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I've never seen the appeal either.
Rule of thumb, do not rely on software readings especially from Afterburner. Sorry but everyone and their wife knows the Titan X, both Maxwell and Pascal variants have 12GB of VRAM per GPU.
You mean 12GB
In a nutshell yes you can get it to work, but it's far from efficient enough to warrant buying 4 GPU's for inconsistency like that with Pascal. As much as I've loved my 4-way SLI builds in the past up until my 4x Maxwell Titan X's, it was quite frankly a waste of time and money. I always end up selling 2 of them off less than 6months down the line anyway. And everytime i ditched 2, my system was far superior. Will i miss 3/4 Way SLI? Nope, for me i've lost interest in it...
I think passing up Pascal Titan X's and holding onto Maxwell Titan X's was a wise move of mine. It's crazy how fast Pascal cards are being rushed out and superseeding models that are barely a few months old. I definately will be buying the refreshed line though.
Where has AMD lied about DX12 performance? This a clickbait title and your pushing your own opinions instead of actually posting REAL NEWS that came out of AMD's mouth? Mods should remove this rubbish from a supposed news section.
Just a quick run.....not sure if i'm on par or not. CPU is only @ 4.0Ghz... Indigo Benchmark v4.0.46, Windows 64-bit build. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6950X CPU @ 3.00GHz (GenuineIntel) - Bedroom: 1.268 M samples/s GeForce GTX TITAN X (NVIDIA Corporation) - Bedroom: 4.217 M samples/s GeForce GTX TITAN X (NVIDIA Corporation), GeForce GTX TITAN X (NVIDIA Corporation) - Bedroom: 7.496 M samples/s Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6950X CPU @ 3.00GHz (GenuineIntel) - Supercar: 2.777 M...
^ this, Asus is definitely one to avoid for sure. I speak from experience lol
Take it from me a Corsair AX1500i does the job with 4-Way SLI, since I ran 4x EVGA Titan X SC's. And bere in mind this was also running triple screen surround resolutions of 7680x1440 which really pushed the cards. After reading the purpose of your system, i'm left scratching my head why on earth you would need 4-Way SLI in the first place. You don't need it, actually nobody does. It's really just pointless outside of benchmarking.
I more worried that a game this amazing will slip through the net and be forgotten by the time it finally launches.
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