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I used the mx3 ones now (small elliptical ones) and they work great, CPI stayed the same so height should fit too. Can recommend.
The reason that straight lines are more difficult in mlt04 afaik is that it reports counts as 1,1 when going diagonally while avago/pixart report those in two counts of 1,0 0,1 (you can see this with diagonal lines in paint pretty easily)
Just measured, it's down to 391 from 420, so fine by me. Also shipping from Singapore to Germany took like 3 days.
ah, that's really bad :/Like I said, my units were fine, but this is also like 2 years ago, so specific testing for this started after the incident for me.
2x2I didn't measure CPI yet because I got maybe 3 hours of gaming time in the last fortnight :/
You know it's funny that you try to make it look like an agenda while it was simply overlooked. I did all the tests I usually did with mine, there has never been a click force test for mouse wheels done in any test before and it didn't occur to me that one was needed because apparently either I'm not an avid enough user of the wheel button or that actuation force didn't bother me enough to notice.Now in regards to the shape of the feet:Do you mean like this?My feet are...
From what I remember there where some units with that issue, but from my units none had it. I could however generate a rattling sound with violently shaking it.That's why I assumed that 5/5 units having that noise would rather be the wheel (or whatever) because having a lose lens on that many units would be really tough luck. Still possible of course.
I know, I did that test in all my recent reviews with 3366/3360. However afaik nobody thought of this way to test back when the G303 was released.
I replaced the feet on my revel with hyperglide MS-3 (the WMO ones) and no dragging anymore. I did not sand anything.Mine is around 260g roughly.To be honest I never noticed that before the discussion started despite using it for a long time. I just don't use wheel too much, especially in-game.I don't really understand why the click is harder though, because the action is pretty simple. Can't imagine it's the switch, although those Panasonic things are pretty meh.
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