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I think the biggest hurdle to contend with is cost, let alone the implementation of a warp drive.
Well it's pretty logical that a GTX880 even with it's little 256bit bus would stomp GK110. Although it's going to be the same scenario as before, GTX880 will be considered a flagship, then a Maxwell variant of the Titan will pop up.....mark my words, I am not buying the 880 lol
The performance difference will be very minimal, it will not be worth the expense (especially with DDR4 cost) if your coming from X79. If you want performance, GPU's are the only real worthwhile upgrades, and as your sporting 2x 780ti's I think your more than fine in that department anyway. CPU's/Mobo/Ram do very little unless your an encoding nut, and even then it's pretty small. Gaming wise it's virtually throwing money down the drain.... Maxwell is something I'd be...
Oh if money was no object......sigh Although I'm more interested in the rumours of upcoming unlocked Xeons with 18 cores.....if true, that would be quite something for those enthusiast that have very deep pockets.
Indeed....I'm baffled at why Nvidia have priced the Titan-Z twice the price of it's rival. That's just odd.......very odd.Nobody on OCN will buy one that's for sure, as OCN members are intelligent beings that are clearly interested in Price/Performance ratios...The sensible enthusiast would buy 2x 780Ti's (6GB) models......for more than half the cost and no OC limitations.
I have to agree, fortunately I didn't buy into the 700 series yet. But I was going to jump in and get 4x GTX780 to replace the 680's I had on day 1, but circumstances changed that decision. Looking at how things have panned out so far with the current series I would feel cheated certainly, there are far too many replacements. Not only did the 780 owners get shafted not long after it's launch the Titan owners got a right pummelling too.I know it's the norm, but I feel it's...
Same, although display wise I'm a bit unsure what to go for. Seen a few nice ones, like the 28" Samsung and Asus. But I'd likely need to get some upgrades in the GPU department too. Which btw is long
It's nice to see 4K being pushed, but with a lot of ISP's in many countries having data caps, 4K streaming wouldn't be feasible.
VRAM is a nice luxury to have though, i'd rather have an excess of it than running close to the edge. But in your case at 1080p you'd be hard pressed to exceed 2.5GB unless your modding Skyrim like crazy.Even though 6GB is a little unnecessary, and very few setups would need that much. It's nice to have the option available than not at all.Considering how much the current crop of 780Ti's cost even in vanilla form, I expect these 6GB variants to cost a pretty penny....
Sorry i'm in need of my medication... my brain is just not working today lol
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