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so after spending a lot of money to build my new rig and then subsequently playing some games on it, I realized I was getting stutter. I started researching cards and pretty much decided on a new card, then changed my mind and went bigger. I saw that rx 480s are going for astronomical prices on ebay so ive decided to sell my sapphire nitro + rx 480 to help offset the cost of the new card. new pictures are added here. new card is a gigabyte gaming GeForce gtx 1080 ti.
well, things changed a bit, I didn't go with the 980, however I did buy a new graphics card. I'm going to update the build log with the new purchase. I'm going to sell the rx 480 on ebay and recoup some of what I spent.
Would that gtx 980 be a sidegrade or a healthy upgrade
Anyone have an opinion? I could trade in my rx480 and walk out with the gtx 980 for free essentially. I reserved one in case i decide to go for it.
I currently have a sapphire nitro + rx480. It does its job but lately after trying and failing to flash it to an rx580 bios my ryzen build takes forever to shut down then reboots and says something about amd wattman having recovered settings. The local microcenter has these nvidia geforce gtx 980s factory recertified for 219.99. I have the 2 year replacement plan on my 480, so i could actually be out the door no worse off...
my sapphire nitro+ rx480 doesn't seem to want to let me flash to to an rx580 bios. mine is an 8gb card. im having no luck uploading my card's stock bios
have you looked into a cooler master haf x? id also say the corsair graphite 760t case is very spacious
The reason, my old evil angel rig was way long in the tooth and needed replacement. The Idea, to find a motherboard that would strongly match a color scheme that i had decided upon with a corsair graphite 760t arctic white case. Plus i wanted to jump to Ryzen anyway and it seemed like the right idea. Parts I saved from the old rig My monitors My mouse My mousepad My corsair h100i My nzxt aperture multicard reader An Asus branded dvd burner My Sapphire Nitro + RX480 8gb...
microcenter sold out of the gigabyte ax370 gaming 5 motherboard.....sigh. and i was gonna go get the parts today for this purchase. means either i choose the asus prime x370 pro pay more for a board.
actually no i mean currently until EOM microcenter is offering $100 off the price of the board if you buy the chip and board together.
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