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Erdinger.Best of all.
For gaming I really dislike the wheel, but I used it in the office last week too and for browsing of documents it was really great. A colleague had the G9 in his office simply for that reason...
What mouse is that? Was it the real dpi step (you have 400 there)?What the program does is recording counts in x and y together with timestamps. This allows for speed calculations. I sometimes get nonsensical results too where one count jumps out to 200 m/s or more, just do another swipe then. I always do one fast swipe on the x-axis, left to right.
WUT? That's pretty much impossible, you stop in the span of less than 2 ms... I need to calculate the force for that, but I'm fairly sure it's more than 10g... Nice muscles I guess Btw regarding clean: I just whipped out some older mice to try MouseTester with themAbyssusDeathadder 3GKana V1None of them are as much all over the place as the FK is... I wonder why the FK is that way?
Completely different shape. If the sensor in the Avior is fine for you and the shape fits you I'd say no, don't go for G502.However if you have any complaints about the sensor you might want to try the G502.
If I was playing quake I'd use a higher sens too, when I was playing comp TF2 as a soldier my sens was around 30 cm/360 I think, maybe even less. I only switched to lower sens when I had to play scout (hitscan only, very close quarters, every shot matters) and found myself outgunned by other scouts. Lowering my sens helped a lot with that. Still it does not make me aim like the very top guys, but I know I perform more consistently that way.If I could be as accurate and...
He means the PCS of ~3.2 m/s is too low.Works for me still at 60cm/360, but not in TF2 for example, especially with fast rocket jumps etc. BF is no problem though.
I agree, it's just a matter of how the opinion is voiced.Manners of communication seem to be lacking quite lot with some people. Not directed at you btw or any other recent poster in particular. I'd just wish for more constructive debate, which happens too of course, but there's so much "noise" in between from people who seem to be personally offended by Logitech not making a mouse to their liking.
And so will a lot of people because what the hardcore crowd here forgets is that Logitech is making peripherals for the mass gaming market, not the (wanna-be) pro crowd like Zowie does. What is not appealing to most of us (including myself) is the thing that makes other people buy a mouse.For the average user with a broad range of games played (MMOs, MOBAs, FPS, rts,... Lots of use for many buttons) and a higher sens where the weight is not as important, the G502 is just...
Uhm, those look like a dead stop at the end, do you fling against a wall? Or lift? Because that wall would be painfull I guess
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