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According to nvidia the cards need to be of the same type. So 670 with 670. Nope a 680 and a 670 would not work in sli. Crossfire allows for gpus of similar type to work together. Like a 7970 and a 7950. Also with sli, it doesnt matter so much about vram. A 670 2gb will sli with a 670 4gb but youll only have 2gb of vram to play with. How much vram is your 670 op? Ive been considering going sli again and might possibly be interested if yours is a 4gb card My old 1090t validation. It showed 1.44on vcore as I was stress testing it at the time. You might have a crappy chip but your power phasing leaves lots to be desired
Sounds like the chip is fried from running warm. I have a ga 990fxa ud3 rev 1.1 and an fx 8350 with a modest 200 mhz core speed bump and my temps are very steady. I would highly NOT recommend the rice grain method. Inatead use enough to the size of a bb thn spread the thermal paste around with a finger until you cant see any of the dye of the cpu then mount the heatsink. Had a custoer once with an fx 6100 and they used the stock heatsink and amd supplied thermal pad...
Thubans are ok with 1600 speed. Its any speed past it they get dicey with
I think your power phasing on your board might be holding you back. I had a 1090t on the gigabyte board in my sig rig fully prime stable at 3.8ghz qith 1.42 on the vcore. I might try to dig up the cpuz validation for you. Plus it seems you lost the silicon lottery
Agreed. Motherboard standoffs are not optional. You probably killed the board. You can try to rma but asrocks warranties arent the best
First step is reseat the ram in the proper color matching slots then reset the bios. See if that fixes the issue. Failing that the pins that are slightly bent might be affecting the imc on the chip. Its an fx chip so its an am3+ setup. See if you can borrow another fx chip or a phenom 2 or athlon am3 chip and test ram functionality that way. If the ram is all useable with a different chip hes messed up the imc on the chip. Amd might not warrany the chip if the pins...
In for giggles n grins
If you have a microcenter near you sometimes they sell the oem win 7 kit open box for 79.95 or in the thereabouts. Even if you end up buying the 32 bit version just use a 64 bit disc to install with and voila, a cheaper path to win 7 64 bit. The key doesnt care if you use a 32 bit or 64 bit disc. Just make sure the license sticker is intact. Im considering picking up an open box oem win 7 myself sometime just to have the extra key
I wouldn't mind getting into building a legacy system. 939 seems like a good place to start. wish I had the money to buy the bfg 939 mainboard.
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