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tried disabling adblock on and off, clearing cache/cookies, still no good. (chrome)tried on firefox, adblock on, everything is present.really strange lol, the conspiracy is real!
for some odd reason, i dont have the toolbar above my reply/comment/text box....?going into full page editor has nothing do i insert images via OCN attachment then? lol.huge ass pictures (FF 13) [[SPOILER]]
staying consistent. doesn't matter if you start your stream at 4am every mon/wed/fri, when the clock strikes 4am on those days- you need to be up and streaming. on the streaming aspect of things, good audio/visual is probably a must. don't want fans to be watching a laggy, blurry, mono-audio mess of a stream.
so basically its the premise of Sleeping Dogs with online multiplayer support.     i loved SD, but an online MMO? ehhh.
sweet, thanks OP.           just enter a email address and get your steam key.
wahhhh?   it's a pure free roam battle system? with field commands and... dodging?
it's a good option when you don't have the cpu socket cover for the motherboard, i did it a few times myself. buyer received it safe and sound.   the other option is to sandwich the cpu between cardboard and bubble/anti-static
ahhh, it sucks that lga 2011 is such a expensive socket 
wonder why Gat and Kinzie though
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