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hmmm your ideals conflict with those of Yorkston... Explain.
I'm looking for something like the Bitfenix Prodigy, or the HAF XB, or Corsair Cube, or something still small with handles. Handles arent exactly a must. I just something a little more LAN friendly. HAF X is not LAN Friendly XD.
Sounds reasonable. I really just want to go SFF. Chances are my 2500k and mobo will go to my brother and ill get a micro ATX board and if I'm gonna get a new mobo. I might as well get newer CPU. That's just my train of thought.
Hey OCN. I think its time for an upgrade. I have the behemoth of a case (HAF X) and I wanna go SFF. Not necessarily ITX, but def want a smaller case that i can still house my H100 p/p. Also want to upgrade processor/ Mobo. I'm not sure how well the newer intel processors OC so I thought id get an idea from you all, before i go dropping money only to be lack luster.
I think why not mix it up. The screen on the current wasnt great. Hard to read unless you are looking at it straight. I've seen a few new ones like the recon and wanted a second opinion.
Wassup OCN. Been gone for a few months. My NZXT Dualbay Fan controller screen just went out and needed help picking up a new one. Anything new that has a better screen. I'd like to have 5 or 6 fan connectors. 4 would be fine though. + if i can have the time on it. Thanks guys
Guess it'd be a good time to sell my extras
Sig Rig is having trouble. Back ports aren't always working. Driver issue? Hardware issue? power issue? i need some help.
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