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I was also thinking to buy one for xmas. There is a hype about Evga X5 and Zowie Za13 or Finalmouse 2015 if you like erganomics but not sure which one is good. G303 I had to return it shape and sensor performance wasn't for my taste. Look into those 3 mice.
Bring back Kim Rom
Aurora is a great mouse! I've been using it since I got it from Massdrop. I added little weight from Pure***** Valor's weight cartridge and changed cable. Its damn perfect for me after few modification. Sensor is good as well, I don't know why tracking quality is not enough for you. Re to your question there is only mouse with good sensor is Logitech G303 (at least on the paper) Rest of them you just have to try and see if they are good enough.
I got my mouse today from Massdrop. M1 takes slightly high pressure than M2 but its not a problem for me. Cable was annoying so I changed it to DA 3g one. Sensor is the best feature, it has completely raw feeling in game. I wish there was prediction on and off function but it doesn't bother me that much. Scroll wheel should have slightly more define clicks but its personal preference. I kind rest my thumb on Mouse4 which I will get used to it. I must give props for 1st...
Cord looks very thick like Mx518. BST Was saying new cord is like Zowie Mice? I am not sure but he said something along the line. Looks like you will feel a drag. Anyway what about sensor. Forget about numbers etc. How do you find mouse in game?
Mionix Avior 7000 has much better tracking than Kana v2. Kana v2 has better shape and it weighs 15 grams less which is better. Side buttons can get really annoying on Kana v2 unless you cover them with steelseries grips. Sides on Mionix Avior 7000 are smooth rubber and I have dry hands which makes it difficult to grip. Clicks are better on Kana v2 than my Mionix Avior 7000. No accel on both mice but Avior has better feeling in game for me.
I solved it thank you
I finally went ahead and bought 1st 3310 mouse. I wanted to try this mouse instead of FK1 due to build quality and huano switches. 1st impression is really good. Mouse could be a little lighter but its not a problem. Mouse1 is easier to press and mouse2 is slightly harder to press. Now I played my games for a while it does have really good feeling in game. I went ahead and installed drivers and updated firmware. So far so good. Now I like to have little prediction on my...
I just got avior 7000 Still need to test it.
Great mouse but shame about the sensor choice. I was really looking forward for this mouse as my G400 is dying. Looks like I have to pick up G502 but its heavier Maybe I will give a shot to zowie FK1 but its out of stock everywhere in the uk. Only one question to Ino as you have both mice. Zowie FK1 or G402. which one has better sensor feeling in game. If you know what I mean. Cheers
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