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Uhm, reminds me a lot of the Logitech G Logo somehow... Logitech G New Zowie Logo
I recently learned that the cables have to meet a certain standard of shielding against RF to even get a CE label, so not everything is allowed to be used.I don't know specifics, but sometimes it's the law getting in the way.
It looked a lot like he did not look down enough with the Aurora.
Initially the gyro would only kick in at high speeds on horizontal to slightly diagonal swipes iirc, that was due to nobody who was using the mouse needing high speeds at vertical angles.It was found out by someone who turned the mouse 90° in his hand and then did a swipe from left to right fast.After people complained they did a FW upgrade, now the gyro enhances tracking speed in every direction.I'm not saying it is highly needed as a feature, but there is nothing wrong...
In my first tests of the optical+gyro combo I did not know of the gyro at all and it felt perfectly fine, I played with that sample for quite some time and never had any issues at all in game.I don't feel any difference in cursor behavior when disabling Fusion in the driver either on the release version of the G402.There are no empirical factual evidence for anything aside from the lower y-axis speed and the circle shake problem. But those don't occur in game and were...
Afaik PS/2 for mice is 80 Hz default and so obviously not interrupt based like PS/2 for keyboards. There is no advantage.
I have to agree on this.True, any kind of post on a forum is free promotion.Just to make this clear: I was not given a sample to make a review, I asked them if I would be allowed to do one with the final model that I was given. The other testers did not do reviews afaik.But it's certainly important to mention that someone was given something for free so the readers might take it with a grain of salt if said person is overly enthusiastic.
I don't see how I lost credibility when I've always been honest about my involvement with Logitech. I've clearly stated in my reviews that I had been given the review example for free so everyone could take it with that in mind.I still just state my opinion and try to portrait objective facts as good as possible.
Pros are just people too, they use whatever feels comfortable to them.
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