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Hell no, it wouldn't. That would be "the facepalm heard 'round the world".
And this is why I always stick with selling on Amazon. Post a pic, list at $5 under the lowest (inflated) price, and be ready to ship the next day. Never had a single complaint/refund request and I always get paid.
SourceGood to see the little guy/gal beat the big corps every now and then Mods, please move this thread if it is in the wrong forum.
I'm guessing power supply. New or not there are a lot of crap quality PSU's on the market. What brand/model of PSU is it specifically? There are several members on OCN who oughta be able to help get this sorted for you given more specific info.
Also,what type of cooling are you using? If it's a huge air cooler you're going to have to make sure the heat spreaders on whatever you buy will fit underneath it.
I believe, in Texas at least, you are only charged sales tax if your order is shipped from an Amazon warehouse in your own state. Some of my recent Amazon purchases have had sales tax and some have not.
I'm on 353.38 since it released. No crashes whatsoever yet although there have been 2 or 3 times my cursor disappeared in Chrome.
Nice! Now to ask for the 15th off before I forget.
27" 1440 or nothing, at 24" you might as well stick with 1080.
I just gave it all that there was available. "Sliders to the right......Check".
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