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Hmmm I can't really find a motherboard in the 1156 socket that supports Xfire. Actually I have, but they are Biostar Ronald McDonald looking boards.
Hmmmmm...Me likey!
That gives me good difference between the 69XX, but not the Xfire 6870's. Thank you.
Oh really. This is good to hear. I would say it is the most cost effective... if I already had a xfire ready motherboard. I've been fancying getting another 6870 for a while, but I would have to upgrade my Mobo and if I were to do that I would also go to the 1155 socket with a 2500K. In turn making it a $600 upgrade. With that said would getting a newer card be the better option or should I balls to the wall it?
What desk is that? Just curiuos
Looking to upgrade my Graphics card to either a 6950, 6970 or just xfiring my 6870, but I wanna get an estimate on how much each will actually increase my graphics. Benfit of Xfire over newer card. the increase between 6970 over a 6950. Help please. I would greatly appreciate it. Take me school Ocn.
Me likes the Kaze Master Pro! That would be perfect! I just need to read some reviews and see how well it controls 200mm fans. Thanks for the tip.
Hmmm Okie dokie. Nobody has any fan controller options.
As for sound? I don't want whiny fans AND a whiny Girlfriend. No buenno
Can I join please! Xfx 6870 Black Edition.
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