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How much is he syncing? Honestly I just use dropbox. I have my desktop and a laptop for school, and I occasionally use a netbook. It's more than enough storage for all my school files and a few game saves for when I play on my laptop. If he only needs a couple gigs it doesn't get much better imo. And you can get the files on your phone easily, that's helped me out more than once. Edit: saw you said no cloud solutions I just recommended it because it's so easy.
Looks like you have a really nice rig, I'd sell the GPUs but I don't think you'd have any problems with that hardware in 2 years. Unless you want to upgrade the mobo or get more storage space you're probably good to go on the rest of it. As for the cooling the H100i being a closed unit is fine to keep. I would sell it only if you sell the mobo/processor or you want to upgrade from it. Reason is in 2 years who knows if it will be adaptable to a new socket.
the 840 is a great drive and it's still a relatively new model so the drive can't have too much ear on it. Unless it was used in a datacenter I wouldn't worry about it lol. Go with the SSD, even to a raptor it'll be night and day.
I'd be interested in a steam competitor to shield, using steam in home streaming instead of nvidia's thing. I also like this form factor better than shield.
I love the elitebooks, I have an 8560p that was my main machine before I built my rig. But I agree the price is tough..I got a corporate discount You could go for a netbook on the extreme of cheap, light, and portable. My dad also has a ~12" samsung laptop that he loves, I don't remember the model but it has an i3 (aka a real processor) and he gets 5-6 hours of battery life. I believe it a series 3 or series 4 model.
Yeah exactly, it's a shame though. It would have been nice to see a 6 GB 780 ti for say, $800.
Upgrade your GPU, see how you like it, and if the CPU is still a problem go for a 3770K. No reason to ditch your mobo for haswell, and if you only have 1 GPU z77 is perfectly fine for gaming. No need for extra PCIe lanes, quad channel memory, etc. I would save the money. As for GPU, NCIX seems to have the Gigabyte GHz edition which is the highest clock rate I could find at 1150 MHz boost. If not that, I'd go EVGA Superclocked with 1085 MHz boost.
Yeah, I planned on going 1440p then upgrading the GPU afterwards. Going 1440p is also a tough decision lol. In another year we'll have GPUs pushing 1440p nicely, but 4K will be even more affordable, and the GPUs won't be quite ready to drive 4K imo. At least not like the 600 series drove 1080p.His issue is he has a dead PCIe slot and to use his sound card, he needs a single GPU.
I'm in the same boat, I'm looking to get a new GPU in the next few months. I want to wait for the 880, but no one really knows how long it will be yet. I don't really want to spend the money on a titan black, but 3 GB of memory on the 780ti seems a bit low since I want to game at 1440p and keep the card for 2 years or so. The other option is a 290x. A lot cheaper than a 780ti but idk if I can bring myself to jump ship
Slightly undersized for you but this is my desk: Widest keyboard tray I've every seen and it's a really nice quality. Easy to assemble too. It comes in different colors. If it's too tall just from the legs.
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