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Found this on Nvidia's forum. DSR for SLI and G-sync monitors is still in development. Code: Single GPU SLI Standard Monitor (25x16 resolution or lower) Yes Yes G-SYNC Monitor (any resolution) Yes In Development** Surround Monitor Configuration Yes In Development** 4K Monitor Yes In Development** 3DTV Play Yes* Yes* 3D Vision Yes* Yes* 3DTV Play Yes* Yes* Discrete-GPU...
I did clean installation of the new driver as well. No DSR for both single gpu and SLI.Edit: I do get DSR option with single GPU.
EVGA GTX980 SC Reference  
Seriously. I've been waiting for this support. Why the hell is everything incompatible with G-sync!!
just updated my driver to 344.48 and I do not see DSR option both for single GPU and SLI mode. I used to have it on single GPU. My friend with SLI 780 has DSR support now on his system after updating the driver. I'm SLI 980 and I am not getting DSR option for both single and SLI setup. My main display is a 1400p/144 hz display. Anybody else having same issue with the same setup? Please help. Thanks.
Just an update from the last post. I'm still waiting for my DK2 to be shipped. I hate moving my wheel and controller every time I play racing and flying sim games. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Take your time skyn3t! Thank you!
Do we have updates regarding DSR in SLI mode? I can't still get it to work with SLI enabled.
I have 980 SLI and 2560x1440p, gsync monitor. Average FPS on BF4 at stock is 107 FPS.
If you have the file in your pc, just click the "Image" icon at the top of the text box. Click "Upload files" and choose the photo you want to upload here.
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