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Just received my first duck kb kit, Octagon V2. Black top, Clear acrylic bottom, alu plate, Duck feet.
Thanks! I do not have any way to attach it to my chair so instead I sit as high as I could and as close as I could be to the controllers. Works fine, but I am also planning to build my flying/driving sim cockpit in the future.
Won this full mech wrist rest at mkb meetup last Saturday.
2016 Battlestation update! Details:
Pulse on B.87.
I just want to share my updated keyboards. Project Carbon - CM Novatouch Project Faux - HHKB Pro 2 Project Nebula - B.87 Full Album:
Haven't been here for a while.. Here's my updated B.87. JTK Debut + GMK's Hyperfuse
HHKB Pro 2 and B.87
HHKB T800 Artisan cap ESC and Fn - Teal Fn- Blue
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