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Nah, I have no idea. Could be one, could be several, always depending on company approach. I have a master in engineering design, but my field of work has been rather large mechanical construction and automotive more recently. I've seen small parts for cars being designed by several people and a complete press being designed by mainly one guy (with 2 others just doing the drawings) so anything goes. But I might ask next time.
Doesn't show up for me that way, have to filter by Razer specifically
That would be the designer, not the engineers.EDIT: I always forget that in English designer can also mean the engineer, I meant it in the sense of someone with an art degree who designs the look as opposed to someone with an engineering degree designing how it works.
Yeah, I saw that on too, but even that has vanished.
Not sure, been a while, but it was an option without return fee. And as I order (and keep) a lot on Amazon anyway I don't feel that much like a jerk.
It's still not on Amazon. Depending on when it is available I might do a review nonetheless.
I'm not sure, because I never used accel, but doesn't the normal accel curve in windows make slow movement slower and fast movement faster? like if you move slow it behaves like 1/11, at "normal speed" it behaves like 6/11 and then at fast speed it goes to 11/11 or smth.
Oh I didn't even know that it was a completely new manufacturer for the sensor, but I guess it makes sense to do that from a business standpoint, just like automotive OEMs build up various suppliers for their parts to never be fully dependent on one with a de facto monopoly.
LOD is really low, less than one CD again.If it's really around 30€ then it's an absolute steal. Also for discoloration: mine is like 2 months old and shows no sign of wear or color change so far, but I feel like it is off-white to begin with. Like there is a subtle bit of grey in it? Maybe that just caused by lighting here and the texture of the surface.
I don't know because mine doesn't get recognized by LGS so I can't set it. Default steps are 400, 800, 1600, 3200.
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