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Hi All Building a PC at the moment and a bit torn between getting a GTX1070 and a normal monitor and a RX580 and a FreeSync monitor. I probably won't have a budget to get a G-Sync monitor with the GTX1070. I will be pairing with a Ryzen 5 1600 processor. Planned gaming at 1080p and games played will be Civilisation VI, Battefield 1, Overwatch, Cities Skylines and maybe World of Warcraft. Thanks in advance! N.
This is great mate. Enjoyed reading about the voltage mods even if I don't understand almost all of it!
This is the silliest thread on this site. Of course sales will slow down after launch...the people who wanted them have got them already...duh?No it doesn't. Mine lasts a good 2 days if I don't play heaps with it. And is at about 55-60% when I go to sleep at night.
I don't get it. For that price you can get an enterprise grade Fibre connection in most developed countries which will give you 1Gbps.
Another good article on this from a reputed source.
This is definitely the time for a takeover; AMD has just released a new product which the market has seen and which has new and innovative technologies behind it. It hasn't done as well as expected but has unrealised potential. The market and investors probably don't entirely understand where HBM could go - it means an acquirer is likely to get a good price.
Full report:
iPhone 6S will almost definitely be USB-C as well. Bright time ahead!
So a bunch of bands nobody cares about anymore is complaining about another way to boost their revenue stream. It’s just another option people have on top of Spotify, Rdio and the rest. It’s not costing the artists anything apart from lost opportunity cost, but it will open up the market for their music even further. My parents for example don’t know what Spotify is, but they sure have iTunes.
Want a rMBP 15" with Skylake. Thanks.
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