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Ok lets make the younger generation use even less of their cerebrum than they do already. Christ..... What kind of future are we making for ourselves.
Agreed. Although this is professional monitor so it's not needed.I don't have a clue why there is this massive obsession with 4K displays though. It's all meh to me....phones, tablets, TV's the lot are now obsessed with pixel density. They can't come up with anything to sell products anymore except........more pixels'.I know that's a negative view on things....but it's true.
The only way for us to be wowed again is if consoles stopped existing. Developers concentrate on where the $$ is, and unfortunately for us that's the console market. PC gaming isn't a priority from a financial stand point. Although considering consoles now sport x86 architecture i find it baffling that games are so poorly put together. But i guess that's down to strict deadlines and getting to the money as quickly as possible.
More than fine, with SLI.You can have both 1440p and 144Hz with the Asus ROG Swift btw
Well, I think that's a bit optimistic to be that soon. Although wasn't Maxwell supposed to share vram on SLI systems?
Well there are 8GB variants of the 900series coming at some point, although I expect this to be implemented on full blown Maxwell GPU's. But this is ridiculous to the extreme, especially as they are saying this is at 1080p!
Thanks for putting the work in +Rep I've kind of said this all along though, if you own a 700series it's not an upgrade in my eyes. Although the GTX980 is a good indication of what is to come....the fact that the midrange GPU of the 980 is keeping up with a 780Ti with a much lower TDP is incredible.
The only thing stopping me is limited stocks of ddr4 in europe and the prices are insane! 32Gb gskill ripjaws4 2666 = £500
Doesn't ship to Europe as far as I can see......sigh
OMG Finally!
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