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Was a bit reluctant on starting a thread over this but that's what a community is for amirite? Well I been out the SSD scene for quite some time now (still rocking my Samsung 830 128 GB as my main) so I've been looking to upgrade myself. To avoid the typical SSD size syndrome most of us seem to go through, I'm skipping the 200-256 GB tier and going straight for 500 GB+ models. Is the Crucial MX100 pretty much the best price/performance && bang/buck SSD you can get at...
haha, this is exactly what I thought of as well.
I spent a pretty decent amount last winter, but I been gaming A LOT LESS lately. hopefully a sale for FF13-2.
recently got the MAXX program upgrade to my internet. shoutouts to TIME WARNER CABLE !! old speeds were ~15 down and ~1 up now:
corsair makes a few grey colored ram sticks, you should browse their lines.
either or is fine, which ever is cheaper in the end- is the one you should get.
when i read about the speculation of the absurd size of the N6, i am super glad i pulled the trigger and invested into the N5, has served me very well.
much kudos for the hard work invested into this; those guys are amazing! i think/hope (wishful thinking) the rest of the ff13 trilogy will be ported to PC before this is fully functional so i wont be holding my breath haha.
Looks like i made the right decision getting a nexus 5 not too long ago, not only does the N6 seemingly dwarfs the N5 in size [which already pushes the limits of my preferred mobile size], the price is also 300(?) USD higher. yikes!
oh my god. it IS https everywhere. appreciate the help fellas
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