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check the ocn market place. 670's go for about 310 on there! Good luck in your search!
I love my CNPS12X!! It does a fantastic job, and is arguably the best looking air cooler around! Great deals!
What is your current cpu?
i would try it manIF it dosnt work you can also send it back to asus if you really wanted too. It should be covered under the warranty still under the serial number. Sorry to hear about the card.I have had nothing but good experiences from open box products. Two of my friends have used open box products for over a year now with no issues as well.
Ya, and the gtx 460 is beating the 6970's face in.. LOL
[[SPOILER]] Nice! Cant wait!
Haha np man enjoy your card :-) GET IT QUICK 167.99!!!
Wow.. Looks like 770 it is.. As long as its around 400$.
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