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Will probably stream a bit with it later to answer questions, but I'm rusty (been away 2 weeks). Full review probably not before Wednesday, rather next weekend. Don't want to rush it.I got the normal version, they ship from their shop. But they were nice enough to ship another set of skates so I can use it after reassembly again.So far I can say that the coating is the same as the EMP which is miles better (for me anyway) than the KPO (didn't try the KPM) coating. The old...
Looking forward to trying it this weekend
Dexin is the manufacturer of the mouse, Tt doesn't make mice themselves, they outsource to Dexin basically. A lot of companies go this way.I think only Logitech, Razer and Roccat have their own factories, Razer initially used Kingsis as OEM though. But uaok or woll3 know far more about these things.
I sometimes switch up mice just for the fun of it. From a performance perspective I do just as well with the ZA11 or FK1+ as I do with the G Pro, but in the long run the G Pro is somehow more comfortable for me and I always go back to it.
I might have to re-read my review of the G402 if it says the G402 has acceleration problems... As for the initial question: I don't see a reason to upgrade from the G400 if you are happy with it.
Maybe not all of you are truly left handed. I always considered myself left handed because I write with my left hand, but due to a recent study I learned that I'm "right handed writing left handed" (at least in terms of psychology/medical) For example my instinctive hand for spike in Volleyball, punching or mouseing has always been the right hand, only writing/drawing is what I do with the left.
Go for fine grit sand paper for metals, somehow the Praxis over the border where I live has them in different places from the ones for wood.
Nice setup! You could probably also to SRAV test with this, right? How fast can it move on the x-axis?
That is not a flaw, the G Pro just has very light buttons. As long as the button doesn't actuate by the weight of itself it's fine. Some mice aren't meant to rest your fingers on. If you can't adjust to that it means the mouse is not for you, simple as that.That being said sometimes when I do fast swipes and reset I accidentally click RMB too, especially after using something like the FK or ZA before.
I mean with the force I used I could have also triggered the G Pro. The beta model of the S1 I had triggered on normal resets, so that was really bad.
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