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I had this issue myself and couldn't resist getting the Asus ROG Swift @ 144hz. After much investigating, 4k is a bit premature yet and GPU's really aren't there yet. Let alone a single gpu handling it well. 4k isn't a nice gaming experience unless you spend $1000's on multi gpu configurations. Plus 60hz, is horrible for me now.
Ti or Titan imo. The new gtx980 etc are likely to be midrange cards sold as high end again just like the 680 was. Only cards worth having are those due next year ie: gtx980ti or possible titan2.
It's nice to have plenty of memory for RAMdisk purposes etc. Although excessive ram can be an issue to overclockers due to stress on the IMC, which can ( cpu dependant) reduce overclocking potential. High density dimms also play a factor too.
My brother is sporting 2x 780ti classifieds, 3930k @4.5 with a corsair 860i fine. So i'd say so....
I'm gonna run with the Ti's and wait til high end maxwell myself.
Bit perplexed by this, but most rigs seem to be pushing 180,000+, although my rig seems to only manage 50k or less. Using rig in sig..... Thought it might be to do with power settings in nvidia cp but changing it from adaptive to max performance makes no difference. Ideas?
As much as i love the idea of 4k i'm still undecided. I'll be buying a new rig soon but i'm favouring the Asus ROG Swift over any 4k monitor currently on the market.
I think the biggest hurdle to contend with is cost, let alone the implementation of a warp drive.
Well it's pretty logical that a GTX880 even with it's little 256bit bus would stomp GK110. Although it's going to be the same scenario as before, GTX880 will be considered a flagship, then a Maxwell variant of the Titan will pop up.....mark my words, I am not buying the 880 lol
The performance difference will be very minimal, it will not be worth the expense (especially with DDR4 cost) if your coming from X79. If you want performance, GPU's are the only real worthwhile upgrades, and as your sporting 2x 780ti's I think your more than fine in that department anyway. CPU's/Mobo/Ram do very little unless your an encoding nut, and even then it's pretty small. Gaming wise it's virtually throwing money down the drain.... Maxwell is something I'd be...
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