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why not go for an A6 or A8 instead?
um, my work PC, HTPC and previous gaming desktops all run windows 7 and do not show battery power options...edit: i just figured it out. it is because i have a smart UPS with a USB management port. I havent installed the software yet so it was confusing windows
that doesnt really fix the problem. windows still thinks the system has a battery. i've never had this happen before on a desktop build. maybe its because of the itx motherboard?
anyone know why Windows 7 Pro thinks my sig rig is an laptop? the battery power icon shows up in the system tray and gives me battery power options. anyway to fix that?
it's not a 670 or 680 but you could do one of these low profile Radeon 7850's in a slim HTPC case or maybe wait for one of these to come out assuming it will work with a desktop mobo with a thunderbolt port. has a 150watt limit though
just saw this: these are the finished patches:
It was a marketing error in the press release that overstated the transistor counts. Its not like the engineers thought there were 2 billion transistors and then recounted an only saw 1.2 billion.AMD is fine, they still compete in the entry and mid range just fine. I'll take my Brazos E-350 CPU Laptop over an Atom or Pentium based laptop any day. Llano is also a great entry level gaming platform.1) no buyers remorse other then I probably could have saved a few bucks and...
how many coal are needed to craft into a game?
Seriously who started this myth that Athlon II X4, Phenom II X4 and X6, and FX CPU's cannot handle BF3 multi-player. I'm starting to get annoyed at the people that keep saying "you need a 2500k for multiplayer". Read through the BF3 performance thread, Tom's review, and Techspot review. All show that an Athlon II X4 and every other AMD CPU with at least 4 cores handles the game just fine. Case in point, my buddy is using my old machine with an Athlon X4 @ 3.0Ghz with a...
its Yao Ming
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