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Will these odd things be the focus of the Home edition only? Since i'll be using Pro myself....
We're talking about the average joe here, not tech savy nerds like overclocknetters. Most will be completely in the dark about such things.
Just imagine someone adding you on facebook that's actually living on your street, and browses child pornography via your connection. Or does illegal activities just because they don't like you. With the prank culture these days, all kinds or stuff could be cooked up for a laugh at someone elses expense. Microsoft aren't very bright...
Talk about the most stupid idea ever concieved by man. Most peoples friends on facebook etc they barely even know, and yet they broadcast their daily lives for all to see including where they live, where they go, photos of their children etc. This is an open gate to all kinds of crime. Big brother really is watching....
You could make cluster farm, although i'm not that clued up on it. But its more viable on 10+ systems.
8-Way GPU's will never happen on the desktop lol
I've never had any real problems with 3 and 4 way sli myself. Scaling was a real issue some years back but not so much anymore. 4 way is not really a setup aimed at gaming anyway, it's purely for bench markers. These days I've been happy with 3 way, as it's seems to be the sweet spot imo.
I'm sure they said there was no specific versions with win 10. Hmm..
Keep the titan x's, better for the long term.
4.7 inch screen in UHD with 941 ppi is ludicrous. Why?
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