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Yes. At San Jose for the live modding competition. LA for the main event.
You can do it on the main live streaming site.
True and I forgot 980's the reason why I sold both my 780s last month!
Dont make me think twice! You got a point there.. 970s should be 'enough' for what my display needs now, I guess. Maybe, maybe I should save for that big Maxwell as well.
Going with 980s too.. I think I need that power to push my pg278q to its limit!
We're on the same boat.. Still cant decide.. lol
SLI 970s or SLI 980s? Can't decide! You cant beat that $329 price tag!
Here we go!! 1 hr left!
It's the IONRAX RS1 RACING WHEEL STAND. This is the version 1 without the e-brakes and you can only get it on ebay right now. I just got into racing sim and so far this is the cheapest stand I found with lots of features compare to other more expensive stand with less feature. I love the design, but it is not very sturdy as there are only two steel tubes supporting your wheels. It is also modular and can be upgraded with a racing seat, keyboard tray and more.
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