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I think 5 cm/360 is a bit too high, but when I mained solly I used to play on 25-30 cm/360. That worked well for everything. I switched to 60 cm for Scout and kept it since then for consistency reasons.
Depends, if you go over 2.5 m/s I wouldn't use it. Even for CS, a quick turn to check corners would cause malfunction for me.
What's the budget?Because at least for that solly I fear that the G100s tracking speed would not be enough. I played at 60cm/360° and I hit 4+ m/s on rocketjumps quite often. You won't find a mouse capable of that for 15$.
Never had a Kinzu myself, but a friend of mine switched from Kinzu to the FK2 and really liked it, so I'd say either go for that or the ZA12.
Yeah, that rubber base is awesome. Didn't think it'd make that much of a difference beforehand.
Don't tell me anyone is offended by that Easter Egg.... I mean, really? That's like the triggered tumbler folks that can't take a joke at all if it's remotely related to any topic they take part in.
Lighter than AM and FK, EC feels lightest still, but as Popups said, that's a completely different design.
Right now yes, but my UC 50 has been through the wash three times already so it's quite old. I'd have to compare them side by side brand new for a fair judgement.Been using it for 3-4 days now and the surface feels like a Talent that doesn't stick to my arm when I sweat. Really good!
Hm, difficult, but I'd say the ZA13 feels even smaller due to width being reduced even more.
Huh? Zowie already has at least 3310 versions of their shapes, and both FK and ZA are similar to the Kana, they only lack the horrible side buttons the Kana has.
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