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At that weight, straps are probably a better option.
I believe cooller spilt coffee on his Goliathus, (at QuakeCon?) and was given a red Hien. Perhaps that's what you're referring to.
That looks like a Genius DeathTaker.
1 x EC1 Original3 x EC1 eVo; 2 black; 1 white3 x EC2 eVo; 2 black; 1 white2 x MiCO2 x AM2 x AM-FG1 x FK1 x G-CM Red1 x G-TF Speed2 x P-TF SpeedYou win.
The now outdated Razer Naga 2012's are incredibly cheap, on eBay. Are these legitimate?
How would you know whether or not it fits your hand, if it's brand new?
What DA 3G's?
From snowprincess, I ordered 3 items, this February, and never received them. When I asked for a refund, he insisted I wait longer, and later declined. It's too late to voice my negative experience through eBay, but I never forget these things.
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