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If you have a microcenter near you sometimes they sell the oem win 7 kit open box for 79.95 or in the thereabouts. Even if you end up buying the 32 bit version just use a 64 bit disc to install with and voila, a cheaper path to win 7 64 bit. The key doesnt care if you use a 32 bit or 64 bit disc. Just make sure the license sticker is intact. Im considering picking up an open box oem win 7 myself sometime just to have the extra key
I wouldn't mind getting into building a legacy system. 939 seems like a good place to start. wish I had the money to buy the bfg 939 mainboard.
my guess is IMC on chip is damaged from bent pins. or motherboard is fried or a combination of both
clone it.
Im in it to win it. I live In Illinois and it would be going into my kentsfield meets haf and goes ballistix server to keep the cpu chillier. ive only got an older hyper n520 tower cooler on it now and the chip is overclocked to 2.9ghz currently
id bet this is linkable to either the hard drive or ram. try memtest86+ for the memory to see if you have a ram stick going bad. id use crystal disk info or hdtune to check your hard drive to see if theres bad sectors. if you have bad sectors then your drive is failing.
I figured an easy 550 watts would be more then enough for a quad core and gtx 770. hey shilka, what do you think about that xfx 650 watt I linked to. just talking dollar to wattage value, that seems like a good power supply for the price, unless the oem is crap
an xfx power supply would be better. if all your going to do is run a quad and a single gtx 770 you should be easily able to get by with a 550 watt power supply. ill make some...
it may not be possible to upgrade that OptiPlex. what chip is in it right now? from what ive read sometimes the bios of the oem boards dell uses will only allow it to upgrade slightly on the chip. so if you have a Pentium D socket 775 you might only be able to go to a core 2 duo. if it is possible the q9550 is a great socket 775 chip. yes there is a way to make a xeon processor work on a socket 775 motherboard but I guarantee that it wont work with that dell OEM...
new hard drive and reinstall windows.....don't bother with win 8
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