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Sub'd, cant wait for the final result
Greetings! The card will actually installed in my current sig. rig ( its time for an upgrade and my gpu is near its end). I honestly don't have a favorite color, but if anything at the moment I'd go with the color green Thanks for the giveaway!!!
I had similar bad CS not to long ago. I had to call them for updates since email was only updated after I have spoken to them. Give that a shot
Still have the key?
This thread may help you narrow to what you're looking for:
If anyone didn't get a hold of the game over at BB. You can Target price match it for you over at their guest services . Went with that route since BB is 25 miles away from where I live.
I'm gonna up this because that was the same exact question i was about to ask lol
I'll participate in this steam id: Dejahboi
Yeah, misleading title IMHO
Nice giveaway, been wanting to throw in a blu-ray in my rig. I'll participate in this one!
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