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The Seasonic Foucs Plus Gold is $100 right now on newegg with rebate The Platinum rated version is $140 on newegg They are cheaper then the P2 and almost as good
It might as well be the motherboard so try another PSU if you have one laying around or can borrow one It does not need to be a good PSU if all you need it to do is boot If the problem is still there with another PSU then its not your HXi
You are the second person in two days to complain about a HX750i Not sure if that is a coincidence or not? The other person had his HX750i kill his SSD
I heard something about the Corsair 570X being one of the better cases when it comes to air flowAs for platinum and titanium i would not pay extra for that unless you really care about efficiencyUp to you if you want to or not but i dont think its worth it
Depends on where you are from what you can find and what you can or want to spendIf you need something cheap but still a lot better than what you have now there is the Corsair CX550 or the Seasonic Foucs Plus Gold if you want something betterThere is also the Seasonic Prime Ultra if you want one of those but they are not cheap
Yes replace your PSU as its is rather poor and is holding the rest of the system back which means you can overclock higher and get it more stable with a better PSU
The 500P has horrible air flow so no thats not a very good option If fact almost all cases that came out in 2016 and 2017 have poor air flow as case manufacturers spend more time making their cases looking good then they do working on air flow
If you dont care about efficiency you can just get the gold rated Seasonic Prime Do note that there are 6 versions of the Prime series the normal Prime series which comes in gold, platinum and titanium rated versions And then there is the new Prime Ultra series which has the capacitors on the cables removed which makes them less bulky and some other improvements Not all of the Ultra units have shown up on newegg Up to you if you want the normal Prime or the Ultra and...
Please list the full specs of your PC as no one here is psychic and know what motherboard cooler PSU and other parts besides the CPU that you have
The G3 is obnoxious in hybrid mode and more quiet when hybrid mode is off
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