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Was just wondering, because in Germany it's nowhere in the bestseller list for gaming mice on Amazon. It's mainly sold by smaller shops so there is no real data here. Would be happy for Zowie if the FK1 sold well.Their new sensors (AM010 and 3366) don't have smoothing, at least on lower CPI steps. They don't have to test for it, they do what they can to avoid it because smoothing is mainly an algorithm that is meant to mask jitter.On older sensor tech like the A3090 it is...
Did you do these circles fast? Because if you did then it is not angle snapping, it's just that the counts are that far from each other so paint interpolated between them with a line.I can get this with any mouse at higher speeds.
So you listed two flaws in their previous lineup, now if you look at the new lineup, what do you see has been changed/improved?The cables now have a stress reliefThe buttons on the G302 have a special mechanism to make the clicks reliable and durable.(There's still nothing you can do against a failing switch, those just happen)
Where do you get numbers on the sales of the FK1?
Funny, because the G502 is one of the best selling mice on Amazon this year. And the year is not even over yet. I think they actually gained a lot more buyers with their new lineup. And regarding the 3366 in a WMO shape: probably unlikely, but we can still dream, right?
Oh thanks, I must have mistaken the 250 IPS with 250 cm/s. This makes more sense indeed.This might be portrayed mistakenly, because the heatmaps are not the only tools they use to design their shapes. But they did use them too to identify common grip spots for a vast number of players. They do not design shapes to be used by just one individual, obviously.Also 4 m/s I can reach easily when doing jumpmaps in TF2. Commonly I reach around 2.5 m/s on fast turns.They also need...
I hope we put it together well. It's a bit overwhelming still
And that is wireless.Still just tuesday I was told by a professional player that he liked the braided cable because he could bend it into a shape and it would stay that way and not get stuck on some edges when flailing around.Anyway, as soon as wireless is improved so much that every mouse works like the G602 we will only see wireless mice.
What you are looking for is wireless.When it comes to cables everyone has different preferences, some like the stiff, others very flexible etc.
Which country are you located in? Because around here in Europe every ambi mouse with side buttons is Otherwise the most expensive would be the Mionix Avior 7000 which is 80€ MSRP, you can actually get it much cheaper. FK1 is 70€, G302 is 50€...
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