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Well this confirms my suspicions regarding Pascal, Nvidia pushed it to stupid high clocks just to be competitive against the previous architecture and make it look more impressive than it actually is.
Whatever happened to your elaborate cooling methods? Boy I miss your Geothermal craziness. Waste of time, I did the same with the GTX 1080 and everyone and their wife got one. Now look what's happened, everyone is sending GTX 1080's back or selling them on eBay only after have them in their system for less than 2months. In some cases people have had them a matter of weeks, due to continued stock issues.And just a few weeks ago, everyone was saying how bloody fabulous the...
Technically there's no reason for this Titan X, since AMD has nothing to compete with the GTX 1080 as it is.
To be fair this is nothing new to any of us, top tier flagships have always been priced sky high.Price vs Performance is irrelevant at this level. You want the fastest thing on the planet? You better pay for it.
Indeed, which means I won't be buying any. And I'm glad, because there is another card to come, I'm not spending £1200 per GPU for it to be superseded in 2months again like what happened to the GTX 1080. Nvidia can go jump this time around...
Although I'm confused as to why there is this continued trend to have zombies in everything, enough already! Sigh....
Didn't see this am so happy this is going to happen, after completing the game long before the DX12 patch came along I was left wanting more. And it's happening baby!
There is no way anyone can be that certain.Truth is this "Titan X" isn't the full die, so I can see them doing it again for sure. I can't see them releasing a 2nd Titan, as that would be weird. But with the Titan Black during the Kepler generation who knows what Nvidia will do. Still I find it unlikely, since there was far more pressure from AMD back then to warrant a Titan Black.
I think it's purely because Pascal is the 10 Series, and X being 10 in roman numerals.
If OEM technically no. But I spoke to live support and they activated mine using my OEM key for Win7 Pro X64 and it worked. I'd advise you get in touch with them and try the same thing. Which would save you having to spend $100+ on an OS.
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