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Most of your post was correct except for this. The only thing this announcement has cemented is Apple's valuation as a trillion dollar company.- Apple currently demands 90% of smartphone profits worldwide.- Apple outsells Samsung on a shipment basis in developed markets.- The Apple Watch is launching this month; expected to sell 3 million units in the first month.Samsung does not have what it takes in this fight unfortunately. I pray that Sony does because otherwise, Apple...
In that case you would hate the amount of DLC that Blizzard games have.Get over it, it's cosmetic stuff that doesn't affect gameplay. If you want the additional stuff, pay for the designer to make it.
I hate to admit it but I buy Nvidia these days because the drivers and gamer software is better (GeForce Experience and Shadowplay are cool), and the company has a winning culture – I like that. Let’s get into cars, mobile devices, our own gaming consoles – let’s be innovative and act like we give a damn. AMD has a loser culture (fails on the CPU front with a bad strategy) and doesn’t seem to have much innovation or leadership. And their drivers are horrible.
Because being green is cool apparently
My original point was that this entire topic is moot if we can't discuss the legality of the matter.
Okay, where to begin. I have a serious issue with this post and here is why: a moderator’s job is to moderate the discussion; not to impose their views and certainly not to influence the conversation such that it is biased in one way or another. ‘Piracy is wrong, and that’s that’ is not a mature response from a moderator (which is the hat you appear to have assumed when you posted). It may, however, be an acceptable view from a contributor to this forum, and I am treating...
Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't LG already build a 27" 5K display for Apple?
Loving the Paragon vs. Imperator Mar'gok video. Manaberry does something special with videos...not too much editing, not too little. Great.
Looks boring...
Awesome. Thanks for that Gridsquares. +rep
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