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@MoparmanWell fine sir, I do believe this card has your name written all over it
Verification Heatware Techpowerup Reddit eBay Pink 16GB Sprint Comes with aftermarket cable Comes with case I can provide more detailed pictures upon interested buyers' request I'm looking for ~$150 shipped or so, feel free to offer though I prefer Google Wallet but I can also do Paypal; if Paypal, buyers are to cover the transaction fee S O L D !
@iRUSHthese are definitely orange yeah, that's 16GB total for sale*edit; wrong newegg link
I'm looking to sell my 16gb kit here [ ] , interested?
Verification Heatware Techpowerup Reddit eBay model number F3-1600C9D-8GAO 9-9-9-24 timings @ 1.5v Never tried overclocking these $45.00 $40.00 shipped for a pair or $80.00 $75.00 shipped for all the sticks $70 shipped takes all the sticks ! Google Wallet preferred; can take Paypal as well Shipped via USPS priority Buyer covers any transaction fees S O L D ! ! !
, just wanted to make sure my settings are correct. I read some people having "1.1" vccsa on 1.65 ram and I wasn't sure if it was a strict 1.10 or 1.1xthanks, cables
Hey guys, I was reading up on using 1.65v ram on z77 / ivy bridge and there's no problem as long as my vccsa is within .5v of the ram voltage So meaning if my kit is at 1.65v, then I should set my vccsa at 1.15, is this correct? I don't wanna start stability testing/benchmarking until I get my vccsa at the right number.
Verification Heatware Techpowerup Reddit eBay Info Selling a great conditioned/taken care of Gigabyte GTX 770 Windforce OC 2GB (no original boxing or accessories but I guarantee you I am a great shipper and it will arrive to you safely) Warranty Warranty is still intact and I would have no problems helping you with an RMA if it requires assistance from my end. Payment & Misc [*] $160 shipped to your door! priced to sell! [*] I prefer...
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