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My rig will finally be done by the 10th! Full system Review following!
My real question is how exactly then can they be removed from the PSU? to be replaced in the first place. Can they be in the case of the silverstone evolution 1000w?
Oh wait! Your right they wont work! the connectors are not alike
FrozenCPU: "Tired of those plain white power supply connectors? Want to change over not only the molex but EVERY single connector on your power supply? This is a replacement 8-pin PCI-Express connector so you can get rid of that nasty white connector and help your computer look sweet! " I dont see any other type! what makes you think these wouldnt work?
I am wondering how i can replace the blue power connectors seen here: with these: Thanks for the help!
so my power supply cable got slightly fraid upon de-pinning! one or two of the tiny wires inside the 1/8 inch cable culd be cut, but for the most part seems in fine condition. these power the perhiperals (ie molex). is this still safe to use? thanks!
Settled on this Desk All my cables will be braided! Also got two Akasa 120mm for the top of my HAF 932! Decided on Double UV cathode as opposed to one! Update Soon! Many Pictures Soon!
IC Diamond vs Indigo Extreme! Who will be the true winner when paired with an AMD FX CPU and heatsink? Theres always a first for the internet
Ill know by the 20th! For comparison sake my 8150 @ 4.9 Ghz (2011) AMD FX 9590 benchmarks to come!
BF4 will be one of the first games I test!
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