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i figured id update with what i ended up with. i went with a sapphire nitro + RX480. card was in store at the local microcenter for $259.99 + tax. i got almost $290 off my r9 290x off the 2 year walk in warranty. i did purchase the 2 year warranty coverage at microcenter on the rx480 and it also has a mail in rebate for $15. out the door i spent $12 on the new card including rebate and warranty when i got the money back off the old card. hope i got a decent card. they have an open box 980 ti for 430. Would that be an excellent bang for the buck
I definitely know that a good cooler is a must. I was originally leaning towards that asus rog strix rx 480. Im also looking at the 1070 lineup. I imagine ill get about 290 give or take out of my r9 290x when i claim the warranty. Yes i can swing a 1070. I do have a 100 gift card already sitting here ready to use so i can add that in on the purchase. Is evga still making good geforce cards too.
The powercolor rx 480 is sold out at the st louis location
How does that powercolor rx 480 stack up against the asus strix rx 480. Would it be worth the price to go up to a 1070? for ease of not having to do a driver sweeper run im considering this card. I game at 1080p currently but may eventually upgrade to a higher resolution. I am not considering anything in the 1060 range from nvidia
My nearly 2 year old Gigabyte Radeon R9 290x is artifacting on me. I first noticed it while playing Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment. I have confirmed by loading up Left 4 Dead, which my pc has always handled with aplomb. I do have a 2 year walk in warranty on the card at the local microcenter, however the card was purchased on the 7th of febuary 2015, since the card is now acting up i can return the card and get the original purchase price including tax back which...
It's been factory defaulted twice and not bricked yet. Guess I'm looking at repairing the phone
further update, i can guarantee its the charge port on the note 4, i dug out my galaxy s4 active(previous phone) and plugged it into my pc using one of the aformentioned usb cables. my evil angel build picked that phone right up as an external media device, unplugged and plugged in the note 4 and it did what it normally did which is nothing. is there a way to flash stock rom from the odin mode if i put the stock rom on a micro sd card?
i spoke to the gentleman who sold me the phone...the phone was a replacement unit for another note 4 that had a camera guess is samsung refurbed the phone and sent it out like that?
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