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Item sold. Closing listing now.
Payment Received. Closing the listing now.
Yes, you can try it here:
An update from your previous post. It's already in LAX. Now they need to ship that to retailer ASAP!
Congrats m8, I know the feeling. Haha.. it would suck if you recieve it damaged or with dead pixels.. dont be too excited, okay? Just dont forget the pics/unboxing tomorrow for us.
I believe it's free 6 months now when you register then after 6 months you can continue a 1 yr membership of prime student for $49. so $49 for 1 yr membership + 6 months of free prime student membership.
The cargo's ETA is on the 26th. I'm not sure how long it will take in customs and the days it will take for it to get into the retailer's warehouse. As Asus said we should expect pre-orders at early Aug. I hope it gets to the retailers asap.
I dont have the side panels and feet/handle anymore tho I still have the main case and front, but the case pretty sure needs a good repaint the last time I saw it . Also, Im pretty sure you're not the first person to ask if I want to sell this. I dont actually have any use of the case so Im fine letting it go.
Thank you. I've been wanting to start a new project, but I might as well wait for maxwell GPU since i'll be upgrading my display to 1440p soon. Please like my facebook page so you guys can keep track of my project.
Hey guys! Thanks dman for tagging my name.. yes, I did that mod back 2012 and won March 2012 Mod of the Month. If you want to see how I created that all, you can check my build log here at ocn or on my facebook page, I named it Project Prodigious, btw. You might want to check my latest project too, Project Imagination which won 2nd place from the previous Cooler Master mod competition 2013. Thanks!.
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