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At that distance, wouldn't that target be a lot smaller than a pixel on something like 1080p?
Do not forget that high CPI usually had a plethora of other downsides, like lower tracking speeds and jitter. As long as you have enough CPI (estimate useful dpi in funender) to not skip pixels (at least near crosshair) then you are fine and there are no more benefits to higher CPI.
Most of that is just fond memories I guess, I recently used my DA 3G again to try it and it was certainly not better than the FK1 for me. I mainly tried it for the button latency thing and even there I did better with the FK1 consistently (by around 20 ms).
Hm, I honestly don't remeber having issues with that, but most games force a much lower sens with snipers, so I'm kind of used to it. But it's been quite a while since I last played Borderlands 2, so I'm not sure.
Oh I agree on the abyssus, that's the reason why I didn't bother with it too. I was just trying to help you out with borderlands as I was having the same troubles too.
Hust FYI: You can use lower values in Borderlands 2, just need to do them with a hex editor. It's annoying, but at least it keeps the value once you set it. Mine is set to 7.something so I get 60cm/360° at 400 CPI
FYI: Zowie uses a different MCU than most other manufacturers, why they do is beyond me, but Skylit suggested it was because they had experience with said unit. This might also add to the more raw feeling.
Nope, I haven't. Back then I though the colors must mess with the tracking (which they probably did with some mice) and never tried it. I would have loved a plain black Goliathus as a lot of people told me it's the best pad they ever had.
5000 is not the default CPI step since all are generated via DSP scaler. Iirc Skylit said that 1600 would be the step it defaults to, but it doesn't differ in responsiveness from other values.
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