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That is the software by @povohat, a genius tool for anyone who wants to use accel properly and much more. The guy is a legend.
Just because I said I’ll update: clicks are perfectly even and like they were on my older G Pro, also not hollow, that was only happening with heavy tapping of the buttons when the front of the button hits the lower shell.
Both of mine are clicky, but kind of ... hollow? I’ll compare tonight and give results. Maybe the sound was just noticeable to me in comparison to the Sensei
Not really, but I didn’t do a side by side test. I didn’t have those terribly easy clicks that’s others reported though. The clicks on my new one are still very light.
1. G Pro 2. Sensei 310 3. ZA11 Recently returned to the G Pro after I received a new one and I’m so in love again. Sensei 310 was great too, but the G Pro just fits me so well. ZA11 was my main for so long it deserves to be on the list.
I'm held up with real life issues currently and probably for some months to come. But I can tell you that they sent me new feet that fixed all issues in that regard.
What others said already, if you want in depth analysis including electrical go for @qsxcv/@wareya. I can look at mechanical design, but I don't know if that's what you're aiming for.
Sorry, late reply, yes it is smaller, I love it. So far the Rival seems to be the best fitting ergo mouse for my hand I've ever had. Original Rival was too big for me.
I got both of mine now and out of the box after a bit of testing both seem completely fine. No pre-travel or rattle on the buttons. The only thing is that the buttons allow some lateral movement which can rattle if you shake them, but that's by design I think as it is caused by the buttons being separate from the top shell. Both feel really good to grip with my dry hands and surprisingly so far I like the Rival more than the sensei, something about the size just fits me well.
Fastest was always 450 CPI @ 500 Hz for old 3090 Zowies, but even that is bad for rocketjumps at your sens. You could try with accel but that would also destroy your muscle memory. Best tip would be to get at least a 3310 variant, but I understand you can't do that now. So anyway, you have to work around the limitations of your current mouse, so I'd recommend increasing your sens if this situation is bound to take longer.
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