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Pm sent on ram.
you might see a bit better overclocking results..the sabertooth has an 8+1 or 8+2 power phasing vs the lesser power phasing on the m5a99x evo r2.0. if you can sell the m5a99x evo r2.0 and get almost all your money back then it would be worthwhile
lots of reasons a pc would shut down. overloading a power supply, heat, failing motherboard, failing cpu, failing OS drive. just too many things to look at and diagnose before jumping to a conclusion. it would be helpful to know what components are all in the system, how often the system is airdusted out, whether or not any diagnosis on cpu and ram and possible overheating problems has occurred, has the OS drive been checked to make sure its not failing? what steps...
its an ok psu, its definitely better then buying something from diablotek or xion....but its a midrange psu not a high end psu. while I know it wont break down on you if you run the rig at stock settings and only mild overclocks I wouldn't personally go pushing it to the ragged edge of its abilities.
I chose the 990fxa-ud5 because its a solid board and I kind of wish I would have gone with it over the ud3 I have currently.....yes the ud3 is great for what it is....but that ud5 is smoking sexy and supports 3 way crossfire or sli. yes you could drop down to an 8320e or just an 8320......a 970 would be good but look at the price I found for an r9 290x......that's a smoking deal on an amazing card. lots of performance without breaking the bank. and instead of an evga or... overall cost of $1263.72 after rebates.
if he deals directly with MSI then its a non issue with warranty. MSI tracks warranties by serial number not by price paid. they wont give rats booty what he paid for said card. they will warranty it all the same
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