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Where the upper shell transitions into the lower shell.There isn't really anything I dislike about the FK1 shape. It's close to a perfect fit for me. I didn't use the Aurora for more than 30 minutes because I found both the clicks and the performance.... lacking.
Yes. While both are similar I prefer the FK shape, the Aurora has some sharp edges. I have no problem gripping the FK1.
As the FK1 was already close to perfection for me I'm only looking forward to the ZA11.
FK=clawZA=palmIt reminds me of the rival with the hump, I like that. I'm already happy with the FK1 but this one last looks great too.I'll be going for the 11 too.Does anyone know who ZA is? Another CS guy I suppose?
Instabuy! Sweeeeeeet! But why are they on yet not on the official Zowie site?
I played with 1800 CPI at 60 cm/360 for a long time (DA 3G) but it just feels better at 400 CPI with that sens. More snappy somehow. And accuracy at long range is not a problem either.
Zowie FK1 or FK2I love my FK1. You might also want to look at the WMO if you don't mind the low PCS.
You still made a post that made no sense in this thread, and if you wanted to adress Arizonian than you should have used the mention function like so: @Arizonian
Well, the highest quality mice overall were always Logitech and Roccat, but they all use the same switches, so the chances with them failing are probably the same for any mouse using Omrons.
It can, but switches can give in at any time, they are a mass product with varying qualities. So you can always get a dud with any mouse, even the $100+ ones.You can never be safe.
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