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Also button lag should be fixed in the newer batches.
Interesting, my G303 worked flawlessly on both the blue and the grey version. But exactly that scenario was what I feared initially.
Which mouse? The ones I tried in it all worked without a problem.
What end0rphine said, also if you want alternative skates go Hyperglide. I got them on my ZA11 and they are great.
I used the G-SR for about 1-2 months and for me it didn't get notably slower. Pads like the Qck went down faster for me. I don't know if that's a QC issue, but I'd guess it's more down to who uses it, like people who sweat more or something.
Good job with the review
What do you mean by "more consistent"?
Good idea to accumulate your findings in a single thread and give an overview. One question already: why is mousetester not a good tool for jitter/ripple? It displays x-y-counts just fine.
It might be the rattle from the CPI change button. See if you still hear rattling while pushing down on that button.
Don't know, guess best thing would be to contact Zowie directly.
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