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I know that charter spectrum is buying Time Warner cable. so if anyone has access to time warner cable sign up for it instead of Comcast. time warner will soon be charter spectrum and charter has some insane speeds and no throttling that im aware of.
Sounds like your board popped. Your power supply might have popped And fried it. Buy a better psu and an am3+ board. A good but less pricey option is a gigabyte 970a-ud3p. Any am3 processor Will work on the am3+ socket and you can even use your current Ddr3 ram .
the only other high end intel cpu I can think of that would work in your z77 motherboard would be the i7 3770k...which basically would be a sidegrade
socket 1155 is dead, that being said the i7 2600k and i7 2700k are still good chips. overclock it
Check page 6. Winner already determined and prize handed out
Go with a cooler master v1000 psu. Look it up gold rated 1000 watt psu based on the seasonic gold psus
the 990fxa-ud3 r5 is just a slightly newer revision of the 990fxa-ud3 4.0 its a good board. the 970a-ud3p is a very good more entry level board, but it doesn't have a thermal heatpipe going between the northbridge and vrms. for the 6 core that shouldn't matter so much, but if you ever upgrade to the 8 core youll wish you had it
I had a cooler master v6gt that was pretty good.
Two cables is there no microcenter near your location
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