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So I was measuring up my wire to get an idea of how much sleeving to order (the feet sure do build up fast...), when I discovered my PSU uses these. How are people tackling these? Are they just nixing the 2nd part of the 6+2 in favor of a single 8 and just running 2 cables from the PSU? Or another thought would be making the end piece into a potential splitter and crafting two "extensions" from the spliter to fill my GPU needs.
So this is why there isn't a clear cut answer I see. Well thank you guys for the valuable input.
So I ran into an issue with the Corsair 600C, the Corsair's RM750i SATA power connectors wont bridge between the 3 SSD brackets mounted in the back, so thus I am thinking of making my own cables. But I cannot seem to find myself a solid answer on what it is I NEED to go buy wire wise. I am getting this sense that I can use which ever between 16-22 gauge wire, but I don't feel that this is correct seeing how each line, in say the 24 pin, is for a different voltage. I...
Does Kaby bring anything new to the table outside of a slighly higher clock speed over the skylake platform? I was holding out for an upgrade assuming early dec, late nov. I am assuming no as they are still running on the same mobos, but I figured I'd check before buying.
Awesome stuff. Thank you very much. I have a dremmel, but I can't recall what buffing pads I have for it right now, I'll look into it. But I'll add that stuff to my list and pick it up soon. Thank you.
I've had my res for a few years now, and because of my case, it wasn't mounted as best as it should be, so there is some slight scuffing on the clear portion of it. This is an EK Res. What would be the best approach for getting these scuffs out and returning the luster the clear used to have there?
Rebooting had been performed roughly 5 times during the process, including with the initial setup of both displays being hooked up via the displayport out.The reason he cannot simply use the HDMI to HDMI as there is only one, and he has two displays that he wishes to use with this setup. And the reason he cannot use the DVI+HDMI config is because the color recreation is off when using these two display types. The preferable solution, which he has invested his money into...
So my friend has an EVGA GTX 1070 FTW (3DP, 1HDMI, 1DVI), and ACER brand R240HY monitors (HDMI, VGA, DVI). He also has displayport to HDMI cables, but they don't work between the two (the monitor does not have DP in so this isn't an option). We have tried the following. Laptop Displayport out into the monitor HDMI - SUCCESS. (shows cable does work and monitor HDMI input works) Displayport out of the GTX1070 with a displayport to DVI converter then DVI cable into the...
Ummmm..... That's a monumental task, and would be the reason companies wouldn't make a game for PC.
Well we know what the first "Mod" will be for this game lol.
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