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Low CPI is perfectly fine for low sens. At 60cm/360 my "estimated useful CPI" for 1080p is like 280.Read up on this hereAlso 380 CPI is probably the "real" CPI value of a 400 CPI step. My Rival had 375 CPI when set to 400.
With your grip I'd not go for the G400 shape, rather decide between G302 and FK1.
I like that comment on the video.Btw: what I did was to glue down my cable management thingy with double sided tape. Works like a charm.
Uhm, superiority complex has nothing to do with actually being superior.It's more like: this doesn't work for me, so anyone who can work with it must be bad.Whatever, I'm sure he did it for dramatic effect too.I don't really mind that, I was just pointing it out. He can post whatever he wants for all I care.
Afaik Fnatic have been in the finals of 2 of the 3 previous big events, hardly "some kids".Also I thought we all agreed sometime that it's not the gear that makes a player pr0.
Most of the controversy is happening because of the way r0ach is wording his claims, which show signs of a superiority complex. Like "only **** tier people can use such and such", "objective opinion" etc. But it's gotten better over time. If he wasn't posting in propaganda style there would be a lot less hate towards his opinion I think.
This reflects my experience, FK1 and Rival felt best out of the 3310 mice I tried.But then the G302 currently feels best, if only by a slight bit over the FK1.
Too expensive. At his budget there are no "good" mice that meet his criteria.
If the sensor feels bad at 6/11 on low CPI then it is just bad. Don't go for anything laser "just because" it has high CPI and allows you to use high CPI and low windows/in-game sens. There are sensors that allow for very good tracking accuracy at lower CPI. Sorry I can't help you more, but your wishes are pretty much the opposite of my ideal mouse, and at a pricerange
Was just wondering, because in Germany it's nowhere in the bestseller list for gaming mice on Amazon. It's mainly sold by smaller shops so there is no real data here. Would be happy for Zowie if the FK1 sold well.Their new sensors (AM010 and 3366) don't have smoothing, at least on lower CPI steps. They don't have to test for it, they do what they can to avoid it because smoothing is mainly an algorithm that is meant to mask jitter.On older sensor tech like the A3090 it is...
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