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I recently weighed my FM for someone again, without cable on the scale at all it is 86g. That's just 4g lower than my ZA11 weighed with the same method. So it is actually not a super light mouse, but the perception of it is being a light mouse because of the volume to weight ratio (I guess).
The G-SR is pretty close to the Talent, albeit not the same.
I just realised I will never be able to speak for anyone who finger tips, seeing that I find the ZA13 to be extremely tiny Just like the Roccat Lua. But aren't there asian mice for exactly that target group? I remember that fox guy here doing reviews of very small mice like the Zealot jr. and such.
Is that the newest version of mousetester? Because in that one you can change the "lag" of the second device in steps of 1ms, so you can visually overlap them by increasing/decreasing lag and check the value when they match.
You can see them at the top in the video, it's the change of angle from the starting position after doing a quick swipe right and moving slowly back left. Basically the closer to zero it is the better the speed related accuracy variance. The test isn't perfect of course as I still add variance myself due to moving the mouse with my hand and not in a fixed apparatus. But as I do the test under the same conditions with every mouse it gives me a relative measure between...
The illumination is IR, not UV
I had used my blue g-sr for a long time, basically launch until I got the black g-sr. The surface is still great, one edge has frayed a bit, but that is due to my wife pulling at the threads...
I played around with the WMO yesterday and I think the results are underwhelming. I didn't feel anything special about the cursor at all and I really tried with different games and what not. There's no real difference to how my ZA11 performs. I could do small movements just the same with both. But those buttons on the wmo must be the worst I've seen in a long time, if that's not mushy then I don't know what is. The only thing where I found the WMO had the advantage was...
Can confirm too, new WMO works just fine on 1000 Hz now.
Should do the trick. I use a microfiber cloth.
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