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Google the processor and intel. There is a on going thread about the overheating issue. I just got mine back and it's doing fine underlay now ( 55-65 c). Also intel has their own stress test which I do highly recommend, as 95 and Intel burntest is tons of stress. I'll link both as soon I get to a computer. EDIT: Here's the Link to the issue. I was hitting 100c with the stock cooler under full loads. That's with reseating it a few times and checking multiple variables...
If it can be updated, the corsair 860i makes it on the shortlist.
The clear orange is what I was afraid of... I've been looking up and down to find a tight weave to avoid such problems.
not sure if you're trying to provoke something, but I run fraps every now and then and I'm hithing 75+ fps. If anything my past 680 was bottlenecking my system. My current 970 is chewing through my needs.I'm not trying to deter this thread in a different direction, but suggesting the op the 2500k is still a beast and should either wait or pull the trigger on early tech. I just disagreed with your claim based on my own experienceS since I did own a 2500k and a gtx 680...
Thanks! Oh man I was on my phone when I was browsing the website. Thanks for pointing that out! +rep to you man. I almost gave up!
I play 64 man servers all the time. So I'm not sure what you're trying to claim..
I strongly disagree with this statement. A 2500k would run those 2 games with ease. I built my previous builds around battlefield 4 and I had a 2500k running it just fine. That also applies to Crysis 3, if anything my GPU was holding my performance back at the time.To the op, if you don't mind the prices for a new X99 and a LGA 2011-v3 cpu. Go for it. Otherwise I'd wait. If you look back at the past processors (i.e. LGA 2011, 1156), there was a ton a hype, overpriced, and...
Yeah, i bought a new PSU to have the radiator fit. My XFX plat was to long lol. I was going to buy a res/pump combo, but I wanted to do something different and work something out to make things fit. I already have my plans thought out, just need to order a few more things and make final measurements and install
I have to almost agree with this... I went from a 2500k > 3570k> and now i'm at a 4790k (my current mini-itx that i'm building). Haven't seen really much of "huge" noticeable jump though. My cousin is still on his 2500k and he's doing fine. Like suggested, OC that sucker if you're needing too and invest into another video card. But if you are anxious to buy something in the market, get a Z97 board with a 4690k or 4790k and call it the day.
IMHO, a good budget step would be looking at the 1150 socket and experiencing z97. The x99 boards are a bit to pricey and we're still within the first gen of the newest socket.
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