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I did, still took 2 minutes to boot. I shoulda just tried a fresh install first rather than let him talk me into replacing the 840. Lesson learned the hard way. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be over here standing in the corner wearing the OCN dunce cap of shame.
I have a pair of 280X's and I've had crosfire disabled for over a month. Just too hit or miss with me and besides 1 card will run all my games just fine at 1440. Sure I can't hit 96 fps in every title but what I get is more than acceptable. Wait and see what the 300 series has to offer. At the very least it should drop prices a bit on 7970's and 290X's a bit.
Playstation buttons, do I sense a Project Cars bundle with this?
Most monitors can be overclocked even if it is only a tiny bit. I gave my father my old Asus monitor that would do 67Hz but lose signal at 68+ and my daughters monitor will do 75Hz. Linus has done a video on it and a few others probably have as well. If you cannot do 96+ with an overclock the benefits are not worth the risk IMO. Does your monitor use a power brick? How hot is it right now? MY QNIX will do 110 easily but the brick gets HOT and I don't mean "Hmm, that feels...
I am halfway through Part 2. I know how most people react to things that require being seen to be believed (ex-Navy and yes I've seen things). I cannot endorse the statements the individual makes but at the same time I cannot dismiss them either.
Yep, and if he is unhappy with his investment 6 months down the road he'll be very unhappy with the person who LET him buy those 660's knowing better at the time. I can sympathize with your situation, GPU shopping with someone who wants a card NOW. We were all at that point once, patience works wonders in a build...
Tell him to buy one 660 and save for a more powerful card down the road. If he decides to upgrade down the road and wants to sell the 660's he won't get much out of them in re-sell value.
That guy is living on borrowed time.
Jury nullification is always an option.
Do any other lights/fans come-on/spin-up when you press the power button? Your rig or a friends?
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