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Last CoD I liked was MW1, I'm happy to finally see decline of this series.
Yeah, already received my order from EK. It would be shame to leave it unused so I guess I'm going with Ekoolant.
I ordered some EK Ekoolant yellow for my first custom loop but now I'm having second thoughts. What's the verdict, is it guaranteed to stain the reservoir and blocks and gunk up the whole system? Alternative is to just go with distilled water and something like Mayhems Extreme, I wanted EK fluid for aesthetic reasons.
I don't think 980 is a bad card. It's just that Nvidia priced 970 so competitively that it makes 980 look grossly overpriced. 970 has been a massive hit and that is what Nvidia expected. 970's relatively low price is a great marketing strategy, most people who buy Nvidia now will stay with the brand when they upgrade. They won't think twice about going with AMD.
I tried 1440p and 4K DSR in Borderlands: The Pre-sequel and results were awful. Picture actually looked a lot more aliased, is anyone having similar experience? I tried different smoothing levels but nothing helped, had to go back to 1080p.
I wouldn't mind if we got BC3 instead of BF5. I've played all of the new Battlefields but BC2 was something special. It was very unrealistic and that made it fun. My only gripe was small size of some of the maps.
Minority of the world's population lives in the West. It's irrelevant when people in some African countries have 8 kids.
That's surround setup of three 1080p screens. 3 x 1920 = 5760.
In BF4 you should use the in-game option "resolution scale". It does the same thing as DSR.
I guess you meant GTX 690? Because 7990 has 6GB of memory, 3GB per GPU.
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