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So I just found out Fable:Legends is gonna be FTP. No thanks.
You won't be reaching anything close to a "maximum overclock" with a 212 Evo.
This is the first time I've seen 2 different rares for sale in one station. Quantities were pathetically low as to be expected.
Daedalus for sure
He probably got the exploration first, trade second and combat last.
I am currently docked in BD+03 2338 Hudson Dock. They show in the outfitting list but that may only be because I have them on the ship already. I believe I picked them up at the first inhabited system I stopped at to sell data after exploring a bit. Let me do a little checking, I may sell one, leave the station and come back to see if it is still listed for sale.Edit-confirmed they are available at Hudson Dock. Bought a new Cobra (sold it right back) and checked...
I'll buy the game (to have a clear conscience) when/if I can find a version online that has the Rockstar Social Club nonsense removed.
I get the best results hunting in RES's by first looking for the systems exporting gold, platinum, palladium, etc in the navigation window.
I saw polar ice caps, water and an atmosphere. Was kinda hoping it might be terraformable but no dice. Got my name on it anyway plus a bunch of others last night though.
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