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Stick with your 980Ti, upcoming chips are not successors to the high end Maxwell anyway. For that you will have to wait until Q4 at the earliest.... Not sure what the fuss is about with SLI as it's pretty damn good these days. Well, 2-Way SLI anyway.....beyond that it's rubbish.
I agree, it's either some silly kid pushing for bigger benchmark numbers, or trying to flash a custom bios and screw it up. Then they simply blame Nvidia to make themselves feel better. Considering the intelligence of those that frequent the Nvidia forums and the internet in general the probability is incredibly high that a hobbit (small person) is to blame.
The room is cool most of the time, highest temps i've had for primary card is around 72c.
Simple, but does the job...
Oh that's the nature of the game for sure, but with any new generation it's the first wave that gets superseded the fastest. They have a far shorter shelf life than the rest of the lineup.
They are GTX970 and GTX980 successors. The 980Ti/TitanX successors won't be until at least Q4, I really don't understand the excitement surrounding these GPU's. It's the whole GTX680 scenario again, midrange chips sold as flagships which will be superseded and forgotten within a few months of their release.Anyone that buys the first batch of Pascal should be prepared to get stung badly. Just my 2cents...Now Battlefield 5 i'm excited about that!
Weather effects already exist in BF4, so it's not something new. Regarding the female character I feel it's about time, but there shouldn't be an issue or a news article about it making a fuss. It's should be accepted regardless....
And yet still I cannot house 2x full atx rigs in the damn thing......
This was expected it's the GTX680 scenario again. It's a midrange GPU sold for an obscene price and then in Q4 Ti and Titan equivalent will knock it out the water.
I disagree to be honest I thought the cooler efficiency is pretty solid. Sure it's not that great in multiGPU scenarios but that's a different animal.
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