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Don't know about that stick sound, but the side buttons are pretty horrible indeed.
Shape: No, Cable: No, Buttons: Yes, MWeehl: Yes, Sensor: YesBut as I'm still satisfied with the sensor performance of the FK1 I'll probably keep using it as my main mouse.I'll label them in the review, but you can kind of tell by how many times you see updates. The 500 Hz screen is belowG303, 400 CPI, 500 Hz
No it doesn't, look at the 500 hz graphs (only did one for 400 CPI), they aren't significantly different.I'm sure someone else has already opened his, I won't open mine because I don't have alternative mouse feet and I intend to use the one I have.
The cable on the G303 is great for a braided cable, it's light and flexible. I tested this mouse since November (I think) last year and if the shape/weight fits you I don't see any mouse that could compete with this. I might put up a review at some point, but most has been mentioned already. If your interested in MouseTester screens you can find them in this album: G303 Deadalus Apex
I only use it to confirm the PCS.To truly test for optimal performance you'd have to measure the actual movement and acceleration of the mouse and compare that to what the PC receives. Quite impossible for anyone without a real test bench.
I could not read the thread you linked earlier on my phone, but Logitech still has one of the best customer services. If you expect anything better from Razer or Steelseries then you are in for a bad surprise.How did they "steal" your 910?
Those MouseTester screens look just fine.That should not happen. What pad are you using?
This is the normal behaviour of the A3090 mice by Zowie, at least on 1000 Hz. If you set it to 500 Hz it gets better (still not optimal, but it worked for me just fine that way)See here1000 Hz500 HzBasically the perfect control speed for 450 CPI, 1000 Hz is ~2.1 m/s and for 450 CPI, 500 Hz it is ~3.2 m/s
I was never encouraged to "market" the product, I asked specifically if it was ok to do reviews because I thought it would be interesting stuff to share. Most of the beta testers don't even post here (anymore).
How about you post that video?
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