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I can only mirror what was said already: Being able to set cpi steps, that means not only the coo value, but also how many there are. I don't need 5, I just want to that I can toggle in-between for example. Also give lighting options for each step individually so you can easily tell which is activated by looking at it. For example step 1 being 400 CPI, no lights, step 2 being 1600 CPI, wheel light cyan (or whatever). So much for most wanted feature. Of course I also...
I don't know, like I said, I only had a few moments with it before packing for holidays, otherwise I would have made a full review and run it against the original FM and many other mice. Might still do that after holidays depending on how fast other new mice pop up.
If course for browsing and such, but also for nades in Battlefield and the likes. Also to spam screaming "Spy!" to oblivious teammates in TF2
I meant that as in mousetester shows drops. I'll post screens when home.I don't know how, but I think qsxcv can read smoothing values out of the mousetester csv files?
Ah yes, there's the thing that polling rate drops to 500hz every 200ms or so for 2-4 polls. I'll post that later if possible. Do you want a log of something specific?
Signature part is just print, you don't feel it.Regarding cable/feel/drag: I can't properly judge that with this unit because apparently the previous user opened it up too but ****ed up the mouse feet slightly in the process, at least one edge is sticking up which scratches on my pad. So it always felt awkward no matter what.Cable is a typical braided one, not as stiff as the Flick G1 at least.
So, I got a pre-production version of the Scream One. It's not the final (lol) version, but I'll quote Jude herethat above refers to it being sent in a Tournament Pro box. As I'm going on holiday tomorrow I don't have time to do a full review now. But I'll try to give my impressions here quickly.First off: performance seems fine, I did the speed related accuracy variance test and it was very accurate, so on similar levels to other 3366 mice. Speed is also well above 5 m/s...
G100s is an older budget mouse. Compare it to G302 and all the points for the G900 apply there too.Also LGS doesn't influence mouse cursor movement, that was only true for setpoint back in the day.
I use the black G-SR over the blue since its launch, it's great
It works fine for the more recent mice. Wasn't the G9 on setpoint back then?
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