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"Reference" Vega. AIB's will price gouge to the moon.
All will be revealed when we start to see what kind of results Silicon Lottery is getting from Ryzen.
I really liked this one, BUT... some of them like the Norse Attack Map wallpaper absolutely hog CPU. And there aren't very many that are seamless in the looping of animations.
Sound mods in the Steam Workshop future?
The guy is recommending GeForce Experience while he is recording with OBS, all credibility lost. GFE is fine if you just want to record and upload raw footage but otherwise I'd stick with OBS.Plus, based on his taskbar I'd bet he has every single game client, app, utility, etc set to "launch at Windows startup".
Did you change the aspect ratio in game to 21:9?
After 670sli and 280X Crossfire I swore off multi GPU setups for eternity. I'll be more than happy with a 1600X at 4.2 if it can be achieved with something Noctua flavored. B350 it is then.
Playing as assault last night an enemy medic accused me of cheating when I picked up his kit to heal myself after I killed him. "Did you just heal yourself with my kit and switch back?!"
If I am never going to run more than one GPU along with my current soundcard and just want to pop in some decent DDR4 (@3200) is there any real reason I should go X370 over B350?
Wow, what is Intel gonna do? AMD just grabbed 'em by the PCIe.
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