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Gave it a shot after all and it went smoothly for the first time since 14.4. Performance is definitely improved although Afterburner was a bit wonky until I restarted a couple of times. Good work AMD. This driver is much appreciated.
Game runs perfectly fine with 14.7, not sure I want to sit through a half dozen system repairs at start-up just to install this driver.
^This, before I adjusted to Reds I made wayyyyy more typing errors than i ever did with Blacks.
It's DLC that will have it's own DLC.
I have the same keyboard, have you installed O-rings on yours yet? Reds with O-rings are bliss.
Reds hard to push down? [[SPOILER]]
Tempting, but if 280X Crossfire has taught me anything, the grass truly is greener on the other side of the fence.
Thicker than a stack of Clevo's? I'm sure console die-hards will gobble that sort of thing up.
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