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I've got an old air conditioner unit that doesn't work any more, and I was wondering if it was possible to dismantle it and use the radiator in a loop. Do any of you guys know if its safe to take it out? I'm having some trouble in finding that out.
Like elyminator said, you can do that, they just won't honor your warranty. Good luck with the build, scratch built cases and batman are both awesome
I think it would depend on how cpu heavy your game is, but I would assume you would lose some performance in game. I've never streamed to twitch before but I would assume streaming is very cpu and RAM intensive.
I'm not sure if your videos include a lot of vfx, but if you really want to power through editing I would go with the Xeon, and a good GPU to do assisted rendering, which I know newer versions of vegas pro do. Have you considered an i7?
Wouldn't the artifacts lend itself to a graphics card problem?
Maybe Samsung can stop making touchwiz so bloaty now. In all seriousness, I really hope these two push the wearable tech front. The Gear is a cool product, and so is Glass, but they need time to mature.
Damn bro, I managed to crank out 14k in a month of on and off mining. What are you mining with?
I think the vita is starting like the psp ended- with a lot of jrpgs. Also, using my vita for remote play with my ps4 is amazing.
Count me in!
There is still the OS, I'm sure both companies have it locked down tight, where it doesn't matter that they're x86
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