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It will be enough for most games at high/ultra settings, 390 is essentially the same card with higher clocks and it competes very nicely with GTX 970. AMD seems to have good DX12 performance as well, thanks to Async compute. Have you tried to overclock, 1100Mhz+ core should be possible unless you're using the reference cooler.
Finland is already struggling with mass unemployment, what a mess. This was very predictable decision though, WP10 has been a massive flop. I cannot help but think how things would've turned around if Nokia had chosen to use Android and Meego in their phones instead of WP.
Looks like overclocked 1080 could achieve solid 60fps in most games. Finally a single card solution for 4K. Of course there's no proof that this is real.
What a sick country. Unfortunately many countries follow USA's lead, no matter how stupid their policies are.
Alternate WW1 setting sounds good, I'm tired of WW2 and modern warfare. I'm sure many people will ***** and cry how it isn't realistic, but BF series has always been fast paced and fun. Real weapons and vehicles but arcadey driving and shooting mechanics. Only thing I'm seriously worried about is bugs, BF4 was almost unplayable at launch.
No. It would be a massive downgrade. If you want to have a AMD CPU, wait for Zen (late 2016 / early 2017). If the rumors are true, it will be the best AMD CPU since the legendary Athlon 64. There's no point in buying old tech now.
I will not support Quantum Break. I have a feeling this game will be a massive flop, I wonder if Remedy will survive. It's a shame, they used to be so awesome back in the day.
It's like Microsoft wants this game to flop on PC. Awful price + Windows Store only = very low sales.
Just like I suspected, VCCIN at 1.95v didn't help at all. I didn't overclock the cache but tried 1.25v cache voltage anyway. OCCT stress test results @ 4,4GHz: BSOD in under two minutes. This chip is stuck at 4,3Ghz, no matter the voltage I feed to it.Well, at least I'm not alone. I take some solace from that Have you thought about buying the Intel Tuning Plan? It's about 25$ and seems like many people have sent their crap chips to Intel and got better ones in return....
Nice, thanks again for the help. What do you think, would using the top position as intake help with the known issue of restrictive top panel? From cooling performance standpoint it doesn't make any sense to downgrade from Primo, but I love the looks of Evolv.
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