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Angle-snapping on mx518 was blown out of proportion, it's way less of a problem than people thought.Also DA had angle-snapping until Razer was pressured into releasing the 1.31 fw without it. And then it had jitter and low malfunction speed at lower CPI steps.
Technically incorrect, it's just the A9500 and A9800 that have those troubles really, the A6xxx before were fine, just lower max tracking speed.Still, picture in OP looks like a general angulation error.
I have mine too, the plastic has become oily and sticky though :/The Habu was actually the one that got me interested in mouse performance because mine was so damn bad. I guess I had a defective unit, because it littered like 10pixel in random directions while not even moving...Still have that lying around somewhere too.
I'm seeing a lot on ebay still. Where are you based?This is $6 in the US: in the US, a boxed one costs $20: one more...
It was, and the advertisement said that by dual sensors they could reach double CPI (iirc first mouse with 800 CPI)But I really don't know, back then I didn't care and had no clue.
I think that the big versions are large enough, at least since the FK1+ came around. Much bigger and they would be hard to grip for me. But hey, I'm used to the G Pro now which is even smaller.I guess if you are very tall and have large hands it's a problem.
Was my first optical mouse and I used it for years playing Quak/Half-Life. Could not use it anymore, but back then I loved it.
Hm damn, didn't think about that. So then Autohotkey it is Unless someone else here knows a solution.
10€ or $10 on eBay in mint condition. I got 2 last year (meant to get only one but nobody bid against me on both so...)
I have one of these for initial testing, my mouse feet were ok, but the edges look sharp indeed and I can see some scratching happening there.
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