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Ill give it a whirl!
Can get the Asus for $280 after rebate :
You should consider using that $250 for a card and air cooling for a bit.
Can't wait to post one of those holy____ speedtest sreenshots...
This is a brand new, still in factory shrink wrap Cooler Master V1000. This same PSU can be found at Newegg right now for $200. Link for more details I accept Paypal or cash if you are in the Charlotte, NC area. Buyer is responsible for shipping: $15 Connectors M/B 20+4 Pin x 1 CPU 4+4 Pin x 2 PCI-e 6+2 Pin x 8 SATA x 9 4 Pin Peripheral x 4 4 Pin Floppy x 1 Features Fully modular cable design incorporates a single 1000W +12V output that delivers up to 83A. 80 PLUS Gold...
+1 with the r9 290. If you dont mind spending an extra $100, for the same or less performance than the 290, pick up a 780
I disagree, this has much nicer packaging.
+1 great movie. there is a great scene for cat lovers.
In for 27th
Who likes winning? this guy
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