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Well it work thanks I thought I was writing the correct password but I guess not until I checked letter by letter thanks:thumb:
I'm going to try and see if it's the same password
Like the tittle says I need to reset the password on two windows 8 machines, both of them are using an email account instead of a local account. Those computers aren't mine but he gave me the password for them but it says that I need to input the last password that I used without internet. I would like to know if there is a way to recover that password? or I would need to go to his house and login and then comeback to my house?
As Claes mentioned unplug everything except RAM and CPU and see if it boots, try first one RAM stick then try both.
I want to boot from cd, so I would need to hold c in order to do thatSent from my One using Tapatalk
What key do I press in a Windows keyboard to access the cd? Sent from my One using Tapatalk
So the only thing that I need to do is look for a PPC installation, the specs are the following iMac 17" 2.0 Ghz with 1Gb of ram 4324A - BRCM1022. Also I found is an iMac 17 late 2006 so it's running intel.
I'm doing an iMac 17" 2.0 Ghz with 1Gb of ram the HDD is getting some errors so I'm going to replace it with another one, it has this number 4324A - BRCM1022.
I'm going to look into the model I think it's a core 2 duo or some intel cpu
So I don't need bootcamp or any OS X cd right? cause it was a free pc but is not working the HDD is bad and I don't have cd's to reinstall the OS X system
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