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I loved the 360's. They were light ,well made and the sound quality was excellent with my sound card. I know the 363D's that Sennheiser sent as a replacement are more expensive then the 360's but I miss the metal mesh back of the 360's. Quality wise I'm sure the 363's are just as good but they LOOK cheaper than the 360's when comparing them side by side.
How long have you had the 350's? My PC360's volume knob started failing after almost 2 years and Sennheiser replaced them with the PC363D's no problem.
Your avatar brings to mind a story I heard in the navy. Supposedly a guy at a Naval Air Station in the early '80's stole a couple of JATO rockets from the base and attached them to his car. The story does not have a happy ending.
^This, 970 sli will really shine at 1440. That's a waste of potential at 1080.
I've noticed that my stuttering while driving is mostly only noticeable when moving the mouse. If the mouse is not moving driving is smooth, move the mouse to look around and it looks very choppy. In comparison, if I use a controller for driving I don't see any stuttering at all when panning around while driving.
Sounds like a bad receiver to me. I use a wireless 360 controller from time to time with the game no problem. Never take the BB guys word for anything. Surely you know someone else with a wireless 360 cont/receiver you can try just long enough to see if they'll pair up on your rig?
Dad has Parkinsons and changes his log-in password every few days but promptly forgets it EVERY time. I've reset the login p/w so many times. I just need to replace that damn MacBook Pro with something else for Fathers Day.
What about keychain passwords? My 77 y/o dad can't remember his and is constantly asking me how to get rid of the contsant stream of "insert name here-wants to use your keychain password" pop-ups. I have no clue and wish he'd quit asking.
I'd probably go with the Sapphire card. I have the XFX 280x in my rig and while it has been problem free I've seen quite a few people mention bad experiences with XFX in the past.
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