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There is always tolerance in CPI values (I think I explained that in the OP). Best thing you can do is measure the real CPI with MouseTester and set you desired cm/360 with mouse-sensitivity.comAlso yes, height influences the CPI (the tolerance comes from height tolerances in assembly/manufacturing)As a reference some real CPI values of mice I own(ed) at their 400 CPI step:Rival: 375 CPINAOS 7000: 385G502: 398G400: 405FK1: 400But I just might have been lucky with my FK1 ...
To answer the title question: Probably because it's not a worthy investment. Logitech analyzes the market. I'd guess the G9/G9x didn't exactly turn out to be a huge profit so it got scraped.
You should be able to get feet from Tiger Gaming, Takasta sells them. They had feet for EC and AM which should still fit.
As a workaround you can always use the custom accel driver to change CPI and autohotkey for macros. I never used any of them though, but there are infos on this forum.
Why wouldn't it be for him? It's perfect for me too. Everyone has a different grip.I don't understand why your personal ergonomical improvements would be objectively better.The only thing that I would like to see is having the buttons as separate pieces, but I guess Zowie doesn't want that for a) aesthetics and b) more complicated assembly/more pieces/higher costEDIT for stupid autocorrect
No, not at all.The 3310 is basically the same as the 9800 only LED illuminated. The 3366 is a completely new design. Just look at the thing, internal LED and different size and all.
Listing every sensor possible now?
Uhh, damn, I'm so average Only I've been playing for 20 years now.
There's a reason why many ambi gaming mice are not as high as the WMO was: gaming mice are mainly targeted towards teenagers (smaller hands) while the WMO was mainly an office mouse for adults.
I don't have one, so I didn't follow that closely, but supposedly the newest firmware fixed it
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