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The nicest mouse wheels to me were the Roccat ones (Savu, KPO), iirc they used ALPS mechanical encoders. No Roccat had a shape that I could bear for a longer time though, so I don't know how long the last.
That should not be happening. My back button is not lose like that.
Can't agree with that, perfect length for me. The arch of the back could be a bit higher even, otherwise I wouldn't change much about the shape.
EC1/2-A have the same coating as the FK1 pretty much
I consider it ok. I can grip it without it causing any cramps or other grip issues, but other shapes work better for me. I'd still like to see a bigger FK1/Sensei type shape.
No, I think he meant @dontspamme
No, I mean the turntable thing. They have a disc spinning under the sensor. Similar to Sujoys setup but far more accurate. The big arm was only for the G402 because of the gyro.
You feel the FM beats it, I don't. It's your subjective experience. Those are also only assumptions you make, or let's call them hypothesizes, you have no proof that they are correct.And I stated speed related accuracy variance because that's the toughest one to achieve. Some mice do well at low speeds but lose accuracy at higher speeds. The 3366 is accurate at any speed. It also has raw tracking without any smoothing.You claim that it is not accurate while a test...
You have zero evidence, just like anybody else who does not have dedicated testing equipment. Everything you say is based on assumptions of what kind of MouseTester results should be optimal related to your perception of the mice you had.The evidence is not really publicly available I guess, but the 3366 is the most accurate sensor with the least speed related accuracy variance out of all sensors on the market today. It was obvious on the test bench I saw in Lausanne where...
I don't have peeling either, and I have mine since the release of the FK1. It looks quite worn/shiny where I place my fingers, but the coating doesn't come off. I suggest RMA.
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