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Looks really nice so far, I planned to do something similar to my old P182 but then I realized that I don't have enough skill I'm looking forward for the end result.
First Mafia is my favorite game of all time. I agree that sequel wasn't nearly as good but I still liked it.
What a disappointment, apparently I'm not the chosen one. How does this work, does EA send these emails to random Origin users?
Bad quality so it's hard to see any improvements compared to PS4 trailer, I don't understand why DICE doesn't make their videos at 4K or at least 1080p 60fps.
Those are the same options as in 8.1. W10 beta sends tons on information in addition to that, the way it works is like a keylogger.
What a joke, looks like the first game will remain broken. I hope this will flop hard.
Ok, seems that I might install the beta after all. I blame Microsoft for the confusion, it's odd to see a major company handle their blog posts so badly.
Verge edited their article:
I was getting ready to install W10 beta but it seems that Microsoft backpedaled and decided to not give a free licence for the beta testers. Very disappointing
You don't need to be anti-US/Israel to say that Stuxnet was made by them. It's just common sense.
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