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Interesting thread - not because of the story but more the reaction of the crowd. I am inclined to be a hater on this issue; overclocking is nowhere near the challenge it used to be, and being gifted this amazing hardware and pouring LN2 on it to break a record just isn't that amazing to me. But then, for me has never been about record breaking; it is about people with normal computers making them go faster with the materials at their disposal. Horses for...
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm taken in by the RV05 and the C70 - any thoughts on these? God its hard to find a case I love at the moment!
Looking for a case at the moment which is sleek, roomy and subtle. Mid/Full tower, but nothing monstrously large please. Current choices I am pondering include: - NZXT S340 - Corsair Obsidian 450D - Silverstone RV02 - Lian Li PC-A55 Does anyone have any other selection which fit into this mould? Any comments on the selections above? I want it to be of good build quality - no shonky sharp parts to cut me please. Thanks for your help
Good choice. Probably one of the best Android phones out there. Just be aware that the camera does lack a little bit.if you want a more all rounded phone consider the iPhone 6.
How could you possibly say it has no depth when it isn't even out yet. I can already see the insane potential that it has on the competitive scene. Oh, and the characters look way more interesting that TF2 characters did with way more awesome abilities.I think it brings the fun back into games. I'm bored of the brooding, serious style games. Leave those to the hardcores and the role players. Games like Starcraft are so unapproachable to a casual gamer - that is a failing...
To be honest I would rather Blizzard made something different than mediocre remakes of games they have already made with a new storyline. And Chris Metzen himself said that a lot of the team were fatigued with the pressure of having to make a Warcraft 4 or another WoW expansion/successor. I can completely understand where they are coming from.
Explain? This seems like a great game.
Thanks. +rep
So for a new player, is the gun customisation guide out there anywhere? I feel a bit overwhelmed with the number of options I have...
Yeah. Although the only thing that video managed to do was to give me chills listening to the Elwynn Forest music. So many feels right there.
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