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That's a good price, go for it.
Overwatch and Doom aren't very CPU intensive but for BF1 I would definitely get the i7 2600 if you can find one for decent price. DICE's Frostbite engine benefits from multiple threads and there has been reports about people with 2500K suffering from fps drops in multiplayer, 2600K is a lot better in that game. Modern engines in general are increasingly multithreaded, i7 would be more "future proof". Both CPUs would be a massive upgrade.
Max 3,6GHz, I wonder if this indicates bad overclocking potential.
Makes sense. This might be the first console ever for me.
I've seen many people reporting problems with the Gaming app on various forums, it's buggy as hell. MSI may fix it some day but now it's best to uninstall it and use the Afterburner.
Try to overclock that RAM, I've seen benchmarks where DDR4 2133 and 2400 limited Skylake performance a lot in some CPU intensive games, not just in 3DMark. That's the reason why Haswell was faster than Skylake in some launch reviews, reviewers used slow DDR4. Fortunately most games tend to be GPU limited, so your memory shouldn't be a bottleneck in those.
Release bios: it seems like Gigabyte has made several updates to the bios:
Very disappointing performance vs. 1080.
I wouldn't go with Westmere Xeon, even though the price is so low and it would help with the video editing. Xeon won't give you much more gaming performance and you need a lot of CPU power to truly take advantage of 144Hz screen. In some games you could see a massive increase in the minimum fps with a modern CPU. 6700K likes fast memory, 3200+ MHz is a must at current relatively low prices. 5820K isn't that hungry for memory bandwidth, it's fine with a quad channel...
US: MSI Gaming X Europe: Palit GameRock/Jetstream and Gainward Phoenix. All of these are very quiet and max out at around 70C if the case airflow is good.
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