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Yes, the side buttons on mine are the same, as are on treav0rs.CPI steps felt fast but were actually all lower than proclaimed valueIn numbers:400 = 390 CPI800 = 765 CPI1600 = 1552 CPI3200 = 3070 CPIAt least on my unit.It is consistently faster than the FK1 and slower than the G302. I wouldn't really claim numbers, but it's consistent.
For anybody interested in my review: OCN doesn't allow reviews in the forum anymore, so I had to put it up in the Review section Zowie EC2-A Competitive Gaming Mouse review - by Ino To sum it up: + I like the EC2 size much better than the EC1 + Button latency is reduced compared to FK1 + Sensor performs great (as was to be expected with the 3310) + Coating is grippy but less grainy than FK1 + Cable is perfect as usual with Zowie - Side buttons have pre-travel,...
The sensor implementation in the FK1 is far from bad, mine is very close to the Finalmouse in terms of feeling.And it certainly is a lot better than my Aurora, that one felt completely disconnected to me.
Just got mine and tested this.When I pinch the wheel upwards and scroll it still works. This did not work on my EC1 eVo CL. So it seems to be fixed on the EC2-A at least.
I tried RInput a while ago on various games including TF2. It made no difference to me compared to m_rawinput 1.So because of that I still use m_rawinput 1 in source games and RInput only for games that don't natively have raw input like old quake engine games. Safed RtCW for me for example.
They are different, but not by much. How much is too much is probably subjective, and I only play FPS, so I don't ever spam M2, but use it very frequently.It was well worth it for me because a) higher PCS (and better cursor feel overall) and b) better size. I've tried various other mice and many of them were better in some parts than the FK1 but still I always go back to it because the shape fits me so well and the sensor performs like I need it.
I don't really understand the complaints about the feet, I never had to change mine on any Zowie neither did they scrape at all. But then I only use cloth pads, maybe it makes a difference on plastic.
How dare my wife forces me to do renovations. Word of advice: never buy a house if you're not either rich or enjoy manual labor...
I think it's because he is in Australia.
Probably some time next week, this weekend is full of work already.
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