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I wonder if anyone here has any experience with purchasing Windows keys through Softwareswap-Reddit? You can find keys there starting at @ $10-15.
My daughter is not liking these drivers. She was none too pleased when I suggested she change the name of her character in Swordsman to "Smurfette".
Is there a wallet somewhere to download for them? I have not been able to locate info on how to collect mine. It's not much, just 12 measly BTS-X but I hate to just let them slip away.Edit-think I may have found it. There is a "wallet download" link on BTer. I'll give it a go after work.
Yawn, G702 or nothin'.
I would hate having to troubleshoot a bad DIMM with that many installed, YIKES!
Just like the disintegrating check scam there's always an exploit waiting to be found.
I saw this today also. It's a very good price for a VERY good mouse. I'm hoping these price drops mean an updated G700 (G702 maybe) is right around the corner. I love my G502 but miss the extra side button and shape of the G700.
I was getting this message on all my devices at home yesterday. I just logged into and reset my router and I was good to go.
Re-post, sorry.
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