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Hmmmmm...Me likey!
That gives me good difference between the 69XX, but not the Xfire 6870's. Thank you.
Oh really. This is good to hear. I would say it is the most cost effective... if I already had a xfire ready motherboard. I've been fancying getting another 6870 for a while, but I would have to upgrade my Mobo and if I were to do that I would also go to the 1155 socket with a 2500K. In turn making it a $600 upgrade. With that said would getting a newer card be the better option or should I balls to the wall it?
What desk is that? Just curiuos
Looking to upgrade my Graphics card to either a 6950, 6970 or just xfiring my 6870, but I wanna get an estimate on how much each will actually increase my graphics. Benfit of Xfire over newer card. the increase between 6970 over a 6950. Help please. I would greatly appreciate it. Take me school Ocn.
Me likes the Kaze Master Pro! That would be perfect! I just need to read some reviews and see how well it controls 200mm fans. Thanks for the tip.
Hmmm Okie dokie. Nobody has any fan controller options.
As for sound? I don't want whiny fans AND a whiny Girlfriend. No buenno
Can I join please! Xfx 6870 Black Edition.
Yeah the ap-15's are becoming quite hard to find. I've heard some good things about the Cougar Vortex, but I could not deal with the orange fan XD. Not interested in painting em either.
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