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Yup. My mobo crapped out in 2011 but still using the same HDD.
This is the HDD my OS has been on since I bought it in 2005. It's also what I torrent from. The SE was the blue before they called it the blue.
That sucks. Maybe they'll honor some of the cheaper items like the HDD's. Giving away $1,000 projectors for $15 is little bit extreme.
I can't believe I missed this. I was up all night browsing the forums and totally missed it.
So what's it, like $100 for a new panel then?
Whatever does the surround decoding would do it. If your DAC only has stereo outputs, you wouldn't get surround until that was plugged into something that has a decoder. If your DAC has 5/7.1 outputs, then that's what does the surround decoding.As far as surround in headphones, unless your headphones have multiple drivers and multiple connections and/or a surround decoder, you're not getting surround in them.
Don't buy a projector for a room that has windows. If you're really gonna compare black levels between a plasma and an LCD TV - you clearly haven't thought this through. Just what kind of "blacks" do you think you're gonna from a projector when your room is full of sunlight? C'mon man. You could buy the oldest, cheapest, lowest quality LCD TV there ever was and it will still have better blacks and contrast ratio than a projector in a sunlit room. As far as your comment...
The one guy with the really good negative review mentioned that the actual contrast ratio is more like 700:1 with realistic settings. Can someone please explain to me how in the world a monitor can be boasting 80MILLION:1 contrast ratios when it's clearly not? Did they take their ratings from a white screen with brightness all the way up compared to the monitor unplugged?
Aren't these the cases that are already like $500? I don't think I'd be spending $500 on a case if it weren't already exactly what I wanted.
That's a pretty serious cooler. No low-end all-in-one loop is gonna match the performance of that. Please do a little research on "heat pipes" because you really should familiarize yourself with what goes on in those heat pipes - mainly the fact that's not an air-to-air cooler. It's technically a phase-change cooler.
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