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I just update my Windows 7 to Windows 10 everything went smooth except for the part that I can't connect to the internet, it says that is connected but I don't see any packages going out or coming in. The update was a couple of days ago and I noticed that, but right now I'm going to check was going on. Any thoughts on what could it be? Found it! issues with network interfaces between the wireless interface and the Ethernet interface.
[[SPOILER]] Clean look I like it
I don't know from which distribution of linux is this system but it is a light one, the system looks like the interface of a PS3. It let you play roms from various consoles like : NES, Neo , gameboy and many others.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Like your mine was collecting dust but then I began to play with it, I set it up like an HTPC, then a server, then I began to learn linux commands and o on. It is a really good learning machine despite the size of it, I am planning to get the bluetooth dongle for the PS3 so I don't have to be wire to Pi
You can take out the memory card and edit the files on your computer and to transfer the roms you need to connect your Pi or system to the same network.Lakka chose the system that your using and follow the steps then it shows you how to add roms.
Because I wanted to know if I would gain any benefit if I switch to a class 10, but I guess not I was just wondering
Can you really see a difference between class 10 memory cards and lower class memory cards? on the Pi.
Yeah there isn't much on the forums, I am using a Raspberry Pi B with my PS3 controller attached with the USB cable. I am planning to get the Bluetooth dongle for the Pi, so I can use it wirlessly. As long as your hardware is support you should be fine, supposedly the logitech f310 controller is the supported hardware and is not working for me. I also have been connecting to the pi using SSH.
Yeah hehe luckily I went again in read the article and caught up the mistake I did :p:p
I am using a raspberry pi with Lakka OS, I have it installed and everything looks good except for the audio. I dont have audio right now I am using HDMI and even though I went to the FAQ's page and did the modification on the config file I still can't get audio. So I was wondering if someone can help me out Thanks NEVER MIND FIND THE PROBLEM It has to be uncomment the line ERASE THREAD sorry for the inconvinience
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