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I sold my Savu 2 years ago, but from memory it feels wider than the Savu did.
I think the grip is pretty good, however with completely dry fingers they would slip a bit initially. Not much, and after a bit of gaming I didn't have any slipping anymore. As soon as there is just slight moisture you're fine.The butt is wide, however I don't recall a mouse that is similar. I never had the G9 myself and only held it in hand once, can't really compare. It digs in the palm of my hand pretty good though, I tried to show that with the underside shots of the...
To be fair the material while looking the same certainly feels better on the Castor. And overall the Castor has a better shape imo.
I never had the Avior, so I can't say. But seeing that Metal seems to have the same gripe with the Castor while being perfectly happy with the Avior I'd say the sides are notably different.
Polling is stable, I think I only ever said I preferred 500 Hz on older Zowies before they switched to the 3310 with the internal oscillators.I feel the cursor indeed is very responsive, can't say though if it is "better" than Zowies or other implementations.
It is a bit wider where you grip, I estimate it to be 62-63 mm. That's why I'm sad the side isn't straight. Still feels wider than the ZA to me
Click delay compared to a G303 seems to be 11 ms A is Castor, B is G303
Go on and finish the guide so I can tell too Yeah, I feel that with a flat side the Castor would win me over because then it would have a better angle of force and the width where I grip would be around 65-66 mm.Is there a known correlation between the double click setting and general click latency? I might do the bump test today against the G303.
Mionix CastorI’d like to present to OCN my impressions of the Castor, the newest mouse by Mionix. For starters I’m generally pleased with the mouse and how it performs right out of the box. My only critique is with the shape, but that is of course down to preference. And even that is just a minor downside for me on this mouse. More on that later.BoxingYeah, it’s a very nice boxing, however I don’t really care for the box that much in a mouse. Still looks good if you want...
Ah well, I guess I can put my review up too, will do so tonight or tomorrow.
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