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What were the specs on that beast?
Refreshed my windows install Monday, reinstalled the client and accidentally set the team name to 3776 I caught it early enough, looks like I lost one WU during the FAT
Dudes, I got a 280x over the weekend, and the difference between my 6670 is astounding. It's so fast Anyhow, I'm letting it rip on FAH now, are there any changes I should make in the folding client? And can I still use Afterburner to OC it, even though its a Gigabyte card?
Thanks, I'm not going to be able to sell my old card anyway, so it'll be a fun experiment. I was looking at either an R9 280x/270x. If I'm keeping two GPUs in the system I think I might go with the 270x and OC it if I need to. Might be able to get away with keeping my PSU.
Question: if I bought a new GPU, could I keep them both in my rig, and have one folding all the time while I use the other for gaming and stuff (power limits providing of course)? My current card is an AMD one, so would I have to get an AMD card?
This got more interesting, I switched to another board, and it boots without the graphics card, with both sticks of ram. I just realized it won't boot with my ssd because its set up for uefi and my second board doesnt support it. Perhaps a new GPU? I'll test this in the other pc and see what happensEDIT: now boots with the gpu, using a ubuntu usb drive. I guess its the motherboard. Thanks Kainn for your help!
I'm swapping the RAM right now, and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I don't have anymore DDR3 to try though. I switched the output on my video card, and nothing worked, but my display is working, I plugged my laptop into it and it came on. I don't have another GPU, but I can switch to my other mobo that has a dvi port (the one I have now doesn't have video out). I just tried both RAM stick in both slots, and booting with no RAM, and I got the same thing, fans and...
I don't have a tester, but I'll try switching the ram when I get home later. I think I have another desktop I can plug my psu into, but that might not be smart. I'm using a dedicated card, its my sig rig, I just changed the case last year and never changed that. I might switch the motherboard to my other one, but I'd rather not waste the thermal paste.
Those are good, I took the whole thing apart
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