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Prise de Tahure, a night town map. A mix of short and medium range fighting. Prepare for the shotguns.
Yep, lived here since '86. I'm working with animal control as a field officer and live on the West side of town near Bush Elementary.
Got mine today, I gave up hope months ago.
"Our"?Yeah, it's all the fault of SUV driving soccer moms.
AlphaBay, until recently the biggest online darknet drug market, has been offline since July 4, leaving a whole lot of online drug vendors and buyers in the lurch. The growing consensus is that admins have shut down the site, taking millions of dollars in crypto-currency with them in what could possibly be the largest “exit scam” in history. And in the subreddits dedicated to AlphaBay, the tone has gone from worried to grim.
It's the ASUS H81M-E uATX in my dads machine, I'm split on upgrading his from his i3-4130 or giving him my current rig in a few months.
Cynical, would you happen to know if the Xeon would work with an H81 board after a BIOS flash?
Too bad the 6990 is worthless now for mining, I saw a guy selling one online locally for $40.
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