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How much peanut butter did you use?
Wizardry or GTF(udge)O!!
And the chat full of players accusing the Germans of camping.
Wow, had a named elite in DZ1 drop the Mask of the Nomad. A perfect match for the Path of the Nomad armor I scooped out of a supply drop last week. Never thought I'd find a second piece of the set, especially from a DZ1 named elite drop.
A link is in the OP, under "Overclocking Guide and Help".
Same day as the BF5 reveal, hmm........
Reds w/o-rings. I know, it's 2016, why is this in portrait?
Hmm, I just uninstalled PS2 a few days ago, not sure If this would make re-injstalling worthwhile.
Where is your mouse plugged in? I get similar interference if I plug mine into the USB ports on my keyboard. I had to plug mine into one of the rear i/o USB ports to make it go away.
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