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Because being green is cool apparently
My original point was that this entire topic is moot if we can't discuss the legality of the matter.
Okay, where to begin. I have a serious issue with this post and here is why: a moderator’s job is to moderate the discussion; not to impose their views and certainly not to influence the conversation such that it is biased in one way or another. ‘Piracy is wrong, and that’s that’ is not a mature response from a moderator (which is the hat you appear to have assumed when you posted). It may, however, be an acceptable view from a contributor to this forum, and I am treating...
Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't LG already build a 27" 5K display for Apple?
Loving the Paragon vs. Imperator Mar'gok video. Manaberry does something special with videos...not too much editing, not too little. Great.
Looks boring...
Awesome. Thanks for that Gridsquares. +rep
Feel like I want to try and find a guild to join to do normal mode HM and some heroics and the Guild Finder is completely useless. Any other avenues to find one?
God the more I think about it the more Microsoft really needs to innovate. Windows feels like it is fading into irrelevance day by day - if I wasn't into gaming I don't think I'd use it at home at all.
Hm interesting. I'm not saying you're wrong but I haven't encountered this yet. The grip is a lot like the claw grip that the G9x used to have and weight feels okay for now...The main thing I'm finding good is the ability to bind NUM 1-6 to the mouse and then use normal 1-6 on the keyboard. Just a bit less shift+key pressing. As a blood DK with about 15 skills on rotation, it's been helpful.Anyway, will let you know how I go.
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