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I paid $1099 for my iPhone 6 phone I have ever used. Paid $799 for my iPad tablet I have ever used. Paid $1199 for my MacBook laptop I have ever owned.I have nothing more to demand than that.
Lightning is developed by Apple. Thunderbolt is Intel. They are not related.
iPhones don't have TB? Im confused.
MacBook Pro and Mac Pro as well as related peripherals all use Thunderbolt.
USB-C is not a replacement for Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt will continue to be used on professional level machines for some time.
Why do you say that? The iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 didn't have his influence.
Jobs has been gone for a long time now.
It’s undoubtedly gorgeous but really struggling with the point apart from that. It’s like an Alfa Romeo 8C – if you wanted to keep it as a showpiece it’s nice, you wouldn’t want to drive it though.
Most of your post was correct except for this. The only thing this announcement has cemented is Apple's valuation as a trillion dollar company.- Apple currently demands 90% of smartphone profits worldwide.- Apple outsells Samsung on a shipment basis in developed markets.- The Apple Watch is launching this month; expected to sell 3 million units in the first month.Samsung does not have what it takes in this fight unfortunately. I pray that Sony does because otherwise, Apple...
In that case you would hate the amount of DLC that Blizzard games have.Get over it, it's cosmetic stuff that doesn't affect gameplay. If you want the additional stuff, pay for the designer to make it.
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