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Dont make me think twice! You got a point there.. 970s should be 'enough' for what my display needs now, I guess. Maybe, maybe I should save for that big Maxwell as well.
Going with 980s too.. I think I need that power to push my pg278q to its limit!
We're on the same boat.. Still cant decide.. lol
SLI 970s or SLI 980s? Can't decide! You cant beat that $329 price tag!
Here we go!! 1 hr left!
It's the IONRAX RS1 RACING WHEEL STAND. This is the version 1 without the e-brakes and you can only get it on ebay right now. I just got into racing sim and so far this is the cheapest stand I found with lots of features compare to other more expensive stand with less feature. I love the design, but it is not very sturdy as there are only two steel tubes supporting your wheels. It is also modular and can be upgraded with a racing seat, keyboard tray and more.
At PCHub facebook page who leaked that Zotac 970 photo, they also said that the price of 980 and and 970 is ranging from 31-34k php for GTX 980 and 19-22k php for GTX 970 and converted to USD it is $700 and $430, respectively. But them usually having higher price compare to US, I'd guess $600-$650 for the release price of a reference GTX 980.
I'm using GeForce 340.52 Driver.
Anyone else getting "no signal" with F1 2013? This is getting annoying. So far the only game I am having issue with is this. It would stop, then blackout and my pc restarts. :/
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