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Whats the socket from exactly? what they do for Auto LEDs is put the brightest they can in them. I believe my friend found a website where you can custom order any color/intesity LED in them. He had to get yellow LED's for his front turn signals because he has Clear lenses (From a Mercury Tracer) They specially made the bulbs with Yellow LED's for him, then started mass production simply cause they did not know there was a car with that socket that had clear lenses.
Hey, figured I'd chime in and let ya know if you are going to use that Tag light fixture, if you use the original sockets look on google shopping for LED replacement bulbs, they make them for everything now, and will keep the light a little engery efficient. For example, my friend just got every light for his 94 Ford Escort in LED's, pretty obscure car for LED light mods.
Quote:   Be very careful you do not heat up any solder on the board when doing it, I believe the tape would pull solder out if heated.
I got lucky and a corner was lifted on each piece of tape on mine, gently pulled it down and back til it came off, then ever so gently wiped the resedo off with 80% alcohol. When I got the new board back from Asus I did not put that stuff back on. It was thick and bent the plastic backing anyways. I was seriously thinking of trying to use the factory metal backplate instead of it, but the screw threads were larger.
Quote:   I kindda agree, NTM it sux if you have to RMA your motherboard, cause they won't frown on double sided tape being latched to the board. Been there, done that.
It's pretty straight forward as far as mounting the pump to the motherboard. You have to remove the factory mounts from the motherboard, install the Kuhler mounts, (with the double sided strips of tape) screw the pump mounting ring down completely, then set the kuhler inside it. then loosen the mounting bracket until you can lift the bracket enough to twist the pump and it lock in place, then tighten the screwsin a cross pattern, (not too tight, just enough to hold it in...
I know this is a old thread, But maybe you guys can help. I have a HP w1907 that i recently took apart because of minor issues. It having a LG screen inside, maybe you guys can help me. there are 8 wires coming from the screen to 4 plugs. For the life of me I cannot remember which plugs on the power board they go to! the screen is a LM190WX1 (TL) (D1) I have a 2nd identical monitor, but cannot risk screwing it up. HALP PLX!   *nmd* guess on these screens the power...
From what I read from a the Mazda BG Enthusiast thread there is alot of car modders in PR, and I'm sure if they are modding cars, they probably do more than that. Look for people with Loud Mazda Familia cars, they are usually a friendly group of people.
I'm sure the dead board doesn't help the noise in the Kuhler either
In some instances, the computer cust power to the fans for energy saving. This is why you should manually tell it "NO!" Just saying these people hearing the clicking noise should try this before sending it back to Antec.
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