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Here's a picture of a A2610 Same holes. It's just the case for 8 Pin designs.
Sensor casings are used for many different sensors. Been this way forever apparently.
Not necessarily. There are other 8-Pin designs, it could also be new.
A bit less slippery for me, but I found the FK to be ok/good already. Wheel has the same haptic but is 24 notches, so like the updated FK'14.
I'd say it sounds like he wants a specific CPI for 2D games.At OP: just use the custom CPI builder thingy, it's fine for what you need.
Of course MMR shows dropped counts for every step below 6/11, still only 5/11 is irregular with dropping every 4th count.
Only 5/11 skips irregularly, all lower steps skip regularly
This.I use MouseTester from microe. You can also use Enotus, but MouseTester is more comfortable. I still have to put the values in a spreadsheet manually to make that graph.
No problem. It feels smaller because of less width and height and it is lighter
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