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this past summer, gigabyte updated bios on their whole lineup of amd x370 boards. the ax 370 gaming k7s had an issue of pumping absurd amounts of volts into the ryzen chips. i didnt ever see an issue on my ax 370 gaming 5 non k board but they even had a bios update for that too. usually though youll see if your system has an absurd amount of vcore going. im personally of the opinion that if you can cool it properly you can run it even at higher voltages. its volts and...
if you havent bought that tenda router yet, save your money and buy something else. any router that says tenda on it is usually el junko. firmwares that flake out, random disconnects of all devices and internet drops when your isp says your internet is up and you can hardwire into your modem and get internet. just avoid tenda lol.
you should look into having gigabyte look it over. if theres warranty yet on it you can get it fixed. thats kind of pricey even but not insanely expensive. they mention amd boards, but im guessing it works for all dual bios gigabyte boards.
thus far, it appears that amd processors are not affected by the intel security issues at all. the only thing people can do is flash a bios onto the pc if they can physically access it.
my guess is that AMD is probably playing their cards very close to their chest. i remember amd's chest pounding when bulldozer was being previewed.....look where that got them? ryzen on the other hand actually caught intel with their pants down and amd is cashing in quickly.
i used a set of 16gb ddr3-1866 or 2133 in my ex gf's build which used an AMD APU quad core setup......set the xmp profile in the bios and forget it. works great with no errors on memtest86+.
i have a set of ddr4-3000 mhz crucial ballistix taxticals im using on that exact board, however even with a newer bios update the xmp profile only goes to 2933 speed. i might be able to coax it up to the rated 3000 mhz using the timings manually but thus far i havent worried about it. if i could get it to the 3000mhz it would be awesome, maybe with another bios update.
rereading the posts, my guess is the bios is getting corrupted somehow. by chance if you have a spare brand new 2032 button battery you could try clearing the cmos, reseating the chip, then put a new battery in and then try to start it up.
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