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Why are so many people mounting fans/rads right against the window side of the case? Sure it looks good but that cant be good for airflow. I wish they sold a 3/4 window with one of the screened vents like the opposite side.
I'd rather not discuss that here. There are plenty of threads about it all ready. I am just curious about some other options, +/- experiences with other vendors. Performance-PC? Xoxide?
So it's been a couple years since my last build and I am getting parts together for my next. I used to buy everything from FrozenCPU but with everything that happened over the winter, I think I will be looking elsewhere. So I was wondering where does every one pick up their supplies now? I don't have an exact list together yet. I have a TT Core X9 on the way and I wanted to get my hands on it and first to see what ideas I get. I will be re-using some parts but I am...
You will be fine. More than enough to cool what you are running.
Those better be 1/4" barbs
If you don't plan on doing any demanding gaming on it $250 is way more than you need to spend. I run my HTPC with a 7770 I picked up for $95 (when it was fairly current). But, for $250 IMO these would be your best options currently:,146&sort=a8&X=0,25072 You can watch that site and find deals all the time. I have seen 290x ~$250
I'll just leave this here.
No reason this wouldnt work with a universal block. Got a Dremel? may have to do some trimming but it will depend on your block.I was thinking about it if I picked up a 290. Just waiting to see what the 390 has in store for us.
Seems lame to me. Part of the fun was pulling off Fatalities after a good win. /*in my best old man voice*/ Back in my day... I was pretty good at MK and MKII. I won a few tournaments in NY. I'd go to a busy arcade with two quarters and people would line up for hours tryn to beat me. They would place their quarters across the screen showing they have next. Slowly but surely that line of quarters would get smaller and smaller till no one wanted to play any more...
Ill give it a whirl!
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