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Try a different surface first, if that doesn't work your mouse is faulty.
You can buy it at in Belgium. Shipping is 9€ to Germany, so 34€ shipped. Cheapest way I know.
To me the sidebuttons are pretty much in the perfect place, I can reach them all comfortably. But that is just for my hand, so I really can't give out recommendations because of that
One thing I also noted: the seperate buttons actually do have a much nicer feel than any other mice lately. Reminds me of the older Razer mice or my Habu.
My one RMA with Zowie for a double clicking M1 went pretty good, but YMMV.
PCS = Perfect control speed
Logitech developed it together with PixArt, I'd bet this one will stay exclusive to Logitech forever, just like some Avago sensors never came to other brands than Logitech (e.g. A3080E, S3095) respectively Razer (S3668, S3888, etc.)
Best sensor: yesBest mouse: not to me, because I prefer different shapes, but probably to some.
Wait, are you THE povohat? Maker of the TF2 HUD?
So far I only tried the Puretrak Talent and the Zowie GT-F Speed. Worked perfectly fine on both. After tuning to the Talent I had to retune for the GT-F Speed though, because with the Talent setting it would skip sometimes on the GT-F Speed.
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