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Ya, and the gtx 460 is beating the 6970's face in.. LOL
[[SPOILER]] Nice! Cant wait!
Haha np man enjoy your card :-) GET IT QUICK 167.99!!!
Wow.. Looks like 770 it is.. As long as its around 400$.
mmm. Your best bet would be waiting for them to be posted on Where people actually know the value of the cards they're selling. Craigslist sometimes, but good luck finding a reasonable person on there haha! I would just check the video section every once and a while. Ill keep your account Favorited as i check the video section a lot and if i see some come on, ill give you a pm!
150$ is WAYY too high! Its worth around 80-90$
If they are the xtremes around 220$ each regular 200$ each or 400$ for both shipped
Looking for 2 Gtx 580 Lightning Xtremes. Let me know what you've got! Looking to get them over the next couple of weeks. Can pay at any time though! I will only buy from users on that send me a picture of the card with there username and current date written next to the card. Thanks
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