like 30FPS average at max settings at newer games. My SLI GTX 680s struggle, at the lower settings, but that is also due to only 2GB of VRAM. If I were you, I would go with an 8GB R9 290X. Some current games are already using ~4GB VRAM for 4k, I would expect over the next year for them to use well over 4GB. When I bought my 680s(on release), 2GB of VRAM was plenty for 1080p. Now you need atleast 3-4GB for...
I have 2 x EVGA 2GB GTX 680s with waterblocks and I wanted to know how much I could get for them. I still have the original boxes and heatsinks. Thanks!
I agree, a 128GB SSD is not a stretch and is plenty for an OS drive an a few programs. Also, an i5 + R9 290 or 280X should be within budget.
With fan speed at like 30%? once you get two you are going to need to crank up the fan speed to 90-100% when under full load to keep them cool.
If you are running 2 x 980s, the case is the last thing you need to worry about being silent. Those 980s are going to be much louder than anything else.
Any reasoning for an ITX case? Did you just want it small? I love Corsair cases, but they tend to be a little over priced. If you are set on an ITX case, you could go with a Thermaltake Core V1, I think it looks beautiful. If you are open to M-ATX I would suggest the Cougar MX300.Also, no need for a cooler, the stock cooling is enough for non-overclocking.Keep the faster RAM, 1866 or 2133 would be best, Minecraft is heavily CPU dependent, if you want to max out view...
Here are a couple of builds: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] In the last two you have more breathing room, but all will require upfront costs because the rely on MIRs. with the more breathing room, you can grab a better cooler like the D14, a bigger HDD, or a different case like you wanted. Personally, I think that Cougar case looks pretty nice
The compression fittings need to match or they wont fit. It looks like yours match. The plug you chose for your draining is the correct size, but you may want to increase it a little bit so that the tubing is snug. Both should work, but make sure you get a clamp for it to avoid spillage.Also, why the GPU slot connectors? you only have 2 GPUS, why do you have 2 slot connectors, you should only need 1.You should be able to get one of these...
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