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That's surround setup of three 1080p screens. 3 x 1920 = 5760.
In BF4 you should use the in-game option "resolution scale". It does the same thing as DSR.
I guess you meant GTX 690? Because 7990 has 6GB of memory, 3GB per GPU.
I bought EK-D5 X-RES 140 pump/reservoir combo and I plan to install it to the rear location, should fit fine. Single 780 Ti Classy is too long for the res bracket.
Have you disabled driver signature verification? You need to do it when you want to install a modded driver.This has worked for me in the past:
^^ That's.... unique. I've never seen a furry Phanteks before
I'm assembling my first custom loop on Phanteks Enthoo Primo. Now I just have to choose the rads. 420 Alphacool XT45 with push/pull Phanteks fans or 420 + 280 push only? Components that will be under water are i7 2700K and 780 Ti Classy, both will be overclocked to the max. Any opinions are welcome.
I will use stock Phanteks fans, I've heard that they got very good static pressure for a 140mm fan. I won't use 1.4v 24/7, just for some quick benchmarks.
I've finally started assembling a water cooling loop, Already ordered blocks for CPU and GPU and compression fittings. Build will be fitted inside Phanteks Enthoo Primo. Now I've started to think about how much rad space I need. Would double rads be overkill? I plan to overclock my 2700K to 5GHz (1.45-1.5v) and 780 Ti Classy will be also overclocked to the max (1.3-1.4v). I've already chosen the model, Alphacool XT45. I'm pondering between one 420 or combination of 420 +...
LG's prices are out of control. I'll wait for reasonable priced alternative from AOC, they've really stepped up their game lately.
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