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Great mouse but shame about the sensor choice. I was really looking forward for this mouse as my G400 is dying. Looks like I have to pick up G502 but its heavier Maybe I will give a shot to zowie FK1 but its out of stock everywhere in the uk. Only one question to Ino as you have both mice. Zowie FK1 or G402. which one has better sensor feeling in game. If you know what I mean. Cheers
CPate could you please suggest logitech team to make an ambidextrous mouse with weight >=90 grams and sensor (3366) in the dead center of the mouse.I will buy 2 of them straight away.Thank you,Regards,
Looking at the old and new abysuss I think there is a lot of possibility to use old abyssus pcb in new one. If you find non jittery old abyssus ofc. Only major problem seems to be only switching dpi steps.
There is one screw under the sticker/ above the bottom skate. Find out with screwdriver and top will come off. Sides are just holding in a grove you lift them up without damaging groves.
.Ah great! Thanks
Thank you for the review. I am considering buying this mouse over Logitech G502 I was also searching that G502 has some sensor problems and this mouse has same sensor. Does this mouse has same tracking problem as G502? plz let me know before I buy it. Cheers.
Yes crap scroll wheel but great shape and weight for me; sensor is nice as well.
You are beast mate It is working like a charm now.
I notice the difference in game I just don't notice it on desktop.
I have polling rate issue on Windows 8.1. My max polling rate is 180hz even though software says its 500 or 1000. Did anyone able fixed this? Microsoft KB 2908279 did not change anything in my polling rate. IF anyone has fix let me know please? I tried everything and going back to install windows 8 tonight. I do like Windows 8.1 its much better app implementation.
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