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When I first saw the video I thought it was a trailer for some new Payday 2 DLC.
Freedom is a sinking ship with everyone standing around wondering who else will stop the flooding.
Oh yeah, this thread will have the lifespan of a Mayfly.
To anyone interested in checking out the "discounted component" prices in Durius, don't bother. You will be sorely disappointed in what they have available. Especially after travelling @ 270,000Ls from the nav beacon to get there.
I bought a Cobra last night and fitted it with a 4-A FSD. It was either in Beta Sculptoris or Tenche, can't remember which. (Pretty sure it was Beta Sculptoris though)
^This, that 5-10% performance increase each generation since Sandy. How much do they REALLY have on tap?
Where are you at in Texas?
Baaaa! Baaaa!
Your link is bad, but after sorting it out, that is a nice deal.
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