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who doesn't own an ssd now a days??? 1. Currently own one Crucial M4 256gb, one Corsair Force 3 GT 120gb and a Samsung 830 2. Price is a big selling point but something that balances performance and price point is always something i keep an eye on.
When do you next plan to upgrade your Desktop PC? A: As soon as possible. But maybe in less than a month What do you look for when selecting a processor upgrade? A: Not too overly priced but still within a good budget range.
i thought that too but it only does this after i do updates . its english before updates. the chinese language pack isn't selected.
can anyone help?
Hello everyone i have this lenovo t61 laptop that i just love so dear. Rugged like a tank. Always had xp on it and recently installed windows 7 on it. Its got a core 2 duo 2.3ghz 4 gb ram 60gb Agility ssd once i upgraded my OS to windows 7 32bit everything was fine and then all of a sudden my firefox started to show everything in chinese characters. Then my chrome started to do the same thing. Then my entire computer did it. It was like a chinese virus taking over every...
ya i haven't! i had the fractal define r4 case. Good little case but you can't even fit a h100 comfortably in there. This switch 810 is HUGE!
by the way ill be putting up my first water cooling build log. Consisting of the Switch 810,3770k, my 7970, XSPC RX 360
thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!
thanks man. Any idea on what voltages i should set?
in please!
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