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God the more I think about it the more Microsoft really needs to innovate. Windows feels like it is fading into irrelevance day by day - if I wasn't into gaming I don't think I'd use it at home at all.
Hm interesting. I'm not saying you're wrong but I haven't encountered this yet. The grip is a lot like the claw grip that the G9x used to have and weight feels okay for now...The main thing I'm finding good is the ability to bind NUM 1-6 to the mouse and then use normal 1-6 on the keyboard. Just a bit less shift+key pressing. As a blood DK with about 15 skills on rotation, it's been helpful.Anyway, will let you know how I go.
Just got a Naga Expert today and jesus its good - anyone who is keen to streamline their keybinds a bit should check it out.
Wow so much misinformation in one post.Screen - how exactly? You have not provided any information to back this up. The 6 plus has verifiable better viewing angles and colour accuracy and is optically bonded.Battery - yeah maybe, although probably not by much given the 6 Plus has a 2900 mah one.Camera - No. Just no. Read any review anywhere...the 6 Plus camera is widely regarded as being the best on the market apart from the Lumia ones (even then the OIS and low light is...
The S5 screen is absurdly saturated and blown out. Photos look silly on it. OLED is fine, but you just don't get the same color accuracy as you do on an IPS LED screen. And again, it's about the optically bonded screen - something you can't put into words but when you use it, you know you can't live without it.In what way? I think the way the Note 4 uses its large screen is good, but I wouldn't say the design or camera comes close to the iPhone 6 Plus.
Yeah sorry I know your comment was a joke but it was brought up before in this thread as well. All good - sorry about the outburst.
Can I just call the entire "bend gate" stuff as bull**** now and get it done with? It's one of the best selling products in history on launch and a couple of people bent theirs...which were the promptly and on the spot replaced for new by Apple. We have heard nothing about it since. I have a 6 Plus and it is dead straight.It's a stupid thing to bring up and just shows that people will hate a product for the sake of it, just because it is popular.
Because I own Apple products? Apart from a lack of waterproofing, the iPhone 6 is the best phone on the market. The screen is mind bending good (the lamination and optical bonding is so close to the screen it's amazing) and the camera is spectacular. comparison across a number of phones.I buy Apple products because they work very well together and have extremely well supported ecosystems. I love the fact that...
Just because there has never been a correlation found doesn't mean it doesn't exist. By that I mean there just isn't enough reliable data for us to draw any insight on the matter.It's clear that such games are distasteful; just as the western world shuns media that portrays the sexualisation of children even if it is in an animated form, so should this be shunned.Oh also the liberty and security argument is out of context - this has nothing to do with liberty or security....
This thing will need to be out of this world to compete with the iPhone 6/6 Plus. The only advantage android phones have left is battery life now; they really need to innovate or they will die.
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