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Logitech manufactures in Taiwan in their own factory afaik.
It matters because any changes in granularity higher than with "estimated useful CPI" are not visible at given resolution/fov. It's sub pixel accuracy which one could argue being useful somehow or improve feeling, but you can actually aim just fine at everything you see. I prefer the feeling of 400 CPI 1.83 sens to 1600 CPI 0.46 sens. It doesn't really matter that much, as for the longest time I actually played with 1800 CPI (DA 3G) and that worked fine, but if the DA had...
More like personal agendas because people want to weigh in their favorites for the market researchers. It's understandable but annoying.
That skipping is due to fov 1, because the estimated useful CPI is a function of the fov. At regular fov you won't see the jittery behavior and also not when scoped in due to scoped sensitivity being lower.
How did I miss this completely? Need to look at it when I'm back home.
Stop being so aggressive towards others when you were wrong in the first place. Your very first agrument was that EPP makes the cursor more precise, which it doesn't, low sensitivity makes you more precise. The rest of your argument with it being utility or convenient is all true, but it is not more precise. That was what got people riled up about your posts.
The precision is just from the lower sensitivity though, acceleration or EPP just gives you range, which you can also get via bigger mousing space. EPP is just to increase convenience for people who do not want to move their mouse huge distances to move from left to right on a monitor.
With reasonable CPI levels you don't need it for low speed precision or bigger movement, it's just a bad accel curve. If I'd want to use accel I'd take povohats driver over Windows accel any day.
Mine uncurled on its own, I didn't put it under books like I used to with my Qcks. I think I rolled it the opposite direction once and that was it.
It's up since two weeks or so:
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