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I just want to share my updated keyboards. Project Carbon - CM Novatouch Project Faux - HHKB Pro 2 Project Nebula - B.87 Full Album:
Haven't been here for a while.. Here's my updated B.87. JTK Debut + GMK's Hyperfuse
HHKB Pro 2 and B.87
HHKB T800 Artisan cap ESC and Fn - Teal Fn- Blue
+1 to all of your inputs for Orion Spark. I also went to BestBuy to try it and I didn't like it.
Here's my re-designed cap. I guess 1 more revision and I'm done. [[SPOILER]] Keycap on my HHKB. I also got a MX version which I forgot to include in the first set of pics.Potato pic of the MX version [[SPOILER]]
Just finished my keycap and working on different a colorway atm. Didn't expect it would look like a burning charcoal [[SPOILER]]
"Our 8+ year relationship with our datacenter provider was terminated today. When we have a plan, we'll let you know..." from Larry on geekhack facebook group.
since yesterday. Here's a discussion on reddit for the hacker's reson why he ddosed GH.
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