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Your best bet is to purchase one and try them out, or find a buddy to pick up a pair. You're comparing a closed-back to an open. Both essentially different.And it'll depend what you're using them for...
2 days to think about it . I think there was a member on here who wanted to sell his since it's "too big"
And I do second your opinion. I was fortunate to actually snag one last drop for a early shipment. Only thing now is a DAC and Modmic to complete my setup.As for the ATH-M50's, I read somewhere over at ( very long thread regarding the k7xx); a properly amped k7xx will be better. And I did consider pulling the trigger on a pair of m50s, but after reading more into it I bought the k7xx and don't regret it.
I had this old Gigabyte Socket 775 mobo that would just bluescreened almost all the time. I had to RMA the board more than 4 times, and all at my expenses. I never bought a Gigabyte product since (2006) These are awesome cans. I got mine a few weeks ago from the second drop (02/2015)
The drop is up one more time if all 1000 units are sold
In for the win
Yes, you can do that. Honestly, you'd save a little more buying things separately imho. On top of that you'd be buying something fitting to your eyes than constantly upgrading the WC to fit your "needs". 7/16" x 3/8" tubing is a bit skinny to me, but thats my opinion.
My K7XX's come in tomorrow, I'll have to experiment with them after work
thanks! I haven't been able to update the list. I've been lurking the forums when i have time, but been busy with work/school. Hopefully I can add some more to the list this weekend.
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