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Reminds me of the fireworks from Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 that I never used 5 bucks seems kind of fair.... I'd want it if I were a kid.
Borrowed a friend's camera for the day, took this one in the rear view mirror. I need to start looking for a camera to get for myself, this stuff is fun. Let me know what you think!
Same here, I can't wait until this semester ends, I need to play all those PS+ games!
Hey guys, I'm modifying a page for someone, mostly adding stuff. I've got an image slider that I'm trying to have centered on the page. I'll post the code below, but I'm not quite sure what to change. I put it under a div tag and using css, I have the left and right margins set to auto. It has styling in the html but css takes higher priority right? The slider is from by the way, it isn't mine.Heres the html for slider: [[SPOILER]]
Then like hammong said, most likely is your drive is just spinning up, if it boots up faster without the drive, that's your problem, and an extra 5 seconds isn't that bad.
Yeah, you want it enabled for quicker boot times, I don't think its a windows 8 problem, sounds like your bios. Is the new drive set to a higher boot order than your ssd? Thats one thing I could think of
Do you have fast boot enabled in windows 8? Check here:
Is this a setting in your bios? If it is then enabling it just skips a test or something, I had a board that had an option like that. Turn it on or off and see if it makes a difference
Gotcha, I was using the terms interchangeably, I'll get a heat core
Cool guys, thanks for the help. Time to go looking for car rads.
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