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Very clearly in the video, Intel chips don't have pins on them. The pins are in the socket of the board
Then I guess I'll spoil myself and grab the saber tooth. I'm confident it's the board . Also doubtful there's any warranty on my board anymore. Anyone think it might be worthwhile to buy a new saber tooth with a chip and get a combo to turn the new chip around on the net?
hello all. my sig rig is up to date down below. my pc has been having weird crashing issues with internet explorer for oh say the last 8 to 9 months. I had recently reformatted my pc and reinstalled all device drivers(back in april with win 7 pro). I recently took the windows 10 upgrade option and got my free windows 10 pro upgrade, but upon upgrading my pc has acted thusly like this. random hangs on browsers, it seems like almost all of them do it. just this morning...
So my old 60 gb PS3 took a nice big dump on me last night while I was watching a movie and it refused to restart and or work at all. my guess is it failed. unfortunately when it crashed apparently because it didn't shut down right the file system on the hard drive got borked. I was able to recover about 15gb of data off the drive using easeus data recovery wizard pro and that data contains .gz and .mpg file which accounts for everything I was able to recover off the...
on my sig rig arkham knight plays ok, as long as im not out in the city getting rained upon. if I am and im in the batmobile I get bad fps drops and it also happens when im standing out in the rain at a high point and sweep around with free look. im on latest catalyst control center 15.6 and it has a display driver dating to may 26th so basically a month ago and this game runs like crap on an r9 290x that's OVERCLOCKED. I was considering pulling the r9 290x out of my...
what X-Predator said. you want the front as intake and the side and bottom as intake and the top and rear as air rises so the best way to expunge it properly is to let it rise and get exhausted out
a 1200 watt psu for a single graphics card system even with a 9590 is way overkill. that cooling seems decent...hows the temps on the vrms?
the asus crosshair v formula z is highly recommended for higher clocks on vishera chips, along with the sabertooth 990fx and the gigabyte 990fxa-ud7 and ud5. could it be not enough power supply? definitely need water cooling for the higher end vishys like the 9590
has anyone successfully done a voltmodded bios for a gigabyte radeon r9 290x?
switched from team NVidia to team AMD for graphics after all the nonsense with the 970. found a killer deal on the gigabyte radeon r9 290x im using. 262.96 open box at microcenter. couldn't pass it up and if it falters I have the walk in warranty for 2 years on the card.
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