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I was able to claim one before the whole fiasco the first time around but now that I think about it- I have absolutely no interest in any of their products one poster can't claim both, sorry. first poster to post how many letters there are in this word, wins [ Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis ] = claimed by XAslanX I also have a code for the razor blade (separate code) = goes to first person who wants it. = claimed by chiefo0306
so rankings, it would be:"vanilla" 960 would be slightly under a 770 while the 960 ti would duke it out with a 780 or 780 ti?
going by this ='t the 960 weaker for sure? it loses to the 770 in cuda, texture units, memory bus and overall memory bandwidth.
as a proud owner of an air 540, +1 vote. dual chambers = win.
well that's a shame. looks like i'm going to ride out broadwell(?) for the long term when that releases.
appreciate it guys.
*cries* It still hasn't popped up for me yet.
bump, some help folks?
Hey guys, can I get a quick price check on a few things? [USD $$$] (forum prices, no ebays) 1) i7 3770k = hits 4.8 ghz @ 1.380v 2) asus z77 v-pro ( 3) gskill ddr3-1600 2x4gb ( 4) gigabyte gtx 770 2gb = o/c to about +50 on the core and +300 on the...
yeah, I'm tempted to snag the fresh 850 evo but not sure I want to spend $50-$60 more.
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