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I will look for the post. If I need help i'll PM you.
Hey guys. How much watts would you say a ASUS R9 290 OC runs at? I OC'd mine to 1000mhz and my mem clock to 1500mhz with powertune at 20%. I cannot adjust voltage. I have 4 of these cards, and my system cannot run all 4 at full load 100% usage. I got a lepa 1600w psu. My whole system just shuts off after couple minutes. But I can run 3 cards at full 100% usage for hours and hours no problem.
ok thanks
I've used distilled water with coil in res. Do you think my blocks are blocked ?
it's been awhile since cleaned.
I'm not too sure if suddenly, or for a long while. I just recently started monitoring temps. Since i was not overclocking them really, i stopped monitoring them after couple months of purchase. Whats max safe temps for these types of cards?
About 2 years.
Hello, I got 2 6990's on water blocks. Under full 99-100% load: GPU1 is at 60c-70c , GPU 2 is at 100c , GPU3 is at 60c-70c , GPU4 is at 100c On IDLE: All GPU's are at 30c-40c Why are GPU's #2 and #4 going so high? They go high almost instantly to 90c-100c. While GPU's #1 and #3 gradually increase over a period. Can anyone help?
It's a good thing your here I was going to sandwich it between cpu and the cpu water block. Please give me more info, I really would appreciate it. I already know I about the condensation part and insulation is a must. More info about Mindchill would also be great, website?
I think I may try direct die first. A single TEC would be sufficient then? 1 qmax 400 or less?
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