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As windows 10 is almost here you'd be wasting money on another OS now. I was going to myself purely for bf4 since it works far better than win7 and gains quite a lot of performance. But alas i'll be waiting for windows 10 now, i'd recommend you do the same.
Well, it is early days on the driver front for titan x.
Nice performance boost indeed, more than i would have expected to be honest. Does give me the itch to upgrade, but it'd be far too expensive to replace what i have. Not that i need more performance, but i do like the smell of new tech.
This was obviously going to happen....
Oh of course not.
But they are sold as such, Vince's creation are not.
Yet another analogy, seems to be a lot of them being used.
I don't want to overclock? Did I say such a thing?
Sorry for the rant, but it's fact.
The fact that doing this would invalidate your warranty completely. I've seen these LN2 Frankenstein card runs for years. And I've always asked myself the same question, and come up with my own answer......invalid. I'm not new to overclocking, I've been doing this since the days of the 486DX2 and Cyrix processors (which kicked butt back then). But I've always had a issue with someone that modifies the cards components. And says hey look at this "World...
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