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grats!! enjoy!
Just two, my friend. Not even all mine. I wish.
Everything SOLD!
haha.. poor old monitor. Im selling it to my friend for $40 edit: or maybe less..
haha.. too much excitement
That razer mouse pad needs to go! eeewwww! Same for that mouse! lol.. I need to stick with red and black theme. Played a bit of BF4, it was silky smooth. G-sync is magical. Gotta leave house soon. I'll be playing with these more later tonight!
Nope, I will be using one only. I have two, one for me, one for my bro. I'm just testing the monitors. My TD order got shipped even tho I cancelled it, so I will be returning those two once it arrives. I will be enjoying these two I received from Newegg til my brother takes it to his place.
got two monitors up.. reporting 0 dead pixels for both monitors.. with two of these on my desk, I'm tempted to just cancel one of the monitor from my two other orders at TigerDirect.. Moving from crappy 24" 1080p TN, i'm in love with these monitors...
lolalready waiting for 880
Newegg order yesterday at 12pm.. two more coming on Friday from TigerDirect but I'm sending those back to the distribution center.
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