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Agreed, especially on the Creative. I can't get into the console for my Titanium HD until they get new drivers out it seems. Creative support shows an approximate availability date of October. Edit-I was getting horrible lag with pinned items appearing on the taskbar with the desktop frozen for about a minute after every boot. Checked Afterburner which showed driver version 353.62 but Windows showed 353.49. Deleted everything Nvidia and only re-installed the driver and...
Okay, my keyboard backlighting no longer turns off when I shut down my rig. Could anyone direct me to the setting where I can change that? Edit-nm, it's working now
Both of those links are the same.
That's the exact same thing my dads PC did after I killed the motherboard while replacing an SSD.
Is the Cooler Master Centurion 590 case in your sig the one this cpu is in? If so, does it only have the stock 120mm fans (1 front, 1 back) in it?
He is gonna go third party to get "her" elected.
I see why everyone likes the Minekaze.
Mine was pastel world and the Langoliers.
I have, most extreme 24 hours of my life. Mind reading and time distortion are not as pleasant as they sound.
Who needs Adderall? A 20oz Red Bull and 6 Sudafed have the same effect. Some of my best BF4 rounds........................... Edit-I am not recommending anyone do this, it greatly increases the chance of stroke. It's why I quit
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