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I know you thought about buying Seasonic but I'd recommend EVGA Supernova P2 1000W. It's based on Super Flower Leadex platform but has even better components. It's on sale in Amazon for 192$ atm. Friend has this model and I've heard nothing but praise from him, professional reviews have been very positive too. Here's one from PSU expert:
I had mediocre overclocks using stock air cooling (780 Ti Classy) so I installed water block. Max temp used to be 80C, now it's 45C. Quite a drop. My card does about 1315Mhz BF4 stable using 1.3v in PrecisionX, okay clocks but nothing special. Problem is that memory doesn't overclock at all, even +100 crashes after some gaming with yellow blocks all over screen. It was the same with air but I hoped that water cooling would help. I might have the worst memory chips of all...
Yes, seems like Nvidia wants to force everyone to buy Maxwell. Suck for us who still own high-end Kepler
Thermaltake used to be known for bad quality and fugly cases, they've really stepped up their game lately. I would seriously consider this if I was interested in MATX.
I hope Nvidia doesn't abandon Kepler yet. My card isn't even year old and in theory is on par with 980. If there's no driver optimizations for new games 780 Ti will be useless soon.
Nice device, I would buy this if I didn't already have tablet with similar specs. I hope Nokia starts making Android phones in the future, once their contract with Microsoft allows it.
I don't know about Galaxy but EVGA doesn't cherry pick their chips. My 780 Ti Classified overclocks worse than many reference models. It's a complete lottery with these cards.
Your analysis is 100% correct.
I wish SB would support PCI-E 3.0. Sadly, it seems that I will be forced to upgrade in couple of years. My CPU would still be viable option in pure performance but I'd hate if my GPU got limited in any way. Someone already linked rFactor2 tests, 12% difference in benchmark fps between 2.0 X16 and 3.0 X16 is scary. Maybe some other games will behave in similar way, someone should do tests with wide selection of modern games. Only upgrade that makes sense for me is Haswell...
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