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I think it's about time to "add a non-steam game to my library", rename it "Battlefield 1 Closed Beta", and troll for suckers on my friends list. Some friends and I made a grown man cry doing that with the BF3 alpha.
Yes, enjoy your card.
Just got mine unboxed, hooked up and running. No dead/stuck pixels or backlight bleed that I can see. Very impressed with 144Hz so far and I'll be putting it through its paces all night.
Oh man, the 10cm in the O-I is fun. I haven't been accused of cheating in quite a while.
To me, 96 is noticeably better than 60. I'll have an opinion on 144 vs 96 this time tomorrow.
If it sounds anything like 670 FTW sli.................... [[SPOILER]]
True, the only place I know of that ever did that was Tiger Direct.
Well I'm definitely ordering one this afternoon. I just have to decide between $509 (no tax) at B&H or $550 (w/tax) at Amazon. I am not sure if saving $40 is worth taking a chance with having to return one to B&H if there is an issue out of the box. I've ordered from them before but never had to return/exchange with them.
Was the exclamation point really necessary Blizzard?
Very nice, I sold an old MacBook Pro and a GTX 760 Monday on Amazon for $432. Payday is tomorrow and the new monitor itch is strong. My QNIX at 96Hz just doesn't quite cut it now.
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