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I doubt shops have them in stock yet.
I would go with MSI X99A SLI PLUS. Beautiful all black design, USB 3.1 support and no unnecessary gimmicks. It's one of the cheapest X99 boards too. Haven't heard about any issues with fried CPUs from MSI users.
Depends on the aspect ratio of the movie.1.85:1 will give you black bars. Common movie ratio nowadays is 2.39:1 which should cover the whole screen when playing Blu-Ray rips with MPC HC, VLC or KMPlayer. You might have to play with settings a little to get desired result. Of course this won't help with streaming services such as Netflix. Edit: here's a Chrome plugin for 21:9 support in Youtube/Netflix....
After reading TFT review I might buy this screen after all, in case banding problem can be easily fixed with firmware update. 1300€ is a massive sum of money for a part time worker like me so the screen has to be damn near perfect to be able to justify a purchase.
I agree, seems like 980 Ti overclocking is limited by the chip. PCB doesn't seem to matter so these "premium" cards are waste of money, of course some will buy them just for the looks. Using water cooling doesn't help much either, since Maxwell's voltage scaling is bad/non-existent. Hopefully things will change with Pascal.
It's a defect. I don't recall other curved 34" monitors having this problem despite using the same panel.
This is quickly turning from dream to nightmare I planned to finally upgrade my monitor and Predator X34 seemed like the perfect choice. Essentially it looks like this is no different from Korean monitors, you have to manually overclock to 100Hz and it can cause all kinds of issues. Even worse, this is much more expensive than Korean ones. Acer dropped the ball completely. Extremely disappointed. Maybe this is why Asus is releasing so late, the panel doesn't reliably do...
Mafia is still the best game of all time, story is Oscar worthy. I'm hyped for this, hopefully this new team will deliver. 70s time period is an interesting choice.
So disappointing. According to AMD Fury was supposed to be "overclocker's dream". I wish they would stop lying about their products.
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