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The 980Ti, will surely have faster clocks. I'll put money on it.
Movies are great entertainment but far unlikely to happen. A.I is a great idea and it has great applications, but lets get something straight here. We are not talking about something that's self aware or has conciousness. We are probably hundreds of years away from something that sophisticated. Only then would it be dangerous territory.....Also humans would only be the stepping stone, A.I thinking machines would have to evolve like biology with generations of machines...
Yeah but they are entirely different games. Crysis 3 has very little space to move around in, GTA V is massive.... if you had that kind of detail in GTA's enviroment, nobody could ever run the game.
Not if we keep seeing this unfinished, pre order nonsense on games that turn out to be terrible. Games in recent years are awful, as much as I welcome improvements in is really rubbish in recent times.
I don't get the point in curved screens under 30"
You'd think so, but so often i see people throw all their cash in one area and neglect others. Like a 4k monitor for gaming, then complaining about poor fps with a gtx 570. There's a lot of folk like that out there.
^ correctI've done numerous tests with pcie 2 vs 3 in configs upto 4 way sli and saw nothing in it except in 3dmark benches. Even then the gains were tiny. But these gains only occured in 3 and 4 way setups.
I had a similar issue, my computer suddenly constantly muted itself. Unmuted it and boom it muted again within a few minutes or seconds. Turned out, my oldish gaming keyboard was malfunctioning and caused it. Since replacing, its never happened again. It might be a long shot, but don't rule out your keyboard.
Jokes aside, it does make you wonder if we have a plan if it wasn't going to be a near miss. Detection is good, but then what? It would be shocking if we had no counter measures....
I've yet to go into the 3 monitor realm, although I'm considering it purely for real estate. As you can never have enough...
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