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My 12 year old daughter wanted to try LoL. I told her she wouldn't like it, she didn't believe me. She didn't like it.
So what happens when everyone on the same server is running an aimbot?
Amazon combines orders for shipping as well. Unsure about whether or not they refund any shipping costs though (Prime member).
On the plus side, holodecks would drastically reduce the rates of teen pregnancies.
SourceIs the UK about to go the way of Australia and flat out ban games that it disapproves of? Please delete if re-post.Edit/Update-(Thank you tubnotub1 for the update)
So "digging for gold" now applies to another orifice.
God forbid you encounter any kind of thunderstorm with those little propellers. Pea-sized hail? Vaya con
So I'll have 365 days from launch to update for free. Hit me up on day 364.
So, I spoke to a Suddenlink technician last week who was working on an issue for me. Mentioned considering switching due to occasional outages. He told me free speed upgrades were OTW from Suddenlink (50/3 going to 75/5). I told him about this story and how I hoped that Google is the buyer. He told me that what he has "heard" indicated it would be Google, for my area at least.
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