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I would like to purchase one of these.. When will the K70 w/blue caps be available for purchase?
I don't know if i posted this in the right section but.. does anyone know of a program like this?
april foolsss
Oo I like this.
where are the LEDS edit NEVERMIND! weak!!
I may give it a try.. I'm just not very fond of razer and all their cheap expensive plastic hardware. I do figure it probably won't help me much.
"I'm gona get a cheap gpu" "I can't wait for this fad to be over" it still won't be any time soon.. if you want good newss ^ scrypt based asci miners are here for you. not this news article. it will still take years. before you see a decent priced gpu
What's it do? Shut off some unused windows processes while your gaming?
can you guys stop saying "ya its true because i want a graphics card for cheap" lol.. not going to happen
1. Thief 2. Deus Ex 3. Sleeping Dogs Thanks.
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