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Try 2 on the couch in sli, get on my level. Edit-I sense a disturbance in the thread. Post removed in 3.....2.....
Portable? [[SPOILER]] Checkmate.
UFO's are real, whether aliens are or not is another story. Saw something "unidentified" when I was in the navy, but I've never seen any aliens.
Couch notwithstanding, THIS is the superior social gaming experience.i
The site I logged into was done in her presence and she confessed to using the same log-in combo everywhere afterwards.Edit-if I was interested in identity theft, I'd just take the cardboard box of ex-employee folders they just shoved on a shelf in the storeroom. Even after I pointed out how careless that was it is still there. Employee records with photocopies of State ID's, Social Security Cards, insurance info, TABC certifications, etc. I did take the time to remove my...
The average consumer is simply ignorant about security. A girl at my work paid me to take an online Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission certification for her and this required her to create an account, pay the fee by credit card then give me the login info to complete the course for her. I even told her that the email/password combo should be unique and not one she uses for social media/banking/etc and she swore it was. She lied, the email/password she used is the same one...
^This, some of the members here go through a lot of CPU's binning them to reach clocks that high. Get an i5 and be done with it.
Ditto, after a few months of 1440/96Hz I could never go back. 60Hz is noticeable and gross once you've been spoiled.
With everyone going to wafer thin laptops in recent years what kind of market is there for a slab?
Why, pixie dust and, of course.
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