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Those thumbs....that horse-head....that can't be......?
I buit the most powerful Estes Big red Max I've ever seen. It did take a lot of "extra" black powder though and it didn't go very high.
I'm on my second 502 and a new mousepad but I haven't "surface-tuned" since my original issue. So, it may not be a problem for me either but I see no need yet to change from default, the mouse is flawless as is.
Depending on which version of firmware the G502 is using it can cause problems too. My G502 is unusable with anything other than the default surface setting. On any setting other than default quick swipes left or right with the mouse would cause my view in Battlefield 4 to suddenly point straight up.
I've read a few posts from people who got replacement PCB's and don't recall any who had luck with it. I may have missed some success stories though.
I had massive stuttering in War Thunder, Afterburner readings were crazy and then I noticed the "Safely eject Nvidia 970 GTX". I have to wonder, did anyone try to eject theirs to see what would happen?
"Stand back! I'm about to light these Redcoats up!"Hey, at least there wouldn't be any FLIR.
Ditto, I had to give it up in May of '14. Crossfire 280X's mining had the AC running 24/7 in Midland.
PM him, he might be able to help you out.
Check this video by one of OCN's members. Hope it helps.
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