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It was a very unusual round, there was another player in the match on the other team trolling with the usual racial BS and they had the same avatar as the snipergirl68 player. I couldn't find either of their profiles myself either. There was no doubt as to the aimbotting though. Snipergirl68 was running the MG15 and if you got even close it was a quick 5 shots all connecting. Watched the player in the kill cam killing my teammates and it was clear as day. All hipfire, all...
Keep your eyes open for snipergirl68, shameless aimbotter.
"Hmm, Ryzen incoming and a LOT of new builds on the horizon. What better time to inflate NAND prices?".
I've a pair of 502's, other than the abysmal MMB/scroll wheel they are the best mice I have ever owned. If the 502 had the G700's MMB/scroll wheel I would never need another mouse.
Any purchaser of the Datavac who does not dust frequently is missing the entire selling point of the unit. Low cost due to not having to buy more cans of compressed air. Pop that rig open and give her a quick blow every 30 days at least. No dirty (dusty) pun intended. No need for filters when you have a handy, max-power, dust assassin on-hand and ready at a moments notice.
If you use GeForce Experience check your emails. I got this game for free today from Nvidia. Runs smooth as butter on my 3570k/1070 setup.
Double-shots, FTW. Pricey though, if you can find them.Doubleshot PBT 104-Key Cherry MX Keycap Set - Black/Slate
Gabe should master troll the entirety of the PC gaming world by just getting the custom license plate "3".
At a mix of medium/high my daughters rig (i5-4570/GTX 970) maintains 80-90 fps easily in BF1 at 1440p. I'd wait, if it were me, to see what Vega and next gen Nvidia cards have to offer. Dialing down settings a bit are a lot cheaper than paying for a marginal upgrade. Just my personal opinion.
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