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That's awesome! I have the same size hands and also use full palm grip. I thought it might be too small because it's apparently roughly the same size as the G Pro and I found that too small, but then again that's an ambi mouse which makes it hard to palm grip. I'm coming from an MX518 and the G403 hump was too big for me.
Thanks for sharing the pics. What size are your hands? And for your grip: does your palm make contact with the back half of the mouse or is your palm raised?
Thanks guys, I will try calling tomorrow. What happens if the replacement also has the rattle, RMA again or what?Wow, that is cool. Do you know if that's the norm when they send replacements?
Is Logitech CS usually so slow? I e-mailed them about my rattling scroll wheel and got prompt responses (within 24h) until I gave them my shipping information. Now I haven't heard back from them for 7 days; I even sent a follow up e-mail last week which was ignored
I have the wired version currently but thinking about changing it for the wireless version as it's just $15 bucks more. The cable on the wired one doesn't really bother me but it could be cool to have the wireless one... On another note, did the rattling scroll wheel defect occur in the wireless versions as well? My wired one has it
On the wireless version, how noticeable is the cable when it's plugged in? It looks rather bulky.
Yes this is what I did, but there is a very noticeable colour mismatch between the logo and scroll wheel LEDs.
It has the same different tint at all angles
Are you guys able to switch your LEDs to white? When I use the Logitech software preset for white, it has a cyan tint to it. So fiddled with the RGB settings to 191-147-131 and was able to get the logo white, but the scroll wheel has a pink tint to it (they don't match). If I adjust the settings to make the wheel white, the logo is yellowish. Is it normal that the logo and wheel LEDs don't match for white? FWIW my serial number was 1639 and I have the scroll wheel...
Does MSI Afterburner still work with the R9 Fury (Sapphire Nitro)? I am using Windows 7 Pro. Ever since ReLive and Wattman were implemented, I haven't been able to use Afterburner properly. Using 16.9 (before ReLive and Wattman implementation), I had a very healthy -84mV undervolt at stock clocks using Afterburner. When I updated the driver to 16.12 (ReLive and Wattman were implemented), I was unable to undervolt in Afterburner at all without the display driver crashing....
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