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Grats, mate!! I ran BF4 first too after plugging it in! Perfect, just perfect. Im happy to have 0 dead pixel and unnoticeable backlight bleeding. My old display cries inside its box waitinf for its new owner.
cool. I have small room so I guess ill be fine. We b play AC as well, its actually the reason why we pre ordered dk2.. its a lot of fun to play especially if you have a group of friends who play the same game.
You should. Based on the feedback of my friend, he likes it better than his triple monitor setup. Currently, he is using pb278q and the dk2.
im aware of this issue as mentioned by the other user on the other thread. Thanks tho. I have my gaming laptop where ill be using the dk2. I decided to buy it just for my racing sim games. Hopefully, we'll get a fix before mine arrives.
You lucky!! I'm still waiting on mine! Anyway, my 1+1 sandstone got shipped 2 days ago, getting it tom! My friend got his yesterday and he said he's getting motion sickness every time he uses the Rift. He probably need time to adjust to it. Grats on your Rift! Btw, im expecting mine this late Sept or around Oct. Waiting game never ends.
grats!! enjoy!
Just two, my friend. Not even all mine. I wish.
Everything SOLD!
haha.. poor old monitor. Im selling it to my friend for $40 edit: or maybe less..
haha.. too much excitement
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