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I could live with 3015 if Wolf's Dragoons are in the game. That is, as long as there aren't any black Warhammers shooting at me.
Oh man, I just soiled myself in anticipation.
If you can get past the need to use UPlay for this title it is free until December 7th. Free games FTW! Enjoy! Ubi30 Club Edit-Whoops, re-post. Original post
No, Neverwinter 1&2 have not been available on Steam for some time now. Supposedly due to some legal issue. This freebie is GOG only.
Do you have the GOG client installed? I received no email, it just appeared in my library.
I haven't played War Thunder in quite a while. I don't even remember my in game name.
Just got mine, I'm sure boredgunner can attest to the value of this title. Mods, mods and more mods! Offer expires in a little over 35 hours.GOG linkSource
I had a 970 in my rig and upgraded to a 1070 in anticipation of playing BF1. I put my old 970 in my daughters rig and she uses it to play BF1 as well. We both have 1440p monitors and after seeing how well her pc runs the game with a 970 (medium settings) I kind of regret upgrading so soon. In hindsight I wish I had waited another generation before upgrading but my daughter is so happy with the 970 it was all worthwhile.
Custom games is the quickest way into hardcore, not the server browser.Edit-Does anyone else ever hear a sound in game like that of a mobile phone taking a photo/screenshot? I've a friend (I know, hard to believe ) who says he has heard it also.
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