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Wow.. Looks like 770 it is.. As long as its around 400$.
mmm. Your best bet would be waiting for them to be posted on Where people actually know the value of the cards they're selling. Craigslist sometimes, but good luck finding a reasonable person on there haha! I would just check the video section every once and a while. Ill keep your account Favorited as i check the video section a lot and if i see some come on, ill give you a pm!
150$ is WAYY too high! Its worth around 80-90$
If they are the xtremes around 220$ each regular 200$ each or 400$ for both shipped
Looking for 2 Gtx 580 Lightning Xtremes. Let me know what you've got! Looking to get them over the next couple of weeks. Can pay at any time though! I will only buy from users on that send me a picture of the card with there username and current date written next to the card. Thanks
AMD will only drop their prices if they feel that the card directly competes with the 7970. If the card is 700$, they probably wont drop their prices. If Nvidia prices aggressively (in the 500$ range) and bumps the 680 price down. Then we will see price drops.
280$ ~ a piece for the 660ti's or 800$ for all 3. 180$ ~ 6970 lightning 5850's 115$ a piece. 125$ for the amd board 95$ for the intel board 100$ msi big bang i7 860 85$ i3 2100 90$
about 200$ shipped for the 7870 80$ 7750 105$ shipped 7770
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