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Yeah that's where i got mine too.
It seems like you tried everything so far, but by any chance do you have a spare PSU? if you do try with it and see if it post. It has happened to me before and somehow my PSU got screw up, it wasn't delivering enough power to the other components.
No I don't know anyone right now that is looking for water cooling parts, but if I find someone i'll send it to you
I didn't have that issue but thanks for all your help
I only use one of them KB3102810 and restart the computer and the updates started working again
I did that before I downloaded the KB file but didn't work until, so I install the KB file and work fine no issues after that.
The reason I am asking is because mine as well loose it clickyness, I believe is my letter "n" all of them have the sound except that one.
[[SPOILER]] When you replace the key, do you need to do something else? like firmware update or it works as soon as you put the new switch?
By loop I mean that the windows update is still there an nothing happens I check my network status and it barely sends packages
So with those links I can download the updates that I need in order to make windows 7 to update again
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