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Does anyone know if I should go into Windows Disk Management and initialize the disk before doing this? Just went into it and it asked me to do this, didnt accept because I don't wanna destroy the disk. BTW, found my partition, haven't tried restoring it yet, I have some hope though
Strange, this only happened yesterday and haven't posted anywhere yet actually? But deep scan is still running, hopefully it finds something?
flipp... If you have a better idea to get it working again then go for that ... If not apply this fix. Im quite sure it will fix your problem. Even if it are 4 drives it wouldnt change the outcome there all data would still be precent IF none of the disk(s) are death. For 4 drives a standalone raidcard wouldnt be a bad idea?! Performance wise and to rule out this kind of buggy shizzle?[/QUOTE] Hmm it seems the ones it found in quick scan are much smaller than my 8tb...
Hey guys, found this page while desperately searching for a solution.. Getting the non-member disk error after overclocking, don't know how this happened but I need to fix if possible, most of the data is backed up however not the most recent files, ideally I would like to get it all back, if possible. Am currently attempting this fix, although i have another layer of difficulty to add to this: Intel raid was running my four storage disks (WD 2TB caviar greens) in...
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