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Their conclusion was very positive though, with gold award.
In Finland it's 1150$. That's taxes included but it's still a horrible price, most people won't be able to buy one.
Ultimate emulation machine is and will always be PC.
Yeah. IDTech 5 was a massive disappointment. Doom 3 engine was state of the art in 2004 because it was a pure PC game. Rage was a console game ported for PC and it really suffered from it.
No one cares about the Shield. I wonder why they even bother.
My Lumia 920 is dying due to construction work accident so this is my top contender for new phone. Amazing price.
I was so excited until I read about it being grainy. Asus, WHY YOU DO THIS? It ruins the image quality. Why not semi-matte at least?
Glad to hear this. I'm so fed up of constant "pc gaming is dying" crap.
I expect it to be even worse overclocker than Haswell. Nothing to be excited about, Broadwell will suck. Intel only cares about mobile crap nowadays.
Can't blame the man. Gaming > women.
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