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I'm gonna up this because that was the same exact question i was about to ask lol
I'll participate in this steam id: Dejahboi
Yeah, misleading title IMHO
Nice giveaway, been wanting to throw in a blu-ray in my rig. I'll participate in this one!
1/2" 3/4" is what I run I used to run the 3/8" 7/16" and wasn't please with skinny tubing.
Sorry I lol'd. 24' is absurdly big enough for splitscreen. Yes, and 24" is pretty small.
Nice, will use it on Path of Exile! Thanks for giving!
Sweet giveaway! Yeah anyways, I'd actually go to a smaller form factor and leave my custom loop. Thanks and will update this post if i do win!
What size fittings and rads do you have available? Very interested
Depending on the condition. I'd range it from $245-$300. Since you have it rooted, I'm assuming you might heard of xda? They have a site users can use to sell broken or used phones. Check out I sold a few phones there. Hope this helps!
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