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Honestly I don't think they are attempting to market to us.
I'm in for a road trip to a part of the country I have never seen. I'll stop there on my way to whistler.
I'd really love it if they separated solo queues and party queues in ranked. Pug's are hard enough against another pug, but against a premade it's near impossible. I lost 10 games in a row last night. I had three golds almost every match and potg half of the games, so I like to think it wasn't just me being terrible.
Yea I have tried that. no luck
Yea... It's driving me nuts. I'm about to go back to 7.
My initial install the windows key on my keyboard worked fine. A few days later it just stopped. I've tried everything I could find online. I even did a complete re-install and it's gone. Any one else have this issue and how did you solve it?
in before "google-net"
So... still a single 8 pin? Any chance Nvidia tells the aftermarket companies they can not add any more?
Just out of curiosity... Why is this post even here? It has little to nothing to do with OCN. It seems odd to me, if we are going to start talking about GMO food just because tech is loosely involved then we could pretty much begin talking about anything. Trump said "insert controversial topic" while on a smart phone, the Kardashian's were seen doing "insert common every day thing here" by a man with a 4k camera... It goes on and on...
I understand the value we are getting for the price we pay but damn, is it too much to ask if they make a new window to actually align it with the interior? The new half window panel is off a couple inches. Why not extend the window to the top of the motherboard tray. This would push the vent slots down as well, possibly aligning it with the fan brackets. It's not like they are including them in the original box, we have to pay for them. I'd happily by both sides if they...
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