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Just an update from the last post. I'm still waiting for my DK2 to be shipped. I hate moving my wheel and controller every time I play racing and flying sim games. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Take your time skyn3t! Thank you!
Do we have updates regarding DSR in SLI mode? I can't still get it to work with SLI enabled.
I have 980 SLI and 2560x1440p, gsync monitor. Average FPS on BF4 at stock is 107 FPS.
If you have the file in your pc, just click the "Image" icon at the top of the text box. Click "Upload files" and choose the photo you want to upload here.
Thanks. I actually did a quick search on Google before after I noticed this as well. I am running it at 120hz and I just hit turbo button every time I'm gaming.
344.16 here. with 144hz, one of my gpu stays at 999-1000+mhz, after changing it back to 60hz it goes back down to 135mhz. I really want to keep it to 144hz all the time because mouse sensitivity is weird at 60hz.
Same for 344.16(BETA). DSR isnt showing up. (SLI) Boosting at 1542Mhz 71C max. closed PX forgot the numbers I used.
Single card. 1493 boost.
It wont let me save it as well.@1514Mhz, 1080@1514Mhz, 1440
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