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Mad Catz also has something like this, at least for the RAT 8. You can define an offset angle to compensate how you hold it.
It was moved because the hardware review section was only just created. It's a restructuring of the forum as I understand it.
Those are only design patents, don't confuse them with actual patents (for inventions). I'm not an expert on patents (yet) but I think because they didn't use broken lines (which would claim a general shape) it's allowed to patent pretty much any shape you come up with that hasn't been used before.
Sorry, but you make the typical mistake of taking feedback from OCN as representative of the general consumer. It's not.Many more people still go for mice with flashy design and lots of buttons over a lightweight performance mouse. Some people heavily prefer mice in a weight range of 130+ g because of perceived quality.
Yes they are, but I wouldn't buy the G203 just for a cable, you could debraid like Derp said or get a fitting CeeSA cable for 15€ which is still cheaper and better.
Depends on how you hold it. To me EC2 feels very small but mainly because it is short.
It's unlike any other mouse I tried so far, but it feels like high quality, really like the feel of it.
I think someone else also asked this already and they said it's because of the tilt wheel design, the Alps aren't compatible with it.My hand size is 20cm wrist to middle finger tip and 9cm across the palm.The Roccat move that I had all had a high quality and a premium feel to them, although I only used the Savu for a long time and had no trouble with its durability.
Unfortunately no it seems.
Got the measurements now (also added to OP): Wheel 5g PCB 22g Small PCB 7g Bottom shell 20g Top shell 55g All together with screws 112g (my guess is there are rounding errors for the low weight parts, it's just a kitchen scale) I don't see any real potential for weight loss here, I mean you can butcher the mouse of side buttons and wheel to go down to 100g, but you'd have a two button mouse. The top shell seems really heavy in comparison, although it doesn't...
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