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US: MSI Gaming X Europe: Palit GameRock/Jetstream and Gainward Phoenix. All of these are very quiet and max out at around 70C if the case airflow is good.
Gaming X has superior cooler, it has gotten a lot of praise for being cool and quiet. Strix isn't awful but it's noticeably louder. Both of them will boost to over 1900MHz at stock. Take the MSI.
Unless you're on a tight budget I'd suggest buying a 1080. Cheapest custom card is 669€ in Europe: Another option is EVGA ACX 3.0 for 679€ 1080 will be comfortably faster than oc'd 980 Ti, 15-20%.Edit: I know even the cheapest 1080 is overpriced. It doesn't have a great price/performance value, but if you want...
Reference card may be limited by the pcb and bios. Of course it's possible that Pascal simply cannot do any more than 2000-2200Mhz, no matter the cooling or power delivery.EK will provide blocks for Asus and MSI custom cards but not for Evga. If you want to buy an Evga card, you have to go with reference pcb.
Disappointing DX12 performance and bad OC scaling. I'm not impressed at all.
This is so weird. I just checked their website and Fractal has a reseller in Afghanistan of all places, but no one in Turkey
How about Fractal Design Define Nano S? Cool and quiet and has dust filters and front and bottom. I have no idea about the availability in Turkey though.
It will be enough for most games at high/ultra settings, 390 is essentially the same card with higher clocks and it competes very nicely with GTX 970. AMD seems to have good DX12 performance as well, thanks to Async compute. Have you tried to overclock, 1100Mhz+ core should be possible unless you're using the reference cooler.
Finland is already struggling with mass unemployment, what a mess. This was very predictable decision though, WP10 has been a massive flop. I cannot help but think how things would've turned around if Nokia had chosen to use Android and Meego in their phones instead of WP.
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