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i have a samsung galaxy tab 3 which is a sprint branded 7" model SM-T217S tablet. ive updated the firmware to the latest t217svpubnh4 for android 4.4.2 kitkat. id like to update it to lollipop if at all possible
I ended up taking the phone with me to best buy to buy a net10 sim package and the samsung experience rep was able to force lollipop onto the phone albeit at the chance it could brick the phone. It didnt brick it and he used odin and some other program to force lollipop on it. Apparently the s4 active has some sort of extra write protection on it. Im now on net10 for my cellphone
i parused the xna forum but i cant really find anything helpful. i actually dont wish to root the phone anyway so i might as well just throw in the towel on lollipop, unless maybe once i get a proper sim card in the phone
no i havent unlocked the bootloader. i didnt think id need to considering all i was doing was trying to upgrade to lollipop. i can try doing that
tried a different method of flashing lollipop meant specifically for the at&t s4 active and still stuck on kit kat. anyone have any suggestions? phone is hooked to wifi right now and shouldnt be rooted.
im switching to prepaid wireless this week and have received a used samsung galaxy s4 active model sgh-i537. it was running android 4.4.2 when i got it and still is. baseband version shows I537UCUCNH3 and build number shows K0T49H.I537UCUCNE3. i tried to flash it to android lollipop by downloading the official galaxy s4 active download to my microsd card and going to boot options and doing update from external storage. it gives me a package error twice, then wipes the...
as the title states, I have a major issue with a dell inspiron 9400. it is a customer of mine's machine, and I thoroughly airdusted it, stressed the unit as much as possible and cannot find anything to be wrong with the laptop itself including the ram. the only part of it that showed any sort of issue was the original Seagate 80gb hard drive which was throwing bad smart data in crystal disk info and g smart controller. this laptop I would say is a later 2000s machine as...
HGST=Hitachi. Hitachi=Garbage. seen 6 month old hitachi drives die suddenly. avoid like the black plague. Toshiba drives seem ok, ive sold a few of those albeit with a warranty from the local microcenter, but none have come back yet so again they seem ok. newer seagates are better then some of the 2012 drives. western digital is still good too. check for some pricing.
exchanged the 3tb for a 2tb and reinstalled win 7 on the hp, no wasted drive space now.
hps are junk, and now i have to go back to microcenter and get a different drive. cut down on the size and be done with it and explain the difference
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