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1. 2. XFX 3. Aftermarket
Alright Konami, you have my curiosity. Now get my attention and bring all the other MGS games with you!
Do you have the exact model number on that LG DVD Burner?
Computer Hardware VG248QE - Been needing a new monitor for a while, and this one looks to be fantastic. R9 290X (or two) - Because we can always use more powah ;D Gaming Watch_Dogs - The game that I've dreamed of, and from Ubisoft Montreal who's been doing some real good recently. Fallout 4 - Oh I absolutely adore every game in this franchise, from 1 to New Vegas. I hope they get Obsidian to develop it. Star Citizen - I couldn't get in on the Kickstarter, but dang...
Checking the scoreboard for that last match what happened? F0rest only getting 4 kills are you kidding me.
Depends, man. I've put over 100 hours into it, but I've had friends to play it to. If you just like the idea of robbing banks and being a criminal for a living, you'll love this game. There aren't that many missions, but there are a lot of ways to get through them. If you can find yourself like 3 new players to play with you, you'll have the best experience, but at that price you're getting your money's worth regardless.
Depends on what you were expecting out of the main campaign. The few fighting segments in Burial at Sea are intense, but artificially so. However, seeing some (read: an) old characters before they went full crazy was great, and the environment was stunning, as per Bioshock.If you're talking the plot, [[SPOILER]]
The repair button is right there though..
It's not? I could've sworn Valve ported their games to Linux..
I like to imagine some 50-something year old President/CEO sitting in his office, watching this and thinking "This. Is. Brilliant."
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