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You should be able to see the manufacturer using GPU-Z.Example:
I have to say I'm disappointed in Mionix's quality. I got Naos 7000 and I already had one warranty case because scroll wheel stopped working properly. It was repaired and now it's broken again. It makes noise and middle click doesn't work unless I push hard. I love the mouse otherwise, but components seem to be worse than in my previous Logitech models or maybe I'm just very unlucky.
Friend has 970 G1 and it only does 1440MHz, adding voltage doesn't help. Needless to say, he's very disappointed. Paying extra for G1 version was complete waste of money.
Friend needs help with Asus MAXIMUS VII RANGER. He lost the silicon lottery, 4790K doesn't even do 4,6Ghz fully stable. Now he would be okay with stock Turbo speed of 4,4GHz but ASUS multicore enhancement is not working. There is only two options: auto and disabled. Results is the same with both, clocks drop to 4,2GHz when all 4 cores are in use. Is there supposed to be third option? Latest bios is installed.
BF4 was buggy at launch but DICE hasn't abandoned it. After all these patches it's great game, with massive amount of maps to select from.
780 Ti used to have comfortable lead over 290 cards when I bought mine last January, it's gone now. Kepler sucks with new games. I feel sad when I see 7970 GHz Ed approaching 780 performance levels.
Tell me more. I'm planning to buy Schiit Vali amp + Moda USB DAC combo to replace my Creative Z. What problems?
Black levels are a lot worse on Asus. If there isn't any problems with your Eizo, wait for 120Hz+ VA/IPS panels with G-Sync to be launched. We might see them in 2015.
Crossover model seems interesting. It's very expensive for Korean monitor though, in Ebay the price is about 600$ including shipping. Edit: found a review (translated from Korean):
Where is your evidence that 970 does 1600+ easily? Most seem to stop at 1450-1500.
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