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Have you considered powerline adapters? I bought a few for connecting a couple of PC's in my home and was really impressed with their performance. I pay for 50/5 and the powerline adapters average 45/5 which is much better than what I expected to get from them. I bought these TP Link Adapters. They are very simple to connect. Plug one in by your router, plug one in by your PC, pair them and connect them to the router and PC by ethernet, done.
Shoot fireballs 10' in the air? I can beat that after a bowl of good chili.
-1 internets for frequent and excessive usage of "military precision". If there was ANY military precision involved we still wouldn't know "who" took "what" down.
Hmm, I had similar issues with every driver after 14.4. Once I started doing custom installs and leaving out the Gaming Evolved nonsense my problems disappeared.
Express or Custom install?
Cancel Hardline and give me an additional year of DLC releases (think 2142 prequel-2141?) for the price of premium. I'd gladly pay for that if it was a proper lead-in to 2142.Edit-HOLY CRAP Duckie! Does anyone on OCN have a higher post count than you? You're true OCN old school. I bow to your superior OCN-ness.P.S.-Simcity 2000 is the new "on the house" title on Origin.
Ain't that the truth. We're a society hell bent on instant gratification damn the consequences. My daughter went with her grandad last week while he was buying a new car. When my dad argued over the first price the salesman offered she whispered to grandad,"Stop being rude grandad, it's not nice". Old grandad got $7,000 knocked off the price, Susanna would have paid what they first wanted.
That's the conclusion I've arrived at. One thing is for sure, my precious PC nooblet won't be getting any admin privileges after this install.
It shows up again every scan even after re-booting for cleaning. The MWB pop-up in the corner of the screen still shows up about once a minute even when just sitting at the desktop with no browser in use. She knows all her passwords and I have all the necessary driver disks. Monday I'm fixing this with the good old slash and burn method. Shouldn't take too long.That's interesting, I'll check that out ASAP. Anyways, +rep for all and thanks for your input.
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