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Seasons of Skyrim. I think its the default DoF that it comes with. for a while I was running realvision with ProjectENB's DoF. Cant stand the overdone DoF, it looks awful and winds up being like a 30fps hit... Thats cause hes using a body and head mod that consists of more than 5 polygons. The downside to demonica is theres zero vanilla armor support that ive been able to find and you need a special skeleton thats not compatible with anything. (unless krista has fixed that...
Looks pretty good to meSome more from me -
yeah thats fine.It may not make things obvious but it *might* help.
set them to 1 and induce the crash a few times, then look at the logsIf you load an old save and fast travel does it still happen?
Do you have papyrus logs enabled? [[SPOILER]] it stores the logs in the same directory as your save games. When does the CTD happen? during play or when loading?
Really digging the lighting with this new preset
the STEP project wiki is still actively maintained as far as i know. And the last core mods guide was in july so its not horribly out of date.Also look at Gophers youtube (just search goper or gophersvids on youtube) channel for his recent mod sanctuary videos. Basically just reviews of certain mods. ive picked up a few cool ones from those videos i would have gazed over otherwise. Seeing them in game helped.Hodilton does a lot of ENB videos on his youtube channel as well.
One of the things ENBoost does is offload VRAM and precache to a separate executable, that setting has something to do with that process. As far as im aware It only *needs* to be set to your vram ammount (and ENB will still function correctly with it much lower). Setting under the vram+ram-2048 rule helps with stuttering in my experience.I think True Vision and Seasons of Skyrim are my current favorite ENB's(Project ENB was my favorite before i switched to realvision like...
I went through my scripts folder one at a time, there were 2 script files left there that are not tied to any mods in my load order. Deleted those and the CTD is gone. I mustve loaded my game and then immediately quit to desktop 70 times making sure... lol. So the game must see those files and freak out when they arent tied to anything because my papyrus logs from that CTD were literally 4 lines long.
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