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Hovering my cursor over the magnifying glass brings up the search bar for me.
Doh!!! Why are one day only deals always 1 day before payday.
"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf". George Orwell
LOL at that title, "gravity bomb". Implying that these would be dropped unguided is ridiculous.But I do understand that is not the focus of the article as ILoveHighDPI pointed out a few posts above.
I'm getting the same thing on my phone.
Oh that looks gorgeous without a doubt. Oh, Happy Veteran's Day from an old squid. You weren't ever assigned to a MARDET on a Navy ship were ya'? Those guys took those drills SERIOUSLY. I just wanted to take one picture of the black tipped silver thingy being assembled and got an M-4 stuck in my face.
Click on a link in a BTC exchange chat box, you won't be disappointed.
I've figured out it is caused by hitting Tab to exit the terminal. If you guess a password incorrectly and hit Tab to exit the terminal you are stuck there unable to move. Get the password wrong but wait until you get locked out of and kicked off the terminal by the game you are okay.As long as you save every 3 minutes or so you'll be fine,lol
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