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I'm basing lots of info off of this thread and the discussion held at MD.Honestly, Tomato, Tom"ah"to (lol). And I agree, why does it matter? I don't think AKG would would want to ruin its image.
The momentums are also closed-back. You might want to look into that if you're not familiar with open and closed back headphones.Aside from that, the momentums are great, but it really depends what you're using them for. I did own their urbanites(which are identical, but for close back, it did its job, they start to hurt after a good 15 mins of use)but it was used for my everyday wear(mainly around my neck which was really comfortable) and wasn't really a great pair of...
They're adding 1450 units after the first drop, which also is stated their "final".
From what I'm reading from a bunch of users over at Hi-Fi, these are very similar to the AKG Annie's (AKG 702 anniversary editions). So far, the only differences I found on the net is they improved the base from their normal 702s, it uses some sort of premium memory foam, and a MassDrop logo on the underside. They took all the good characteristics from their other headphones within the same series and crammed it into one. I'm just going what I read through user's opinions...
I got lucky to catch this drop earlier today. Just didn't have the time to post it for the community
It's up again I'm setting aside my Sennheishers to check these out
Nice, I have quite a ways before I invest into a workstation. I tried cad with my "unlisted setup" w/ a 970. Not really satisfied with it nor it ran well lol. Probably within the year I'll look into a workstation card. Pretty expensive lol.
You might want to look into workstation graphics cards if you're going to work on CAD. As Typical GFX cards ( nVidia 6xx,7xx,9xx and AMD 29x etc) aren't really suitiable.
Added each Seasonic G series to its respective categories Thanks for the find!
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