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It's a blast in Domination. Liberally apply dynamite to surrounding area next to flag, hide it latrine stall, profit. (pun intended)
When mouse feet wear were do you think that material goes? If you want ultimate slippery mouse feeling get a hard mouse pad and treat it with something like a hard shell carnauba car wax. Be advised, there is such a thing as too slippery. I learned that with teflon skates and a hard pad treated as I mentioned.
You can either go with a Noctua NH-D15 or custom loop. No AIO will outperform the Noctua by enough of a margin to justify it.
What I am wondering is what will happen a year from now. After the die hard Nintendo faithful have bought into the Switch ecosystem (regardless of weak tech specs) and upgraded competitor hardware like the Scorpio is released, what will happen when Nintendo announces an upgrade? Will they release a more powerful Switch? How will games targeting that increased performance run on current Switch hardware? Will early adopters defend Nintendo until their dying breath and buy...
I knew when I saw the first news story of this kind of lawsuit a year ago it was only a matter of time until there was another with similar plaintiffs.
According to this video the 1700X with 3600MHz RAM and on latest Windows updates beats or ties the 7700K in gaming. Thoughts? If this has already been posted I apologize.
All right folks, time to pick a winner here. And the winning post is............ Congrats BWAS1000! Get me a shipping address in the lower 48 that can forward to you and I will get these shipped by Saturday. Thank you to everyone who participated, I'll be doing a giveaway for my 3570K and P8-Z68 motherboard in a few months so keep an eye on the "Freebies" section.
Founders are all Sammy I believe.
My daughters rig (i5-4570/GTX 970) runs the game fine at 1440/medium settings. You should be good to go at 1080p.
I have 2 G502's and on both of them the left/right scroll wheel "click" is way too sensitive for my tastes. The slightest bump of the scroll wheel left or right registers a press. I have them unbound for pretty much everything except for in BF1 where I use them for crouch and prone. I use MMB for press to talk in Teamspeak and more than half the time a MMB press registers incorrectly because of the sensitivity of left and right. I never had that problem with the G700.
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