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white matter + explosion = high expectations for thread
ap-15 -> 1850rpm
you need to have a GOOD read of the stickies before investing in this
i would personally just heat up the distilled water youve got
not the normal method that everyone knows - using THIS method, how would one flush out the flux reflow as well?
how would one do that then with this sort of flushing system?
^considering that then: if a cpu tops out at 100 degrees, theoretically shouldnt we use boiling water for flushing? obviously this is no good for this setup as we have plastic components too
are you sure the cheese cloth is fine enough? i have been advised to use an aquarium filter that goes down to 5 microns - i imagine that is overkill though
there is no point making the spreadsheet for the reason explained above
is the 3d-Flow actually a performance benefit or are they just cashing in on the fancy name?
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