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yeah. that's why i still have my 680 until now. It's my back up card in case I sell my main cards or I go through step up program.
Everytime I see someone posting about their dead or stuck pixel, I just have to double check mine. Third time already and it is perfect. 0 dead pixel. I don't have any hardware to calibrate my display so I used the icc profile from tftcentral. It looks fine to me and coming from a crappy TN, colors are way better now. I'm planning to get 27" IPS panel to place it besides my Swift because after having my bro's swift besides mine, I kinda liked the setup, but of course I...
happening to mine as well. Also I got a 780 and 680 in my system. Main monitor can go upt to 144hz, but the one connected to 680 is limited to 120hz. These are my first 120+ hz display so im not sure if that is normal or not.
Im at the same boat you. Starting next week, ill be stuck with a 680 for this display until the release of 880. Id get 770or 780 for now, sell it when 880 shows up and enjoy it. Im hoping for multi DP gpus as well. I want an ips 1440p display besides my swift.
G-sync ON!! BF3 for the rest of the day! I guess i'll be enjoying the 2nd display until Friday afternoon EDIT: Newegg_Support is here! Hey Thanks for the super fast shipping. Got mine overnight even though I only paid for 3 day shipping!
Good. It was two units , btw. Goodluck!
I dont know, but we were the first few who go t it pre ordered last Saturday. There were also few here who confirmed their delivered units from the order that day. So I guess that date is for those who placed the order after that Saturday rush.
im hoping it will arrive asap.. I had an order at them that I cancelled, but I can still see it on my account. I am giving them a call later to get it cancelled completely as I already got mine off newegg yesterday.
Nope, TD is getting their shipment on Friday, 29th just like other retailers. Those who pre ordered from them before received tracking no. which was meant to be the tracking to their place, but they decided to ship it all to TD warehouse from the distributor and then from TD to the customers.
Grats, mate!! I ran BF4 first too after plugging it in! Perfect, just perfect. Im happy to have 0 dead pixel and unnoticeable backlight bleeding. My old display cries inside its box waitinf for its new owner.
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