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He'll only get convicted if the substances the officers found was in "plain view".
C'mon, if it was Jimmy Hoffa that would be pretty damn cool.
He could look for something like a heat cloth/welding blanket to insulate it with but that seems like an extreme measure to me.
Like this
In, por favor.
I'll be happy just to get a decent Twitch app for the Kindle finally.
Definitely IN!
Thank You, link added to OP.
I sincerely hope this doesn't turn out to be the work of some spoiled 12 year old who in 6 years time gets hired by a tech giant like Hotz did. Nothing against Hotz I just don't want to see some childish scumbag profit off this down the road.
Running Kombuster or Furmark? That's to be expected. Have you created a custom fan curve in Afterburner yet? Ah, I can see from your first screenshots that you have not.
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