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Didn't see it on buyback but yes, you can sell them. Must have salvaged it at the same time as crappy leg I got from rift.My WW barb is extremely weak compared to other classes / builds. It's sad because other than low dmg it's very fun to use. WW is like a signature skill for barb, it was my favourite in Diablo 2 too. I will never get to T3-T4 unless I change my build and gear completely. I wish I could've experienced SoH before they nerfed it to oblivion.It was the one...
Absolutely lackluster bundle You can get most of these for few bucks.
So with 780 Classy bay res is the only option if you don't want to cut the res bracket? Massive disappointment. I thought Enthoo Primo was supposed to be enthusiast case but I guess they forgot about custom pcb's altogether GJ Phanteks. Really great design work there.
My bottomless potion vanished from inventory. I must have salvaged it somehow Massive blunder.
I had 7950 for two months till I got tired of the drivers. Going back to Nvidia was a like gift from heaven, so much better stability and compatibility with older games. Nvidia's driver control panel is also much better.
Lol I bought ten 1h weapons from Kadala and three of them were legendary Insane luck. One of them was really good: Works great for trash and elite packs. I'm still bummed how much worse this barb is than my wiz. Wiz with decent rares is much better than barb with full leg/set gear.
I was optimistic for next gen consoles and I was horribly wrong. They're both crap. 30fps, minimum settings and sub 1080p res? It will suck compared to pc version. 30fps generally isn't playable, feels like everything is in slow motion. If this doesn't run with minimum of 60 fps with my rig I will wait for more powerful hardware before buying.
I really hope there will be TKL variant. Only thing I use my numpad for is paying bills in net bank, it's huge waste of space. I had tenkeyless before and it was more comfortable and ergonomic when playing.
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