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Haven't posted in a while but Happy Anniversary!
I get around 40-45 down and 20-30 up depending on where I am. I'm with Telstra. Sent from my Xperia Z using Tapatalk.
Sense is crap? Touch Wiz is just as awful with all the Samsung bloatware that they shove on there. The Note 2 has gimmick features but at least they relate to its S Pen and stuff. There are a lot of features that the GS4 has that are just absolute garbage (eg. the thing that stops a video when you look away).Beats Audio may be a gimmick but the HTC One has the best speakers on the market anywhere.But I digress, the real problem with your argument is that you are...
Oh I don't know about that. For one, benchmarks tend to force 100% utilisation from all cores when the Exynos just doesn't work that way in practise.Secondly, there is no need for that kind of power yet so all in all it is quite pointless.Personally, I think the GS4 is just another S Gimmick device without style or design.The HTC One is a far better device.Sent from my Xperia Z using Tapatalk.
Yep!. But it's a month long wait to get one at the moment. They just got back in stock.
Just because he has used iPhones in the past doesn't mean he is an iPhone guy. I've had a 3GS and a 4S as well and am looking to switch pretty soon.OP, I think you should be waiting for MWC before making a decision at the very least so you can see what is out there. Personally, I would be going for the SGS3 4G (around $570 from Mobicity at the moment) but the SGS4 announcement is imminent so that might have some effect on prices. Also, have you considered the Motorola...
I never trust mainstream papers with road tests of cars. They are all garbage. Evo, Car and Driver etc. are the only publications I trust when it comes to car reviews. All the others are just not in depth or informed enough.
What he said.
This is really frustrating. Makes me want to never buy another Adobe product.
Not really haha. Sorry, for me a watch is like a living thing on my wrist. I love the movements.
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