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lol.. yeah they messed it up.. probably that's why they mentioned to just refuse when it arrives. Im not at home so I wont be able to do that. Im expecting 4 monitors today. Lol.. will return my newegg order so there should be two more available for you newegg folks.
I was about to say that, but if someone is willing to get it with no returns or anythingg, pm me, im from bay area.
Oh god.. ill be in trouble at home later if 4 of these huge boxes shows up today. :/ ill probably just going to return my newegg order.
Did u receive any update or tracking no.? I cancelled my order but was told that if ever the product arrives, I should refuse it to get refund.
wow. Im glad I got mine off newegg yesterday. Cant believe this. They promised it will ship out on 26th, today.
yes im in cali. I paid $20 for 3 day shipping, but im getting it overnight.
my newegg order is out for delivery today. couple of us got their shipping no. And iirc, 3 people are supposed to get their monitors today including myself.
Will contact somebody from Asus HQ about this. We def need to get at least free t-shirt for the price of this monitor! Hopefully, we'll all get a perfect monitor. I'll post a tracking update tomorrow morning. Please let us know about yours as well. Usually Ontrac delivers in the afternoon at my place. I've had many orders delivered by them.
Probably it's one of their new x99 mobo line up?Here's the Asus x99 DeluxeThis + Haswell- E + DDR4 + 880!!Edit: oh and dont forget the asus swift pg278q!!
double posts, sorry
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