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To think I was going to sell my Saphira cause it had that weird 1200 cpi step instead of the 1600 step, now I'm loving it !ThermalTake had the potential in a mouse to make it a real beast, just by working on some different firmwares (prediction, no-prediction, 3500cpi max, 4000cpi max, a little higher LOD expecting better maxperfectspeed). AFAIK since they're releasing a 4000cpi Theron which I'd bet has the same sensor and shares a lot of internal engineering, so they...
I tried just the new App upgrade now, without the new firmware and I noticed it now allows custom cpi steps, so I tried 1600 cpi (which seems to be native to that sensor). To my surprise I can achieve 3.48 m/s with 500 Hz Polling at 1600 cpi step on a Puretrack Stealth. This is just using Enotus but seems to be improved for some cpi settings on the new application. With 800 cpi / 500 Hz new App I got 2.12 m/s max (nothing new here).I am mostly pleased, mainly because I can...
How are those EpicGear mice, is one of those the medusa ?
Now that I take a look the shape quite resembles it, I thought the G100 to be closer to the abyssus but I was wrong.The rubber side and the \__/ shape are part of the secret. The Copperhead is a little bit longer (when compared to the G1 which is the closest to the G100s). would definetively give that mouse a spin but I need the lateral buttons.
It is painful to see people in love with their good old mouse shape not being able to replace it anymore because they are no longer being produced. I tried the Genius Maurus, almost perfect for me but I needed 2 buttons on the left side. They released the refreshed version (with the 4000 cpi version of the 3090). That shape seems to be the right for you.
The only mouseshape I know that would do such is the old Krait/Diamondback/Copperhead. If you can get one of those (the Krait is quite top notch)... That shape has been resembled by some mice, I remember now some Cobra that seemed very similar in photos.
The speed test is best taken in a plain black surface.It may be very difficult to reach 4 m/s with your hands, at least try to reach 3.0 m/s, that would suffice for most users.
The new BlackWidow 2013. Has 5 macro keys, theres a backlit version and has cherry mx blue.
Thanks man, thats actually very fast, not the crazy movement I was expecting tho.Now I ought to break your record... I´m even thinking about going dvorak for that purpose.
I actually would prefer using that A4tech mouse before those overhyped ultraexpensive flawed mice frome Razer.
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