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The vast majority of homes in the states are built with a single phase service. So you are limited to an A phase and a B phase.Three phase (A, B and C) is mostly used in commercial industrial applications.
I'll run 12 gauge and make it a 20A circuit, not that I need it for 220V, but if I change the outlet to a 120V it would be more useful later on.I'll probably tackle this project in the spring. Thanks every one for the feedback.
this made me laugh...Let's assume I might know what I'm doing. Then we can address the question of if it's helpful.Thanks. I planned on running 2 hots, a neutral and a ground to the box regardless. I was going to seperate the receptical so each one was its own 20 amp circuit. Just thought I might set up a 220v instead.
I am going to be running a dedicated circuit to my computer room. Would it be worth it to set up my PC on a 220v opposed to 110v? The only real cost difference would be the circuit breaker.
Nothing. I have been running my loops for a few years with nothing more than a silver coil and distilled water.
Couldn't agree more. The rift ftp model is easily the best.
You are only pulling max watts at start up and when you run your fans at max speed. For example, if you are running at 50% fan speed you are only pulling half of max watts. If you normally run at max speed, you probably don't need a fan controller.
Basically you just need to see how many watts per channel the fan controller is. Then see how many watts each of your fans are. My fans are ap-14's. IIRC they run at .21 amps.watts = volts * amps2.52W = 12V * .21AMy fan controller is 30W per channel. So in theory 30W / 2.52W = 11.9 fans per channel.I checked out your fan controller and it was 25W per channel and 5 channels. So if you used similar fans: 25W / 2.52W = 9.9 fans per channel.Multiply that by 5 channels = 49.6...
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Great work. Going to have me pricing acrylic.
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