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No, but they are still quite good.
EMP is the same size/shape as the XTD, and as you are happy with that one in general I recommended it. Otherwise I personally prefer the Kone Pure Owl-Eye because it is lighter.
Can't say I had trouble with the EMP and accidental clicks of the wheel. And that is from someone who is used to quite heavy mouse wheels so I I'm not used to scroll lightly so to speak. If you have a place with a good return policy it's worth giving the EMP a shot.
I have the XL version and it's pretty good, currently use it over my G-SR. I didn't do side by side comparisons with my other pads yet, but it's obviously very similar to Qck, G-SR black and so on. It stays flat very well and the border looks and feels good, no rough parts or anything else irritating my wrist. Can definitely recommend it.
It's very close to the G Pro, that's what I tested against in my review.
Just as a side note: the revel mouse feet were fixed with a later batch, I got replacement feet sent to me and they fixed the issue completely.
I will not dismiss any shape without trying it, even though it looks weird at first.However the pricing is insane, that's meme mouse 2.0 potential...@Qeric: if you want unbiased evaluation you could send a sample of your mouse to the OCN labs for review, doesn't necessarily need to be me doing it.
It's not that bad, just something you notice coming from a mouse with spring loaded buttons. Didn't really affect me playing with it. But see below, if it is adjustable that is actually interesting.Interesting, didn't open it up yet because I intend to use it some more and I actually like the stock feet a lot.
I bet when more people have the mouse it turns out most like it this way and I'm just spoiled or something
That name is actually fitting. Still like the game somehow.I'll give my short summary here:Performance great (3360, so expected)Shape similar to ZA12/13, Rival 100 or Razer AbyssusMain buttons had quite a bit of Pre-Travel, not as bad as Revel but I noticed it immediately coming from G Pro. But even compared to Zowie you can see it.Mousewheel looks like the one used in Finalmouse S1, I don't like it because in between the steps it is very lose while the actual steps are...
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