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I recently just changed my desk from a rectangular desk to a "L" shaped and I'm happy I upgraded to this.. This is the desk that I recently purchased at amazon. It is $239. Solid build and very unique design. I love the black tempered glass and the chrome steel frame. You'll love this desk for sure. My desk, but this is not the updated...
This is what I am trying to avoid, the f5 battle! Goodluck to all, I hope newegg got enough stock for everybody.
I had 1 order before with provantage and it went fine. I just dont have experience with their return policy. I just got off the phone with b&h and I received my refund for the previous shipping costs. I've ben told by the customer rep that the units are arriving at the 26th so I guess that is the actual date that this monitor will go up on sale on different retailers.
how did u get 3 day free shipping? Id like to know and give them a call later.
In my case, where I at least know that if ever the units arrives on then 25th, then I know for sure I will be getting it before the month ends. Unlike on other retailers where we do not have exact eta or even pre-orders yet. Also, I cannot spend more time anymore checking different websites or forums waiting for a link where there's no assurance that they will send me the display once I place my order. Even if amazon or newegg goes up within this week or few days earlier...
I guess there will be no tracking updates for B&H Order 'til next week. At least I will be busy for the upcoming week and something will stop me checking my order every few minutes. So I guess week of 25th is the week for it to go on sale on different retailers. At least I got my pre-order in on the the first batch so I don't have to worry about them running out of stock for this monitor. Good luck to all F5 warriors, I hope you are all prepaid for the battle on 25th...
thats fine.. good for me coz I wont be back til next week.. my bro's gonna be disappointed tho, I told him that it is coming this week.. haha
Update: 10AM PST Date: 08/15/2014 Order #: XXXXXXXXXX Order Type: MAIL ORDER Order Status: On Order Did anyone get a tracking no. already? Also, you guys got any info where the 10 units are shipping from? I really hope it ships out today or else, im gonna miss the delivery.
so you should be the first one yo receive it unless somebody else chose 1 day shipping. Please update us with eta once you get the tracking no.
awesome!! Hoping to receive tracking no. Later today!
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