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Ok I have another issue with another rig. This one has 6 290's. 4 being powered by a lepa 1600w, working perfectly. The other 2 is plugged into 850w PSU. But when the two that are plugged into the 850w psu starting mining it freezes the rig and eventually crash when i start cgminer with either of them. 1 by 1 or both together or all 6. It's weird really not sure. both PSU are hooked up by add2psu.
Thanks for the reply, appreciate people helping.Yes It's properly distributed. the lepa 1600 has 2 shared rails, i made sure all gpu's were not in shared rails.I also just now, tried back box stock clocks and ran all 4 gpus and it crashed.So you figure it's a psu problem?
I have an issue. I got 4 ASUS R9 290's mining with 870kh/s each. engine clock 1000mhz , memclock 1500mhz. Cannot change voltage. These are powered by lepa 1600w gold psu. The rig was mining fine for over 2 days continously after finished building it. Then moved to another location for 24/7 mining, once setup there it was mining for maybe 6 days straight no problem. Then now it crashed. Rebooted then began mining again, around 24hrs later, it crashed. Rebooted again,...
I will look for the post. If I need help i'll PM you.
Hey guys. How much watts would you say a ASUS R9 290 OC runs at? I OC'd mine to 1000mhz and my mem clock to 1500mhz with powertune at 20%. I cannot adjust voltage. I have 4 of these cards, and my system cannot run all 4 at full load 100% usage. I got a lepa 1600w psu. My whole system just shuts off after couple minutes. But I can run 3 cards at full 100% usage for hours and hours no problem.
ok thanks
I've used distilled water with coil in res. Do you think my blocks are blocked ?
it's been awhile since cleaned.
I'm not too sure if suddenly, or for a long while. I just recently started monitoring temps. Since i was not overclocking them really, i stopped monitoring them after couple months of purchase. Whats max safe temps for these types of cards?
About 2 years.
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