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It's always an effort to stop spreading rumor as facts. The ones trying to humiliate others are the r0ach type. I guess you don't remember the "if you don't feel like I do you are the worst scrub and should never play games ever again" posts he did? However valuable some input is, it doesn't mean you get a free card to use derogatory terms against other people who might be less knowledgeable. This kind of posting was always intended to silence opposition from the get go,...
Product tester: I agree, lots of people could do that.Product developer: electrical engineer makes sense there, doesn't it? I mean, if you have an education in physics you can probably do it too, but there are few engineering fields where that doesn't apply.
That should be normal. The point you click is very close to where the lever of the shell bends. Meaning you need much more force to create Ms to make the shell bend to click. Plus the momentum that the click switch itself creates is bigger that way. Take a look at my dilletantic drawing: Ideally you'd click at where F2 is drawn to get the best click.
I wouldn't know, never had an artisan. Only steelseries, QPAD, puretrak and Zowie so far.
Maybe, I never tried an artisan pad. When I looked into them they were only available in small sizes for a lot of money so I didn't bother.If you mean those generic office mouse pads then no, the base isn't as stiff as on those pads, it's flexible.But let's be real, none of the gaming mousepads cost that much in manufacture, just like none of the mice do.
Hm, Talent felt sticky for me at hot days, it's 35°C today and the G-SR doesn't stick so far.Don't have any Artisan pads.
I don't have a Sensei but the ZA11 is narrower. I think Sensei is 64 mm wide in the middle and ZA11 is 60 mm.
ZOWIE G-SRSo I now had the chance to use the Zowie G-SR for 1-2 months now and feel it's time to give it a proper review. Proper in the sense that I try to give my impression of glide and feeling and also provide pictures of the little details as well as comparisons to other pads.The G-SR comes in a blue checkered pattern with the new Zowie logo both in a 3D imprint in the pattern as well as in the middle in plain white.SizeThe dimensions of the G-SR are 480 x 400 x 3.5...
I feared that too, but it doesn't interfere with tracking as far as I can tell. I'd still prefer plain black.
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