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Looking for an i5 2300, 2400, 2500 for a build im doing for a friend. Let me know what you got!
Money sent! Thanks man!
13.4 works great for me!
This card is comparable to the gtx 470. Its pretty close to 7850 performance and once overclocked can even surpass it.REVIEW
The last good zelda game that I have played was twilight princess. Turning into a wolf was not the end of the world as they still stuck to more of a conventional play style. It looks like the same with this game. I'm sure it will be one of the better zelda games. I was just venting because I feel like they left all of the building blocks of making a good zelda game behind. Looks like they're going back to their roots. It makes me very excited!
God! if they screw this up... I will kill everyone at nintendo I already really didn't like the idea of turning into a drawing. Thought it was lame. Just give me a good conventional zelda game please! I hate how they think they need to add new stuff like that into the game. Just keep releasing games with new bosses and some new items.
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