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Thanks boys....+Rep to all
What products would you recommend to clean a TN screen?
16Gb is enough for gaming. And don't buy two 16GB kits, you want a 32GB Quad Channel Kit since they are tested to work.
Yeah normal temps, keep in mind that when in Bios your CPU has about 10% load on it.
I'm sensing the 950 Pro could be the issue, it has read speeds over 2gb/sec so no way should you be getting 10minute boots. You sure it's setup correctly in the Bios?
I see no Titan X in those charts!
This is nothing more than a website error, Microsoft will be quick to fix it. And if you do buy it at said price, you'll probably get your code invalidated very quickly.
Been experiencing this recently when playing BF4, for some reason it's using a lot of memory and sometimes gets as high as 9GB of ram being used (according to MSI Afterburner). Throughout play you can see it steadily climbing over time, any ideas as to what is going on? Using 361.60 WHQL's. I assumed a memory leak, but I was sure that was fixed sometime ago and that was to do with VRAM not system RAM.
You flick the switch, and it'll post using the LN2 Bios.
Well here we are, almost into February and still no sign of Pascal. I'm starting to think it's further away than we all think... I was told to wait for Pascal back in August 2015, and ended up buying my cards in October. Christ if i'd have waited i'd have felt bloody stupid...
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