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Beautiful design. I imagine you wouldn't need much AA with this kind of PPI.
Nope. Skyrim engine is a modified version of ancient Gamebryo, it's buggy and problematic. I'd much rather see a whole new engine, developed from scratch for modern hardware.
I'm glad that AMD isn't completely abandoning desktop CPU market.
I guess it was too good to be true
Latest info from OCUK GibboVery interesting if true, I didn't even know that there's a 144Hz 3440x1440 VA-panel. Everyone expected IPS one to be 144Hz.
This is the first exciting release from AMD in years, 32 threads sounds very nice. I'm not sure I'm willing to wait until Q4 2016 for upgrade though.
I'm starting to regret buying a Nvidia card... No support for Vulkan or Adaptive Sync.
Current situation sucks, I want a monitor which supports both AMD and Nvidia. I'm sure Nvidia could easily support Adaptive Sync but they choose not to. Maybe I should just try to sell my 780 Ti and go with AMD, G-sync is too expensive.
Source engine is old and it shows. I wonder why they didn't use any AA in the trailer.
If I was an "ethical hacker", FBI would be among the last places I'd want to join.
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