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I don't know how well the new processors will be able to handle that. I find that my GTX970 already struggles at 1440p with some games...'re Chozart? No big nose? Another article addressing this issue. I bet you it is horribly optimised...there is no other reason it could require a GTX780 to play properly. Unless it does in fact look mind blowing...
Huge news in my opinion; for a corporate as large as PwC to ditch Microsoft Outlook and move to Gmail is impressive. I’m not sure how they will do without the rest of the Office suite… I suspect it will be difficult to replace Microsoft Excel.Source:
Anyone sad that Civ: BE wasn't made with higher textures? I'm running it at 1440p with 8xMSAA and I can't get it to drop below 60 fps
I would absolutely love to eliminate my iPad, MacBook Air and Gaming PC by purchasing a Surface Pro and an external GPU…that’s the dream. Will it ever happen?
I think game manufacturers will come up with interesting ways to reduce the load on consoles. Just reducing draw distance can have a huge effect on resources required. Think of games like Bayonetta 2 which have environments that are small and instanced, but feel a part of a bigger world.
"It's too late to apologize..." Sorry Blizzard, you had your chance. Played for 3 years on crap American servers with 150ms ping and it sucked.
Screen size is larger, faster processor, screen is closely optically bonded, Apple Pay, barometer...other small things. I'll be honest, there isn't that much different between the 5S and the 6 unless you like big screens
Yeah I was scared performance was going to be bad but with everything on max with textures on high, I'm getting 60 fps pretty stable at 1440p. Vram stays pretty consistently at 3.9gb though so I suspect ultra textures would tip it over. But that's okay, fun game and it looks great regardless
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