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It's in their roadmap..... I said there are no plans. If you look at AMDs plans you will see that.AMDs roadmap clearly shows no plans for a CPU after PileDriver. All their plans are for APUs after that. I am not saying this is what is going to happen but it is shown on their roadmap/plans for now.I like how you guys just assume whatever you like and speak for other people.
No because Trinity was to be released a while ago. Also, Trinity has been done for a while. The reason for the delay is because of the increase in sales of Llano. It's been delayed several times. It was initially supposed to be out by March this year.Kaveri is to be out H2 2013. That's if there are no delays. 8000 series is to be released Q4 2012/Q1 2013.Don't know what you mean by straw man....
I see no reason why they wouldn't be seeing that the 8000 series will be out at least 6 months before Kaveri.Whether they are or not they are going to be the best integrated graphics by far. Being able to play any game at any resolution with decent details at decent frame rates is awesome in my book and I would be surprised if anyone thought otherwise.If you do, which it seems that you are, then it's obvious you are biased.
I personally think that Fractal has some of the sleekest looking cases out for the price. I would be surprised if most people thought otherwise.Most of their cases now have fan cutouts. The window is new. Unless you are talking about having a fan cutout in the acrylic which IMO is not a good look.
384 8000 series GCN cores compared to 512 7000 series GCN cores. I see no reason why the performance wont be close.Hell, even if it doesn't perform as well that will still be some sick integrated graphics. A 7750 can play any game easily so there should be no reason why 384 cores of 8000 series GCN arch wont be able to either.double 384 is 768 and 768 is no where near 512. I think you are a little confused on your multiplication. Also Kaveri will be at 28nm. On top of...
IMO this thing is rediculous. If you just glance at the fans you can see there is hardly room to move air. The bearing takes up more space than there is room for air to move. Too big. It will obviously be more than a 7970 GHz Ed. so you might as well get one of them, water cool it, and overclock even higher. Pointless IMO but thats just me.
I dont see anything that says 125 watt APUs. AMD only has 100, 65, 35 and 17 watt APUs.Support for 2133MHz RAM. Sweet!!! Thats the first ive heard of L3 cache on the APUs though. Interesting. There will be ARM processor for security and IGP with performance over 7750 is amazing.100Watt A10 Kaveri is mine at release with Hybrid CrossfireX
There should be no reason why they wouldn't make a panel for the XL and the mini since they are all basically the same just scaled bigger and smaller respectively. I would be surprised if they didnt.
I agree. 1866Mhz RAM is very cheap now and they should be including faster ram in prebuilt machines with these chips. This has already been announced by some articles pertaining to Trinity. Because RAM prices are so low. There is no reason not to include 1866Mhz ram with Trinity chips in prebuiilt systems.
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