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So is everyone playing CTE/Hardline now or is the server browser FUBAR again like it was in BF3? I looked for servers last night for about 20 minutes I couldnt ever get any more than 2-3 populated servers to show up in NA... Hundreds of empties though... Havnt played in probably 5 months and got the itch server updates. Sorry if you had gathered all of this already
Its the Crimson Twilight armor, you can get it on nexus among other sites.
I have been thoroughly distracted by Morrowind and Mechwarrior as of late D: . Need to get back to skyrim again before its been another 6 months passes like what happened last time
Seasons of Skyrim. I think its the default DoF that it comes with. for a while I was running realvision with ProjectENB's DoF. Cant stand the overdone DoF, it looks awful and winds up being like a 30fps hit... Thats cause hes using a body and head mod that consists of more than 5 polygons. The downside to demonica is theres zero vanilla armor support that ive been able to find and you need a special skeleton thats not compatible with anything. (unless krista has fixed that...
Looks pretty good to meSome more from me -
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