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This is a quasar i believe.
So if i had good SLI scaling i can expect 52fps with my rig @ 1080p? Shocking.....!
I have no words lol
Use the tri sli hard bridge that came with the mobo mate. No wonder you got one card on its own.
What i would do first is disable lanes 2 and 3, running gpu 1 only. Boot up, then shutdown. Then enable the lanes again and boot up. This may work since it sounds like a config glitch, happened to me before a few times.
You could use the motherboard pci_e switches to disable each gpu lane to test each card.
^ this was my 1st thought about all this. It's gonna be exploited to death by scammers, and then the idea will be scrapped.
People still play Skyrim? Wow Isn't this a little old to now be paying for mods? Pretty much everyone has modded the game to death for a very long time, i feel this is bit late in the game for this to be much of interest anyway. Most are playing other stuff by now..... like GTA V.
This is true, but now its all about vram. They know how misinformed and obsessed enthusiasts are about it. And to be honest Titan X probably sold way more due to the 12gb frame buffer. Even though virtually nobody would need that much.
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