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I'm sure they said there was no specific versions with win 10. Hmm..
Keep the titan x's, better for the long term.
4.7 inch screen in UHD with 941 ppi is ludicrous. Why?
Don't mean to be a party pooper (Heh sorry), but.... If we weren't supposed to sit humans would never have evolved buttocks. Wish scientists would focus their attention on matters far more important, than how we're supposed to defecate.
This is a quasar i believe.
So if i had good SLI scaling i can expect 52fps with my rig @ 1080p? Shocking.....!
I have no words lol
Use the tri sli hard bridge that came with the mobo mate. No wonder you got one card on its own.
What i would do first is disable lanes 2 and 3, running gpu 1 only. Boot up, then shutdown. Then enable the lanes again and boot up. This may work since it sounds like a config glitch, happened to me before a few times.
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