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It doesn't change the LED power for lod adjustments in the 3310 or 3988, that was only a "ghetto solution" to change lod on the 3090 iirc.
Right when I was getting interested again... I lift with the same method, which is why I was sceptical about these buttons from the get go.
The dimensions given are probably for packaging.
I doubt that because Jude communicates in a single post what BST did in a span of years
The Bioshock thing in the menu is normal, never found a way around it.
To be fair, he had the samples already and then made a Kickstarter to see if there was interest for the least amount needed in a single order (1000 units) but there wasn't.
Somewhere in the Rival thread someone said that the Rival 300 can not use the older Rival firmwares, so same problem as the Fade edition.
DA (3G and 3.5G) has always been jittery on colored surfaces for me. And FM and Zowies typically have trouble with white surfaces, but both are unfazed by the white parts of the G-SR, even on lowest lod option for the ZA. On something like white paper I needed to set to highest lod for the ZA to track at all.
Ah ok, it was the extra smoothing I recalled then. Anyway, 3310 performs just fine imo.
That is delay rather than smoothing as we commonly refer to here, and I think the only case where delay was proven was the FM (which many praised for cursor feel...)
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