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Before I post my thoughts of what PSU wattage is recommended. This post was a bit to "rude" and completely bias. He came to get answers for a PSU, nothing to do with case.To the OP, go with which ever case you wanna go with. Your want's is entirely up to you. And with your current setup, ~500-550 Watts will optimal for your build. And if you do end up overclocking or add cards, ~650 watts.
I'll join this. Thanks!
I'm not sure which Asus Impact you have (VI or VII). Either way, both have a built-in amp for their source of sound. Which will drive the G4me Zero headset just fine. And no, you don't have to get a separate amp for the microphone. Although, to utilize special features of the soundcard, you'd have to use the front audio ports. The VII impact comes with an application to calculate the rating of impendence of your headphones and will calibrates what's best (its a cool...
Not a problem Glad this thread helped you out!
Nice! Yeah, I have the Verizon variant as well. This is my first samsung phone ( I had my Note 10.1 prior to this) and I thought I was going to have and unlocked bootloader. But the phone is sooo locked down I wasn't able to mess around with OCn.Aside from hardware customization, If you want even more freedom on the verizon variant; look into rooting. A big repository filled with cool apps is Xposed. It's not available to lollipop but its in development. It was pretty...
And back to the question, which carrier did you go with? The S5 variant from ATT/tmobile, and verizon I know for sure is locked down. Only thing you can do with them is root it and load up safestrap ( and you'd have to be on a ice cream sandwich kernal). From there you can install a debloated version of lollipop that is themed ( google launcher, nova launcher, etc.). If you have the unlock version of the S5 (dev edition, sprints, or global version), then you'll have plenty...
What carrier did you go with when you got the phone? Other options you can without flashing a whole new rom is to download a launcher from the playstore. I'm using Google Launcher as my default UI to navigate through my whole phone as its very simple and uses less RAM. If you really want heavy customization, look for Nova Launcher. There are a few that I can't remember off the top of my head but, these are great options if your phone isn't able to be flashed.
Can't wait On a side note, how did you like the Fiio E10k? I wasn't able to compare to the E18 I currently have on the run.
Disregard my last message.Here are the 2 brands/Rads I was looking at when I was shopping for thin rads:
Yeah, the current build I'm working on is using the Impact VII. The rads that I found that fits ~30mm is the XSPC Slim and Black Ice GTS. That's with 25 mm fans.
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