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Anyone else tried Dominion yet? Soooo hectic but fun
FYI I think I found a better way to display your skins rather than playing each champ. Go to profile, champions, and choose a champion, then click on skins. You get those that are both locked and unlocked for all champs... Still takes awhile but whatever.
I got a ton of skins. Do you play each champ and take a screenshot and combine them in paint or something? That would take forever if you have a lot of skins
I've been having my graphics drivers crashing intermittently when playing LoL. Nvidia's most recent ones. I may try a clean reinstall but its very annoying to be d/c for as much as 5 minutes each time.
I love WCG's projects. Another good one. I wish they'd optimize for GPU as mentioned. I know its the subprojects and not WCG that should do this but you get my point
There is someone being a jerk EVERY game I play. Out of 10 people in the game, you are bound to get at least 1. I mute them. Honestly not worth the stress. As soon as I mute the game gets immediately gets more pleasant. Everyone gets one pot-shot at me. A second non-constructive criticism means a mute.
Can't know without swapping AFAIK.You don't need any hard drives to POST, just to boot into an OS
Thanks for reporting it was resolved. My suggestion worked, i'm happy
Taking out the battery is the only CMOS-related thing you can really do. Make sure the CMOS jumper is on if it should be. Take out the battery for 2+ hours instead of 5 minutes. Try moving the jumper or pressing the button again....
That could be a PSU issue as mentioned BUT my experiences with this issue (and I've had it several times ) is that it's either a motherboard issue or CPU issue or static issue.For static; Try rebuilding on a cardboard box with the PSU, mobo, RAM, CPU, GPU only and see if it boots up.For Motherboard: Try google to see if others have had the same issue. If you have another motherboard thats compatible or a friend does, try your components in his motherboardFor CPU: Do you...
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