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In other words, have you taken them out of said packaging?
Do you by any chance have an original, black Zowie EC1 and/or EC2 in their original packaging?
I'm fairly certain I have the largest collection of gaming mice in the world.
It appears the best way to clean a mouse pad depends on the mouse pad. Therefore, I was wondering how best to clean the Zowie G-TF Speed without ruining it. Thank you.
Do they even claim it's designed for FPS, let alone tested by professional FPS gamers?
How are those G1's "fake", exactly?
Hello. I'm looking to buy a highly portable PC that can comfortably run modern games (without melting, etc) and costs as little as possible. The Zbox EN760 Plus piqued my interest, though it's a little more expensive than I'd like, especially given that it doesn't include an OS. Bear in mind I live in Qu├ębec, Canada. What are your suggestions? Thank you.
At that weight, straps are probably a better option.
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