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Thanks. I will, but I gotta wait for my Artisans to arrive and take proper photos for the competition. haha. thanks, m8. Yeah, i love the end result. My next plan is a 60%, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon.
Hey guys, After almost a month of checking different sites and forums about mechanical keyboard. I finally decided to get my own and got my self a diy kb. It has been couple weeks of getting parts and checking the markets for all the items needed for my build. And now, I'm finally done with my first custom mech keyboard! Here's some photos of it and a video of led test. You can also check my build log on imgur.All of these is what I have on hand. I have couple more...
Damn those looks nice. My kb will be here next week and also got a toxic set on the way. How hard it is to change switch tops? I'm planning to get some gaterons clear switch top and change the top on the MX clear switch. Btw, I participated on Ivan's Miami Nights GB too, but those ones gonna take a while. Anyone owns the Pulse set here? If you're planning of selling it soon, please contact me first. Been dying to get those as well.
Looking for a set of Pulse SA or hack'd keyset for MX. Pm me the price.
Finally placed an order for my first custom keyboard. It's the winkeyless tkl with clear switches. I'll post a pic when it arrives in 2 to 3 weeks. Tho my PBT keycaps is not gonna be here anytime soon. ETA for the 2 set I bought is late June so I was thinking of getting a temporary keycaps that can be bought and ship now. What would you recommend? Btw, those 2 sets i bought from group buy are Tai-Hao keycaps in blood red and miami. TIA.
Yeah.. figured that out too after few searches. I'm actually checking out few threads and sites right now for diy kits. I might try making one myself with those kit or if not, and to save a bit, ill just get a compatible keyboard for those keycaps.
Thanks for that info, I guess I really have to get a new keyboard or build my own case.
Hey guys! Long time OCN member here and I just decided to get into custom keyboards/keysets. I own a CM QuickFire Pro that I got from winning a contest before. It has the MX brown switch which feels a lot different from my first non-mech keyboard. A friend of mine is into these custom kb/ks and he said that I should try getting one as well. To start I decided to get two sets of keysets for my current kb, they are the Tai-Hao PBT Doubleshot Keysets in BloodRed and Miami...
Nice. what was the voltage and max temp?
For EVGA GTX 980 SC users, what was the highest clock you guys achieved? I was able to do a valley test @1544.
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