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Aww, my memories of Choplifter on a C64 are priceless.
This explains why C920's were a $39.99 lightning deal on Amazon a few days ago.
H61 only supports 6x PCI-E lanes I believe. Maybe this is your issue?
This one looks like it was damaged in shipment or in a warehouse. It was still in it's original packaging. I know iPhones have gone up in smoke before but this looks like it was accidentally damaged before leaving a store. Hell, my 6S+ gets damn hot in my pocket if the screen is on for any reason.
[[SPOILER]] Looks like the box was damaged/punctured by something that dented the phone body enough to rupture the battery.
7 is the new 3....... [[SPOILER]]Oh, it's an iPhone alright and the lack of antenna bands confirms it's a 7.
Oh, I meant I bought a Free-sync monitor with a 1070 because I didn't mind sacrificing to hit 144.
Some of us don't care about G-Sync I guess. I bought a 1070 and Ben-Q XL2730Z. If you're willing to sacrifice a teensy bit of detail in a few games G or Free-sync isn't needed.
If you're using a 1080/60 display, wait. If you're using 1440/60+ then a 1070.
Double post-muh bad.
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