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A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.
10/10, would drop again.
Oh Maxwell.............................. [[SPOILER]]
Is there any reason why I should not use one, or would I encounter any issues using a powerline adapter in conjunction with a wifi router?
From 15/1.5 yesterday to this today........ It can't hold a candle to what most of you are getting but damn, it sure is a nice change for me. Suddenlink was charging $35 for 15/1.5 and Grande gets $44 for 50/5. I can finally stream a bit at decent quality (if Raptr worked properly that is). HD, educational videos no longer buffer, WOOT!
Then I'll let JFK speak for me.
I wouldn't call you an "enemy of freedom". I'd go with "enabler of dictatorship".
As someone who has had the misfortune of taking a "2 year all expenses paid" state of Texas vacation let me assure you all, there are some seriously (insert appropriate expletive) screwed up people on the street that you walk by everyday. From the guy who beat his mom to death, soaked her in gasoline and set her body on fire, to the guy that at the age of 16 burglarized and raped a 65 year old woman before nearly beating a guy to death with a can opener half way thru his...
Sad thing is, there are a few members of OCN who obviously feel that you and your roommates had an obligation to accept your fates and hope for the best.
Do you have the Gaming Evolved/Raptr app installed?
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