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Oh come on, 12 pages so far and no brazilian members? Am I the only one around here? Brazil! EDIT: just saw you're out of lanyards. Well, thanks for the giveaway anyway!
In, thanks
What are your ambient temps? You could try changing the order of the last fan on your D14, from this: [[SPOILER]] to this: [[SPOILER]] Also, make sure the fans are pushing the air towards the rear of the chassis.Not sure if those temperatures are ok because I never owned that cooler, but I was expecting something much lower
What temps are you getting on prime? I'd expect ~70c with that cooler, maybe even less. Up the vcore a bit until you are stable, then you can start lowering it, always keeping an eye on temps.My chip needs 1.256 vcore, 1.231 QPI, 1.8 PLL and 1.6 vram, but each setup is different, so yours may require a bit more/less.
Hi, just saw your youtube link. Your BIOS settings seem to be fine. Try increasing your Vcore a bit, my 930 needs 1.25~1.26v to be Prime and Lynx stable w/ HT. Lower PCIE frequency as well (~101).About the cpu cooler... dude, it's a freaking D14! You can get waay past 4.0 with that setup
Best thread ever or best thread ever? 1) Assetto Corsa 2) DayZ Standalone 3) Bioshock Infinite 4) Hitman: Absolution 5) Far Cry 3 1/20/14 - Updated!
Is that a 2-slot design?
Me in! Still stuck with onboard sound since... well, forever
Are you sure you ran that bench at 900Mhz? It says 720Mhz at the results page Re-bench, maybe?
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