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Those better be 1/4" barbs
If you don't plan on doing any demanding gaming on it $250 is way more than you need to spend. I run my HTPC with a 7770 I picked up for $95 (when it was fairly current). But, for $250 IMO these would be your best options currently:,146&sort=a8&X=0,25072 You can watch that site and find deals all the time. I have seen 290x ~$250
I'll just leave this here.
No reason this wouldnt work with a universal block. Got a Dremel? may have to do some trimming but it will depend on your block.I was thinking about it if I picked up a 290. Just waiting to see what the 390 has in store for us.
Seems lame to me. Part of the fun was pulling off Fatalities after a good win. /*in my best old man voice*/ Back in my day... I was pretty good at MK and MKII. I won a few tournaments in NY. I'd go to a busy arcade with two quarters and people would line up for hours tryn to beat me. They would place their quarters across the screen showing they have next. Slowly but surely that line of quarters would get smaller and smaller till no one wanted to play any more...
Ill give it a whirl!
Can get the Asus for $280 after rebate :
You should consider using that $250 for a card and air cooling for a bit.
Can't wait to post one of those holy____ speedtest sreenshots...
This is a brand new, still in factory shrink wrap Cooler Master V1000. This same PSU can be found at Newegg right now for $200. Link for more details I accept Paypal or cash if you are in the Charlotte, NC area. Buyer is responsible for shipping: $15 Connectors M/B 20+4 Pin x 1 CPU 4+4 Pin x 2 PCI-e 6+2 Pin x 8 SATA x 9 4 Pin Peripheral x 4 4 Pin Floppy x 1 Features Fully modular cable design incorporates a single 1000W +12V output that delivers up to 83A. 80 PLUS Gold...
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