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No I did not, I thought I mentioned somewhere that I don't have a scale to measure the weight myself. I used CPates statement (weight with cable cut off after the stress relief) like Derp suggested.
Your second seems like my first, which I still use. Lens rattle never affected performance in any way for me.
Huge maps != good mapsMost of them are too open leaving you exposed. I know that comes closer to the old school feeling of something like El Alamein, but it just doesn't work right. And we also have lot's of huge maps already. I'd wish they'd make some good middle ground maps (mediums size, only ground vehicles). Like Bazaar or Seine Crossing in BF3. There are no maps like that in BF4 at all. It's either clusterf**k or open ground. And it's also either little to no...
I highly doubt that, because we will still be stuck with the worst maps known to any Battlefield game ever. And the game is just so much slower than BF3 by design that it will never surpass it for me, even if it would play as smoothly as BF3 does.Seriously, anyone I know that played BF3 again lately preferred it to BF4. Some just refuse to play an "outdated game"... BF4 gave me so much bullcrap that I probably won't ever load it up again.
I'm not the most picky when it comes to responsiveness, but if I go by feeling alone then the G402 is nicer. I'm sure a guy like r0ach would appreciate the cursor feeling of the G402 compared to the 3310.
It offers a more responsive, smoothing free sensor combined with higher tracking speeds. Although 3 m/s would be enough for almost everybody people would have complained if it were capped at that because G400 was faster already.Of course the marketing around "being the fastest mouse" is a bit overboard for us.
Wheel didn't feel really good, but it worked well.I thought Logitech produced in Taiwan, but maybe not
All mice are made in china (or taiwan)I like my Rival, scroll wheel is not the best, but the rest is really great.
It's explained in the OP...
There is probably nothing wrong with your mice, you are just using the tool wrong. For jitter tests you should just use the x/y counts table (shows cursor path, zoom in with mouse wheel to see each count). What you do there is a speed test at extremely slow speed. It looks this erratic because you are alternating between 0 and 1 or 2 counts for most polls. Move the mouse faster and it should look normal.
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