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Derp already said it.I used both in previous tests because Enotus was well known and I wanted to see for myself how comparable both programs were. As MouseTester offered better results (because of the graph that shows more than just the pcs) I stayed with it.
I do, but it also explains why I don't have the issue with the exact same mouse as somebody else. Because I don't tilt my mouse in those angles etc. So while it might not be proven I'm very sure that is the reason.Also I apparently don't know the correct english word for what kind of evidence I meant... Need to look it up I guess.Found it, it's affirmation apparently. Will fix it above.
It's affirmation that fits the theory. It explains all that was observed.
Do you mean the circle drift? This has already been proven to be human error.
This has always been assumed, but never proven afaik. Also as long as they only drop counts it's not really an issue. We just don't know for sure how Zowie did it.
That must be one of the worst analogies I've seen here, and we already compared mice to cars...It's not working incorrectly 4-5% of the time, it's off by 4-5% every time. Which means you miss a shot. Or you need to re-adjust, which means you get shot (assuming the opposing guy is as good as you) etc. It's not an issue if you don't aim with muscle memory, but if you do it gets highly annoying. I tried my share of A9500 sensors, they are useless to me.I wouldn't say it is...
The "input lag" was never noticable to me, I used my FK on 450 CPI. Also recent tests with a high speed camera showed the same initial delay for motion as other mice. Might be not an ideal test, but represents my feelings towards delay/lag with the FK very well.I would still say the FK1 is better, but the FK (original and '14) would both be ok for you too, with your sens you should never hit the malfunction speed.
You can't shave anything off, Logitech doesn't go the cheap way with plastic actuators. They have a dedicated plate to actuate.The issue was also fixed mechanically, but you can make the mouse malfunction still if you slam it down. The harder the surface the easier. On my Talent, Qck heavy or UC 50 I have to thrust it down to actuate a button, but that is clearly no use scenario.Also the thing with the delay was probably worded wrong, it's kind of the same as with a...
It is, unless you use a non-newton fluid or something like that
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