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I was optimistic for next gen consoles and I was horribly wrong. They're both crap. 30fps, minimum settings and sub 1080p res? It will suck compared to pc version. 30fps generally isn't playable, feels like everything is in slow motion. If this doesn't run with minimum of 60 fps with my rig I will wait for more powerful hardware before buying.
I really hope there will be TKL variant. Only thing I use my numpad for is paying bills in net bank, it's huge waste of space. I had tenkeyless before and it was more comfortable and ergonomic when playing.
Doesn't look that impressive. The trailer is one of the worst of all time, they spend most of the time bragging about the awards they got Lame. has good reputation.
My build has been delayed for months because of Phanteks, hopefully the white one will finally be released soon in Europe too. It has been aggravating wait.
Yeah, I can understand that. Borderlands 1 had "realistic" look originally but mid way through development Gearbox decided to use cel-shaded. I remember there was HUGE uproar, there was countless forum posts about how the game is now ruined forever etc. When BL1 was launched most people loved it. IMO BL2 is one of the most beautiful games of all time, despite some low res textures.
No. Like most LOTR games this deviates from canon.
They may have some financial troubles. I don't know if Last Light sold enough. If this re-release helps them to make third Metro game I'm all for it. I really like the story on these.
Yeah, they're anything but quiet. Maybe once you undervolt them but then airflow suffers horribly. I bought three Corsair AF140's and regret it. There was literally zero difference in temps or noise compared to cheapo Fractal stock fans. People buy Corsair fans because of the looks, performance is mediocre.I've been using these Aerocool DS fans for month now and I'm still satisfied. They're not silent at 12v (none of the fans I've tested ever are) but definitely quiet,...
So AMD had one of the biggest price cuts on GPU history for no reason I saw 7990 pricing fall in Europe from 1000€ to 450€ at lowest point. Maybe the stupid mining craze changed things later, dunno.And that was before 290X launch.
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