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Absolutely, I still jump into 3 every now and then. Mainly because I'm much better at it than BF4.
Well, the Gaming Evolved/Raptr app caused me constant BSOD's when I was using Catalyst 14.6. Uninstalling it solved my issues completely. If you did not do a custom install when you last updated your drivers then it most likely is installed. I'd check start-up items in msconfig and if Raptr is there disable it. Re-boot and see if the BSOD's persist.
Do you have the "Gaming Evolved" app installed and running at startup?
So basically, Windows 8 was like a Steam Early Access title and 9 is the full release.
Those PC 360's still have a 1 1/2 years left on warranty as well. GLWS!
Which is why burglary was never on my to-do list in my criminal years.
I'm in the same boat. Looking to drop 280x crossfire for a 970. Decisions, decisions.
Consumers win!!! The old logo is comin' back. See what speaking up gets ya' Kudos to those who made their opinions known and kudos also to Corsair for listening to their faithful customers.
I miss Limewire.
Outside of having 3 DP, how does this compare to the Classy?
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