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microcenter sold out of the gigabyte ax370 gaming 5 motherboard.....sigh. and i was gonna go get the parts today for this purchase. means either i choose the asus prime x370 pro pay more for a board.
actually no i mean currently until EOM microcenter is offering $100 off the price of the board if you buy the chip and board together.
the most im going to do is up to two mechanical hds, microcenter has a seagate oem 4tb hd for $99.99. for ssd ive decided on a crucial mx 300 275gb m2 2280 ssd, so that will be sitting directly on the board.
ive decided on a corsair 760t graphite in arctic white case. hopefully thats big enough lol.
memtest86+ says the ram is clean in the system. its already passed one pass and is working currently on the second pass. granted right now some of the memory is going to the onboard graphics, its still passing the ram.
i think it looks like some upgrades are due, since you already have the extra 8gb of ram on order, id say wait for that to come in and see if the performance evens out a bit more, if it doesnt then its definitely time for a new video card. the gtx 970s and their vram issues are well documented so i wont even bother with picking it apart, instead there are alot of better options nowadays though, and if you can swing a 1080 or a 1080 ti you should be good to go then with...
i think i will go with the Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5. the $100 off the price of the board makes that a great deal, and has as good of specs as the crosshair 6 hero.
ill check it out. im leaning towards microcenter because then i can get all the parts at one time and not have to wait to get things shipped in. can get the Corsair RMx750 for $119.99 with a $20 MIR EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750 G2 $119.99 with a $30 MIR Seasonic USA Platinum 760...
doubtful its the ram, it was replacement from patriot already and works well in my mom's custom pc as well as works ok in my gaming pc. this is a FRESH install of win 10, and it ONLY happens with edge. im still leaning towards it being a local account not a registered microsoft account. but i can give memtest86+ a go just in case.
i went into the programs and features and then found the add and remove windows components and couldnt find edge browser anywhere. i tried the latest internet explorer and that gave no crash, but edge still hangs the system. its for sure something with the fact that its a local account not a registered account you sign in with credentials. im thinking that the buyer signing in with credentials will make edge behave itself. for now ive just deleted the shortcut and...
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