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For what it's worth: The Castor gave 90% with the SQAL on my blue G-SR. And the G-TF X was in the same region, but I don't have any screencaps left from that.
It shouldn't be "locked" after setting down, but a very (very!) low LOD is normal with PTE. Mine just worked fine with lifting and setting it down again etc. However that LOD was so low that even I had to get used to it, and I used Zowies for years.
In Woll3s defense that is exactly what popups was convinced a year (years?) ago when the exact same discussion came up in some old thread. And Skylit and Woll3 both told him that 30x30=900 does not mean native cpi = 900. That's just false assumption, like you pointed out in this thread already:
You haven't even tested the 3320 yet and already want it? For what reason? If the 3320 has pcs
Does that happen with other nice too? Like say a WMO?
Well yeah, true, I almost never consider high cpi because it's unnecessary anyway. But even the 3366 is bad at max CPI. Only mouse that was fine at high CPI for me was with PTE.
If we go by sensor: 1. 3366 2. 3310 3. 3668 4. 3090 5. AM010 (low pcs) (Never tried MLT04 because way too low pcs)
It really isn't, all of these sensors are fine to use, it's just that Max has a preference and thinks that it's fair to derive general sensor superiority from that, also always argumenting with the same "massive consensus of people that agree" while there actually are very few.The real benefit the FM has is the low weight and a useful shape. Sensor wise it's nothing special.
From my review
This looks exactly like the behaviour of my old Habu. It was probably just defective, but that was the reason why I invested time in mouse performance in the first place.
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