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Couldn't agree more. The rift ftp model is easily the best.
You are only pulling max watts at start up and when you run your fans at max speed. For example, if you are running at 50% fan speed you are only pulling half of max watts. If you normally run at max speed, you probably don't need a fan controller.
Basically you just need to see how many watts per channel the fan controller is. Then see how many watts each of your fans are. My fans are ap-14's. IIRC they run at .21 amps.watts = volts * amps2.52W = 12V * .21AMy fan controller is 30W per channel. So in theory 30W / 2.52W = 11.9 fans per channel.I checked out your fan controller and it was 25W per channel and 5 channels. So if you used similar fans: 25W / 2.52W = 9.9 fans per channel.Multiply that by 5 channels = 49.6...
27" Acer K2 Series WQHD 2560x1440 IPS LED Monitor $250 after $50 Rebate + Free S&H & More LINK
Great work. Going to have me pricing acrylic.
You can put that 540 inside the x9!
It will be fine for a first choice. Lot's of space to learn and experiment.
why no display port
I'm going to assume you mean the bay that's under the motherboard. Even then, it really comes down to your build. In general it's not much work but if you have it buried with radiators and fans it will be tricky.
Ok I'm a bit confused. I thought with the new PCI slots these bridges were no longer needed? I swear that was the case with the newer AMD cards. (Forgive me its been a few years since Ive played on the green team, and I'm still using older red cards.)
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