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Current situation sucks, I want a monitor which supports both AMD and Nvidia. I'm sure Nvidia could easily support Adaptive Sync but they choose not to. Maybe I should just try to sell my 780 Ti and go with AMD, G-sync is too expensive.
Source engine is old and it shows. I wonder why they didn't use any AA in the trailer.
If I was an "ethical hacker", FBI would be among the last places I'd want to join.
What I want to say would be too political for this forum but this is cynical attempt to end freedom and anonymity on the internet. Politicians don't care about the real reasons behind this attack, or the ones in UK and Spain.
Just like Android promotes Google search. What is the problem here?
Those effects have nothing to do with gameplay, it stays the same with effects on or off. They might make graphics look a little bit better but it's not worth the performance penalty. I usually disable hardware PhysX in games like Borderlands 2, it's very badly optimized.
This is true. I'm just so impatient, waiting for non-TN G-sync models has been frustrating to say the least. I've used my current Asus TN monitor for 4 years and I want something different to replace this.
Sounds like it's not even remotely ready:
Are these fast reactors ready for everyday use?
Selection of G-Sync monitors is very limited (all TN, no IPS or VA) and prices are horrible. Asus ROG is the only one I would consider but 1000$ / 800€ is obscene price for 1440p TN monitor.
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