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Ummmm..... That's a monumental task, and would be the reason companies wouldn't make a game for PC.
Well we know what the first "Mod" will be for this game lol.
I'm good with 60, but I already have this on PS4, so IDK if I'll rebuy it.
Let us also not forget they didn't charge us to upgrade our games from original to the Enhanced Editions. EA would have charged at least $30 for the just the two added bits of content in TW2
My 4s did well with ios7, and was running well with ios8, but obviously I didn't have much time to play with it on 8 as I happened upon a 6 on Friday. So far I really am enjoying it. The ram in the 4s was never an issue for me, and I'd be amazed if it was for me with this phone. But I've noticed people in this thread stating they have up around 30 tabs open in their browser of choice, or all there apps are open in the background. IDK if it's just a habit I picked up...
Heaven forbid Apple makes a good product once in a while. The horror some of you must experience every time a tech website finds a product they make to be good. So what if the feature list isn't exactly innovative if the phone is solid. I'll admit, iMacs are stupid (all of the all in ones are truthfully), the laptops are great, but yes way over priced, the desktop they made went down the crapper when they made it into a trash can, but they have beautiful displays, and...
True that my friend, true that.
Good to see the changes. Getting ready to do some upgrades, and I am not a fan of 8 from what I used, granted I've not tried 8.1, so I am sort of behind, but I really didn't like the tile forced interface.
I may pick this up just because I loved the heck out of MW1&2. 1K'd the first one on xbox (before I built a PC), they are good fun even if they are rehash, but I will hold out on it at day one. Like most COD games, it'll be in the used section day 2, or maybe with this one being 3 games it'll make it to day 3 and get at least them 10 bucks off.
So, I currently have a cable modem hardwired to my PC and my roommate's PC. I am running windows 7 64bit, and he is on windows 8. The modem is also provides the wireless for the apartment in which 2 phones, an iPad, a PS Vita, and 2 PS4s are all on (most are idle or what have you). My PC is the only one having this issue where I will be playing say Diablo 3, and I get disconnected from the server, I look down at the connection status icon and I see the /!\ symbol...
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