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I've been on quad core since 2008 so I simply wanted something different. In addition I'm hoping that DX12 will bring significant improvements to multicore utilization in games. Maybe 6700K would've been more rational choice for gaming, especially since Z170 boards are much cheaper than X99 ones. There isn't a massive difference between Haswell and Skylake IPC wise so I guess you can't go wrong either way.
I bought 5820K couple of months ago, now I finally have funds for the motherboard and memory. I've narrowed my choice between MSI X99A SLI and Asus X99-A, which one I should buy? MSI is 220€, Asus is 260€ so is the price difference worth it? I'm on pretty limited budget. My understanding is that with Asus you can overclock the cache much higher thanks to the OC socket, which MSI doesn't have. On the other hand I love the pure black looks of MSI. As for RAM, would decent...
I recently bought 5820K. I will overclock it to the max using custom loop. Any recommendations for a board with budget of 200-250$? I've looked at Asus X99-A and MSI X99 SLI-PLUS, both of them look like good choices. I've heard that Asus is superior if you want to overclock the cache thanks to OC-socket. I have to get 16GB of DDR4 as well, what should I buy in 100$ range?
I just bought a new 5820K from Ebay for a good price but I'm having second thoughts now. I wonder if I will regret going for Haswell so close to Broadwell-E release
I asked one Ebay seller about this, they test all of their ES CPUs with ASUS X99-DELUXE. Based on this I assume that all Asus X99 mobos support ES Xeons.
Bethesda isn't a small indie developer, this is pathetic. Skyrim sold 20 million copies, are people seriously trying to convince themselves that Bethesda couldn't afford to have good graphics and gameplay at the same time?
Wow, I thought Broadwell was a flop. 5775c might be equal or even stronger than 6700K in games. 4790K is boosting to 4,4Ghz, 5775c only to 3,7GHz and Broadwell somehow manages to be faster Seems like L4 is doing wonders in CPU intensive situations.Too bad 5775c is so damn expensive, I would be all over it otherwise. For some reason there has been massive price drops on i5 5675C, it's only about 200€ in Europe. I'm wondering why similar thing didn't happen with the i7.
Definitely return it when you still can. Once you spot things like dust in the panel, it's impossible to not notice it every time you use the monitor. I'd try my luck for at least of couple of times to get near perfect one.Some people have managed to get dust off their screens by moving the dust particle with their finger towards the edge of panel. There's a risk of damage to the panel when doing this, so I would be very careful.
Definitely worth it if you have the money. It would be a big upgrade when it comes to image quality (assuming you get a decent one, without massive IPS glow / bleeding). G-Sync will be very useful with 1440p resolution, because it's very difficult to run latest games at constant 144fps. I doubt you would notice differences in response time, since both are 144Hz models.
This makes me so angry. Nowadays it doesn't matter how much you pay, quality control is nonexistent. One would think that Asus would check these kind of premium products for usual defects before shipping, especially when it's much more expensive than Acer. Too bad selection of 1440p IPS G-Sync monitors is so small, I'd love to have one from Dell. I don't want to buy Acer or Asus but right now there's no choice.
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