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Count me in!
There is still the OS, I'm sure both companies have it locked down tight, where it doesn't matter that they're x86
I think youll be fine, you might just be limited by ram
All around that's a pretty great build you've got there, plenty of power to spare, especially if you don't want to xfire, and a great CPU and GPU.
Seriously, and they used to be much more. I wish we could get some 3rd party ones.
I have an earlier version of this and it works quite well. This one should charge your vita, the older one doesn't for some reason
OK, I guess I'll see what happens when the case comes in, thanks a lot
Hey guys, I'm probably going to end up getting this case, and I've got one question. I'm fairly sure its going to be able to fit all my hardware, but I've got a lamptron fc2 fan controller that I don't think will fit behind that 5.25 inch door. What have you guys done with this case and fan controllers?
The titan is also very GPU compute heavy, much more than the ti
They're both very good phones, if you like playing music out loud more than anything, get the one. The N5 speakers are okay , but nothing compares to the dual speakers of the one. That said, some people prefer stock android to an OEM skin, and the nexus 5 is the way to go, plus it gets the latest android version for a couple of years. What do you mostly do with your phone?
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