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^This, before I adjusted to Reds I made wayyyyy more typing errors than i ever did with Blacks.
It's DLC that will have it's own DLC.
I have the same keyboard, have you installed O-rings on yours yet? Reds with O-rings are bliss.
Reds hard to push down? [[SPOILER]]
Tempting, but if 280X Crossfire has taught me anything, the grass truly is greener on the other side of the fence.
Thicker than a stack of Clevo's? I'm sure console die-hards will gobble that sort of thing up.
Ditto, I'm not buying any more Ubi games.
Do Manicorns grant wishes?
Meh, let the big publishers dig their own graves, Chris Roberts isn't the only person out there with ideas. Where there is money to be made someone will heed the call (not of Duty).
Meh, if SJW's succeed in scaring the big guys (EA, Activision, etc) into producing games that focus on "feelings, fairness, blah, blah, blah" then the end result will be more people like Chris Roberts producing more games like Star Citizen. Now THAT'S a good thing. I, for one, relish the thought of Call of Duty finally dying off because the target audience doesn't want to play Team Sissymatch.
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