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I'll stick with the short and easy way "Extensions" lol thanks I already found two extensions that do the job, the one you gave me didn't work but it's ok
Forget to mention natively without extension but thanks I think thats the easiest way
I wouldlike to know how to disable the notification bar on the bottom of the screen? every time I go down with my mouse the notification bar pop out. I would like to know is there a way to disable it or not?
So this is what I have so far How's that symlink work?
Actually I have them and I think my PSU is the one that is making the loud noise or possibly my CPU cooler.
[[SPOILER]] Will this work for the other folders? I'm not trying to move the home folder only the ones for my media, like music, videos, pictures and possibly my steam folder.
[[SPOILER]] I am looking for something quiet, I think I'm going to use a pair of noctua fans for silence
I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my desktop and I have one SSD and 2xHDD of 320 Gb each one, I would like to change the location of my main folders (Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos & Downloads). In Windows 7 I used to change the location of those specific folders and they were route to other folder in my HDD, instead of using my SSD space. How can I change them like that?
[[SPOILER]] Is it a lot quieter than the stock one or a little bit quieter?
Well it work thanks I thought I was writing the correct password but I guess not until I checked letter by letter thanks:thumb:
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