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Thanks I'll be getting the BitFenix Recon. It's got a good software for the pc and then you can also change speeds and check temps on your smart phone!
You are going to go deaf Nice clean setup
That is what I was thinking. I'm on the ones the box cd came with.None the less somebody shoot me now.
Painted it white and messed up. If someone would tell me how to remove spray paint without ruining the first coat I would go back to it. Distilled water for now LOL
There on 1920x1080. Laptop is running on LOW and desktop high/medium.
I truly don't get it. My laptop with a I7 @ 1.73ghz and GTX 460m does almost as good as my rig. I think my rig is broken. FPS is so crap on my rig and yet on meh laptop the fps is killer
Doing some awesome upgrades. Getting the Logitech Surround Sound Z506 speakers and a Dual Freestanding Monitor Stand. Will post pictures once It's all setup
That looks beast mate
What are some good 4 or more fan controllers you guys use for your huge wc setups?
Hmm I forgot to measure my radiator. I'm nervous it's not going to fit
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