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It's been factory defaulted twice and not bricked yet. Guess I'm looking at repairing the phone
further update, i can guarantee its the charge port on the note 4, i dug out my galaxy s4 active(previous phone) and plugged it into my pc using one of the aformentioned usb cables. my evil angel build picked that phone right up as an external media device, unplugged and plugged in the note 4 and it did what it normally did which is nothing. is there a way to flash stock rom from the odin mode if i put the stock rom on a micro sd card?
i spoke to the gentleman who sold me the phone...the phone was a replacement unit for another note 4 that had a camera guess is samsung refurbed the phone and sent it out like that?
i just retried odin mode again....used 2 cables that are known luck...guess theres something wrong with the charging port
I bought myself a new used phone....i know probably strike one right there. its a T-Mobile branded Galaxy Note 4 and im using it on net10. my problems are several. the first problem i can document is that the phone is NEVER recognized by my pc. the samsung drivers are installed, the last phone was a galaxy s4 active and it WAS recognized by my pc. ive tried many different cables 2 of which are samsung branded cables but both give no happiness. my pc is not the only...
if your laptop had an upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7 you will be able to revert back to win 7 from the control panel, hit start button, then settings, then update and security and under there should be an option to roll back to win 7. sean's guide is amazing. yes if you want to use larger then a 1tb you will need GPT, i think the biggest you can go without GPT is 2tb anything after and you need it for sure. very useful if you want to use 3tb or larger hds. its... look at post #2 towards the bottom of it there is a spoiler button that will show ALL the necessary info for making that SSD work with GPT on windows 7. as long as the board supports hybrid uefi or uefi bios it WILL work.
Gpt does work for Windows 7 just fine and will work on that board. Gpt works great on my 990fxa-ud3 motherboard with my old win 7 install. You should look for seans windows 7 ssd install guide, you'll need it to know the alignment settings to get the Gpt storage setup for multiple large hard drives. Once I get on my desktop I'll link it for you. Once you tell the bios to boot off the optical drive there should be a key you have to hit like f11 to save settings and...
Hello all, been a good minute since I've last posted. I'm considering considering a new house for my evil angel build and would would like more room on the inside. Specifically I'd like suggestions based upon the following criteria 1. I would want it to be able able to hold hold a push pull setup setup on a 240mm radiator liquid cooler. 2. It has to have at least 5 optical drive bays and or 4 and a built in fan controller. 3. I have been considering the price and would...
i have a samsung galaxy tab 3 which is a sprint branded 7" model SM-T217S tablet. ive updated the firmware to the latest t217svpubnh4 for android 4.4.2 kitkat. id like to update it to lollipop if at all possible
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