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Looks like Fry's is having a clearance on Sandy Bridge components. Possibly I can secure a i5-2400 + LGA1155 board for $80. Time to get my relatives who have never set foot inside a Fry's to set foot in there.
I'm looking to have a PC sitting in my living room connected to a 60" Samsung Plasma TV. Budget: ~$350 Purchase Period: Next Month Uses: 8/10-bit anime (madVR, LAV, MPC-HC), visual novels, and possibly some less hefty Steam games Code: Memory G.Skill Value 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory 39.99 Video Card MSI N460GTX Hawk 1GB 0.00 Storage Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM ... Rationally, I wouldn't spend this much on a system, but good to dream and all. Nothing to lose from just entering. SeaSonic G Series SSR-550RM 550W $84 - $10 MIR - $15 w/ promo code EMCWXXN44, ends 10/19 $9 over the top of your budget range. But you're getting a gold rated semi-modular PSU with a 5 year warranty by a very reputable brand. Review:
The heaviest thing I can expect to emulate would be PS2/Wii games.For visual novels, the system requirements are really really low. The latest one I have (i.e. released on June of this year)As for anime, a lot of it will be the 1920x1080 10bit variety.
I'm getting a little older, not old yet. Only 26. However, I am transitioning away from computer activity that requires me to actively sit at a desk. I'm no longer as interested in RTS genres that I used to play heavily. I'm more likely to want to get on the computer and watch some anime, read some manga, play visual novels or emulated games. So I want to move the system to sit more in my living room and output to my 60" Plasma television and a Samsung HT-F5500W CPU:...
I downloaded the newest version of Rainmeter last week and played around with the settings to make a skin for the very first time. I managed to get everything as 100% text with no images involved.
Like many people, waiting for this case to come out in white before I grab it. and work on a water cooled htpc/gaming pc
Please give me the spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre with today's visuals and cinematics.
Just played my first ranked game yesterday which also happened to be a ranked 5v5 match-up. I was AP Diana Mid vs AP Yi Mid and I didn't really win my lane. I was 0/1/0 vs him in the direct laning phase but I managed to roam to bottom lane and pick up two kills when the enemy Amumu ganked. Overall we won and I ended up 3/3/9 with 200 minion kills at 38 minutes. Master Yi went 12/4/4 with 260 minion kills though. Not sure about the match-up because some people say Yi >...
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