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+1 with the r9 290. If you dont mind spending an extra $100, for the same or less performance than the 290, pick up a 780
I disagree, this has much nicer packaging.
+1 great movie. there is a great scene for cat lovers.
In for 27th
Who likes winning? this guy
In ftw
They are universals. I have passive sinks attached to the rest of the cards.
Thanks for the reply. Hmm if I could get $350 for the pair (blocks included) I'd probably sell these.
I have 2 of these cards and they have been under water all but the first couple weeks I had them. Cards have 2 gig ram, are in perfect working order. They can be unlocked to 6970's but I have never done it. Here is a link to newegg for more specs LINK I only have one of the fans. So one card will need to be under water. I can re-install the fan I have for one of them. Willing to include universal blocks and bridges in a package deal. The water blocks are the EK black...
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