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I don't have a tester, but I'll try switching the ram when I get home later. I think I have another desktop I can plug my psu into, but that might not be smart. I'm using a dedicated card, its my sig rig, I just changed the case last year and never changed that. I might switch the motherboard to my other one, but I'd rather not waste the thermal paste.
Those are good, I took the whole thing apart
I'll have to try that, the display was telling me there was no input, so that may be a problem
I'm posting this in the AMD section because of my build. Last night my rig was running fine, turned it off without any issues. I turned it on when I got home and the fans, hard drives, and my H80 all turn on, but my rig doesn't do much after that. No post, nothing.... Anyone have any ideas as to what might be wrong? I took everything apart, removed the mobo battery, checked the power supply connectors, and didn't see any capacitor damage. It's the pc in my sig by the...
This looks like it was made for Lets Players on youtube/twitch
I really want to like the Nexus 6, but the display has been called sub par, it's more like a high-res note 3 screen. According to AnandTech, the Note 4 outperforms it in many areas, including display and camera. I would only go for a Nexus for the stock Android experience, something I like a whole lot.
Reminds me of the fireworks from Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 that I never used 5 bucks seems kind of fair.... I'd want it if I were a kid.
Borrowed a friend's camera for the day, took this one in the rear view mirror. I need to start looking for a camera to get for myself, this stuff is fun. Let me know what you think!
Same here, I can't wait until this semester ends, I need to play all those PS+ games!
Hey guys, I'm modifying a page for someone, mostly adding stuff. I've got an image slider that I'm trying to have centered on the page. I'll post the code below, but I'm not quite sure what to change. I put it under a div tag and using css, I have the left and right margins set to auto. It has styling in the html but css takes higher priority right? The slider is from by the way, it isn't mine.Heres the html for slider: [[SPOILER]]
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