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Go for fine grit sand paper for metals, somehow the Praxis over the border where I live has them in different places from the ones for wood.
Nice setup! You could probably also to SRAV test with this, right? How fast can it move on the x-axis?
That is not a flaw, the G Pro just has very light buttons. As long as the button doesn't actuate by the weight of itself it's fine. Some mice aren't meant to rest your fingers on. If you can't adjust to that it means the mouse is not for you, simple as that.That being said sometimes when I do fast swipes and reset I accidentally click RMB too, especially after using something like the FK or ZA before.
I mean with the force I used I could have also triggered the G Pro. The beta model of the S1 I had triggered on normal resets, so that was really bad.
For what it's worth my S1 didn't slam click unless bashing the mouse down. But at that force I think any mouse with separate buttons would actuate.
That's a G-SRI know, however trying to keep the mouse exactly on the x-axis gave me very weird results in the past. With this method and me doing it the same with every mouse I at least have some kind of comparison value between different mice.It would be optimal to have a test bench that limits movement to one axis, but I don't have time for that.
Any mouse with the switches directly under the side button has the potential for good click feeling. The EC series is so awful because of the lever design they use. That being said I'd go with either the FK or the G Pro, because I like slim side buttons.
My EC1-A (first BenQ Edition) weighs 100g on the same scale, so I'd say it's a tad lighter.
Small correction: the Ventus X is 99g without all weights and without the weight door. It's bigger than the EC1-A (slightly) with better quality components. I don't see why anyone would pick the EC1-A over the Ventus now if not for nostalgic reasons.
lol, here's to hoping I guess. I would really like to see them do that, but judging from experience they won't have changed a single thing.Let's wait for the next innovation in sensor tech, maybe then Zowie will get aboard the 3360 train.
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