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[[SPOILER]] I like how it looks very spacious
Will see, hopefully it doesSent from my One using Tapatalk
[[SPOILER]] Do you know when is coming?
[[SPOILER]] Did the movie came already Aazelion?
yeah that's a good point there are a lot of cheaper ways to get the files, by any chance do you know a good free software that do this? I was searching and found Carbon Copy Cloner, this would do the trick right! BTW thanks for your help.
Well i did some research at they're around 250 or 300 at the most
Well if its the logic board like you said before and replace it, wouldn't be better to buy another used one instead?
I have used VGA and DVI and none of them work
Ok, so a friend of mine gave me his macbook pro late 2007 to check it cause the screen didn't turn on. He told me that his daughters were playing with it and all of the sudden the screen went black, the computer stills turn on and make noise that's why I know its working. I try to plug in an external monitor and it didn't work out, I try two different one and still the same so i went to the conclusion that was the video card. I did some research and it turns out that it...
[[SPOILER]] Nice corner
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