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Now everybody's f5ing amazon and newegg.. lol! Time to SLI that 980!
Any 980 Oc'd link? I want to see how this mother of overclocker performs, overclocked!
Hell yeah! Waiting never ends. After maxwell, it's Oculus CV's time!
Yes. At San Jose for the live modding competition. LA for the main event.
You can do it on the main live streaming site.
True and I forgot 980's the reason why I sold both my 780s last month!
Dont make me think twice! You got a point there.. 970s should be 'enough' for what my display needs now, I guess. Maybe, maybe I should save for that big Maxwell as well.
Going with 980s too.. I think I need that power to push my pg278q to its limit!
We're on the same boat.. Still cant decide.. lol
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