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Just couple screws at the back. Thanks! Hope to see you modding this case aswell! UPPPDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!Shroud-Channel-bay. This is the PSU shroud I made for Project Imagination. It's just like your regular PSU Shroud, but it has built-in floor channel and 5.25" bay mount for fan controllers/etc. Enjoy! (Please ignore the protective tape on the channel)More coming for Project Imagination!
Thanks! Cementing the acrylic pieces!Compre$$ion Fitting$Tapping acrylic! I'm lucky I didn't break anything.
15% Done. That's all for today, more coming tomorrow when I get back from work.
Back working on my project on Trooper. Check out my log! link below for Project Imagination [[SPOILER]]
Yay! Just some acrylic pieces. Imagination is what you need to create something impressive and unique.
Better check and like my facebook page. just posted some updates. But if you hate going on Facebook, here are some of the updates.Floor Channel 10% done.Checked if I can make the same block out of copper.Maximus VI Formula Thermal Armor.Acrylic tubing. 24ft for $9. Competitor costs $9.99 for just 3ft. Id suggest getting it at local store or a dedicated plastic store. It's a lot cheaper.
I am really sorry guys. 3-4 weeks or less, you'll see the finished product. I dont hve enough time to update 7 threads on different sites.
IN! Thanks!
Anyone here owns BitFenix Shadow? I'll be modding one soon.
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