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I wouldn't be surprised if the name brand manufacturers just stopped selling panels that didn't meet QC standards to Korean resellers so the only 1440 high refresh rate options are their full price offerings.
I'll probably be on later this evening, had a brutal surgical tooth extraction an hour ago. I may not be able to hit the broad side of a barn though pumped full of vicodin.
I read that 64 player matches were having connectivity issues. I was getting disconnected from EA servers playing conquest 64 players, switched to domination and have not been disconnected since.
Ranking up is the only way to receive them I believe. I think I am getting about 210 per rank now at rank 25.
Is the 1060 you have a 3GB or 6GB model?
1080p is fine for a 24", I'd only go 1440p if I was looking for a 27" panel.
I keep losing connection to EA's servers every other match.
Between 5:00-10:00pm CST I am usually on. Sometimes playing with my daughter or friends in the Red Cobras. Red C is primarily older COD players who ,let's just say, "struggle" with Battlefield. I joined up with them last night and the entire squad was running support.
703MB update downloading, anyone seen any patch notes yet?
^This, I bought a 10 pack of large ESD bags on Amazon myself. I don't like leaving anything to chance when selling components.For example, these.
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