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I use the exact same sens at 400 CPI across all games, I used to use 1800 CPI (with old DA) but I actually feel better with 400 CPI. Just go with what you prefer, it's about being comfortable. If you prefer the feel of 2000 CPI go for it.
In that price range I doubt there is a single sensor outperforming it. To me it is up there with the best sensors.I don't know if the sensor has native CPIs, but I only really use sensors at 400 CPI where it worked flawlessly. Even on the higher steps there were no obvious flaws.
whoa, I'm sorry, I completely misread your comment and just realised I thought you meant the original feet, not the sensor foot. I left the original sensor foot in place and there is no height problem with that solution. So everything is fine if you leave the sensor foot and just replace the 4 small ones with hyperglides.
Remove originals obviously, I think with how low the LOD is it wouldn't even track otherwise.
almost no influence, it was 403 before (average of 3 tests) and 401 after (again average of 3 tests), but that means nothing, because in my test now the measurements were 406, 399 and 398, so I'd say there is no real influence.
If that is from my review then it's just that CGS was never confirmed anywhere and hence I took it out. I don't know any more about it though. "Mercury" is all I got.
I just got mine, but that was a trial deal. And damn they are great. I think they should be available next week or so.
The only observable thing it does is the LOD, maybe there is more to it. It might help with unusual surfaces to even enable tracking, but I don't really know.
Somehow it fit me right away. There wasn't even a transitional phase. I can still switch between them without problems.
Not arguing against you going with what you perceive as optimal, but the comparison is like saying a Ferrari has a bad engine implementation because it's not as good for Rally races.
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