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You should probably re-measure the CPI, because reaching 13 m/s on a mouse swipe is pretty damn fast. If everything is correct I'd say apply for the Olympics in some throwing discipline, because you are superhuman
Afaik you can't change yaw and pitch manually (at least in CS GO) but you don't need to anyway, because the in-game sensitivity does just that, it multiplies the basic yaw and pitch values with your setting. The standard setting for yaw and pitch in all Quake/Source engine games is 0.022, so at sensitivity 1 your smalles turning angle is 0.022° or ~0.000384 radians. At sensitivity 4.2 your smalles turning angle is 0.0924° etc.You can read up on the whole matter in the...
Professional Quake players are a rather unique kind of breed, because they also use the excellent accel mechanics in Quake, but these are nonexistent in other games, so you can only fully benefit from something like that if you stick to Quake only.Also any sensitivity above 3 feels bad for me in any quake engine game. Not a problem for me as I play at 1.73@400 CPI. Generally, if you play on a higher sensitivity (as in lower cm/360°) you are more likely to benefit from...
Oh wow, I didn't even create that group, @treav0r did
That's basically the thing, set for comfort in CPI (as long as that step then has no obvious flaws, like jitter or low speeds) and be done with it.I'm using 400 because I'm very comfortable with using it on 1080p.
Except you're not arguing with them. Read what Skylit said againThere is an effect, but after a certain point it is neglible.Playing with low CPI (at low sensitivity) still has no pixel skipping, it doesn't have more processing than needed and is free from stuff like jitter/ripple that higher CPIs are plagued with. Hence it was stated that you should use the lowest CPI that you can get away with.See it like this: If the counts above are divided over just two pixels (one...
No. Only the A3090 Zowies had higher PCS at 500 Hz. FK1 is great at 1000 Hz. Internal oscillator ftw.
Won't happen as the new coating since the original FK is supposed to be a solution that fits everyone. And it does, but mainly if you have hands that are mildly humid. If you have bone dry hands then glossy sides are still better, if you have really sweaty hands than something like the DA BE is probably better too.For me it works well enough to not complain (with relatively dry hands in summer and bone dry hands in the winter).
Zowies work fine on dark single colored cloth pads. If you need a metal pad than your unit is faulty, that is not a lens issue. The lens lowers the LOD which caused issues on lighter colored surfaces. I have all Zowies, they all work great on Qcks and the likes.
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