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Want a rMBP 15" with Skylake. Thanks.
Wow GTX970 smashing it. Good investment.
So I can expect 30 FPS at 1440p it seems. Maybe was a mistake not getting a 1080p monitor...hope the SLI scaling is good.
Without consoles there is no industry. PC gaming lost. Get over it.
Heroes of the Storm aside...really? Square Enix has been promising FFXV for eons. JUST GIVE ME MY GAME @*$&*#&%*#&%....
Why should they spend unnecessary money on 0.1% of the market? How many people actually own a GTX980?
I don't understand the outrage. There was a pre-alpha version, and they decided to tone the graphics down in parts for stability and their consumer base. Is that an issue? All games are optimised in one way or another.
I suspect the reason why competitive e-sports do not make for good viewing is that they are extremely difficult to understand if you have never played them. Even watching SC2 gives me a headache because I have never played it in multiplayer mode. And that’s fine – ESPN needs to play to its audiences and I understand if e-sports are not the way forward. This guy needs to reel himself in though. It’s unbecoming to disparage a sport just because you don’t watch it and don’t...
I paid $1099 for my iPhone 6 phone I have ever used. Paid $799 for my iPad tablet I have ever used. Paid $1199 for my MacBook laptop I have ever owned.I have nothing more to demand than that.
Lightning is developed by Apple. Thunderbolt is Intel. They are not related.
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