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ACX 1.0 sucks at least on this Classy, hopefully 2.0 is much better. Noisy bearings and barely powerful enough for 1.21v, let alone higher voltages. Using cheap fans on card of this caliber was a big letdown.
Same here. I've never lied when potential buyer asks about how the component overclocks.
I planned to water cool my 780 Ti but it seems stupid now, especially when this card doesn't overclock that good. Maybe I should sell this quickly before the price drops and then buy a 980.
I'm wondering if I should sell my 780 Ti Classy soon, before this is released.
I think it's the most beautiful X99 motherboard. If I wasn't so poor I would buy that in a heartbeat.
Very original color scheme.
How long Phanteks support usually takes to answer your questions? I sent support ticket over a week ago about my new case having several scratches in the front panel, no contact at all from Phanteks. I feel stupid paying so much for a case when the support isn't any different from cheap China product.
Once you go black, you never go back.
Finland. I guess I gotta contact custom support then. It would be pain in the ass to ship this back to shop, I don't have a car so taking it to post office is difficult.
Finally got my Phanteks Enthoo Primo white after waiting several months for it to come to stock. I opened the package and case has two visible scratches on the front panel Package was undamaged so the damage to the case must have happened at the factory. Not sure what to do now.
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