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They're both very good phones, if you like playing music out loud more than anything, get the one. The N5 speakers are okay , but nothing compares to the dual speakers of the one. That said, some people prefer stock android to an OEM skin, and the nexus 5 is the way to go, plus it gets the latest android version for a couple of years. What do you mostly do with your phone?
I don't think you can connect them, does it just turn off one of the bands? I don't have the router so I'm not sure
Are these Phenom II's? I the second version of the Phenom was much better than the first. Either way, both are a good jump from what you have now. Also, I don't know what FX model you're looking at, but they can overclock automatically if you're doing some lighter work that doesn't use all the cores. Other than that, I think single threaded performance is a little better with FX, and multi threaded has improved a fair amount. Also, I'm no pro, so don't base your purchase...
I've used a Phanteks PH-TC14PE and its big but gets the job done well for TIM, I have a tube of arctic silver 5
Computer Hardware: Corsair 500R - I could use a bit more space in my case An AMD FX-8350 - It would make my Phenom cry An R9 290X - I'd put this bad boy to work folding Things overclockers would love: Google's Nexus 7 - Because there is no better way to surf the web after I knock my rig out Leatherman Skeletool - Because my cheap multitool just isn't good enough Gaming: Bioshock Infinite (PC) - I should try this game
core clock at 900MHz and Memory at 1150folding at medium right now with no lag: cached- 1597MB, Available- 1631MB, Free- 268MBfolding on full shows 1629 1465 47Looks like a memory issue because I can see free memory drop to zero sometimes. Time to buy more RAM Thanks guys!
looks like its GPU lag, but lowering the number of CPU threads to 2 or 1 does nothing. I tried lowering the GPU clock, and that didn't help either. Setting the client to medium removes all lag, but it pauses my GPU, and says "waiting for idle." Am I stuck with CPU only?
Thanks!Ive got a couple of questions, if you guys don't mind helping me out:FAH client on an SSD? Is this ok for the drive? Will TRIM and GC still kick in if I leave it folding for a while?I actually never updated my client until a couple of days ago, and I've noticed the full performance mode will noticeably lag my rig, while medium doesn't, but it stops my GPU. Can I max the GPU on folding and keep my CPU on medium so I can work?
Well, just joined up, I dont have the best hardware, but I run all AMD. Whats poppin guys?
I wonder how this will impact ps4/xbone games, as compared to pc ones
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