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No. It would be a massive downgrade. If you want to have a AMD CPU, wait for Zen (late 2016 / early 2017). If the rumors are true, it will be the best AMD CPU since the legendary Athlon 64. There's no point in buying old tech now.
I will not support Quantum Break. I have a feeling this game will be a massive flop, I wonder if Remedy will survive. It's a shame, they used to be so awesome back in the day.
It's like Microsoft wants this game to flop on PC. Awful price + Windows Store only = very low sales.
Just like I suspected, VCCIN at 1.95v didn't help at all. I didn't overclock the cache but tried 1.25v cache voltage anyway. OCCT stress test results @ 4,4GHz: BSOD in under two minutes. This chip is stuck at 4,3Ghz, no matter the voltage I feed to it.Well, at least I'm not alone. I take some solace from that Have you thought about buying the Intel Tuning Plan? It's about 25$ and seems like many people have sent their crap chips to Intel and got better ones in return....
Nice, thanks again for the help. What do you think, would using the top position as intake help with the known issue of restrictive top panel? From cooling performance standpoint it doesn't make any sense to downgrade from Primo, but I love the looks of Evolv.
How about two 45mm ones, both with push only? My present setup at Primo is like this: Alphacool XT45 420 and 280 at the top and bottom pushing in and a single fan at the back exhausting. Positive pressure has kept my rig pretty dust free and temps are fine. I hope to only replace 420 rad and keep everything else the same.
I just did a quick test with OCCT and VCCIN jumps to 1.92v under load, according to HWMonitor.
Interesting, I haven't tried upping VCCIN so it's at stock 1.9v. I doubt it would help in my case, I've tried core voltages up to 1.35v and but there's an instant bsod above 4,3Ghz. Isn't VCCIN tuning meant for cases where you are at the edge of stability? I will give it a try anyway.Memory and cache have been at stock for the whole time, I won't overclock them until I get a rock solid clock for the CPU.
I had high hopes but my new 5820K turned out to be a dud 4,3Ghz at 1.29v is the max it'll do, what a POS. I usually have an awful luck when it comes to the silicon lottery but this one takes the cake. To be honest I'm having second thoughts, 6700K build would've been quite a bit cheaper and even the worst ones do at least 4,5Ghz. Maybe I should buy the Intel Tuning plan and hope for the best. I don't think the new chip can be worse than this, I'm at the rock bottom....
Thanks, good to know. I already have a custom loop in Primo but I want to move on to something smaller, Evolv ATX seems like a good choice. I plan on having 280 rads on top and front.
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