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"It's too late to apologize..." Sorry Blizzard, you had your chance. Played for 3 years on crap American servers with 150ms ping and it sucked.
Screen size is larger, faster processor, screen is closely optically bonded, Apple Pay, barometer...other small things. I'll be honest, there isn't that much different between the 5S and the 6 unless you like big screens
Yeah I was scared performance was going to be bad but with everything on max with textures on high, I'm getting 60 fps pretty stable at 1440p. Vram stays pretty consistently at 3.9gb though so I suspect ultra textures would tip it over. But that's okay, fun game and it looks great regardless
Dude just stop. India has never been a major consumer market and probably won't be for some time to come. Take it from an Indian living outside of India. You talk of the number of millionaires that India has, take a look at this:
I wonder if anyone has tried stuffing this thing into a Corsair 250D...doable? Looking for some quiet cooling for my i5.
I'm not understanding your point. How exactly is owning this iMac a compromise? Seems like a perfect machine for a professional photographer does it not?Can someone please confirm (and apologies if this has been posted already) whether the panel is IPS or TN? I suspect the latter given the price of IPS 4K panels at the moment.
Checked out my VRAM usage using Ultra settings at is hovers around 3.8GB. A bit absurd if you ask me - this game must be poorly optimised; not even Skyrim takes this much when you do 8K LOD packs.
Anyone else think this game doesn't look as good as it should given the high system requirements? I went back and played some Skyrim modded today and it looks better in some regards... still having heaps of fun with SoM at the moment must say.
I'm getting around 30 FPS average with Ultra settings enabled at 1440p with my specs in signature - does that sounds about right?
Haven't posted in a while but Happy Anniversary!
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