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Which Mobo do you plan on using? I do have build log up but its a slow work in progress.
Ah, I was literally looking for a ST30 for about a week. Just sent my order to PPC a few days ago. Wish you had this up then
I'll let you know next week. I have a few 30mm thick rads going along with sp120 next wednesday. Package is on its way
Updated parts lists and had some things ordered. I'll have more pictures up this weekend. At the same time, I hope I can finally do some touchups on the paint job.
PM sent
I'll join this one
I'd be glad to have one and spread the love
I was just at Tustin's location yesterday lol. I got myself a 4790k ( and yes, someone screwed up the online price its $299). I was wondering why the associate asked if I have a motherboard lol.. I should of bought one there and then :S
Greetings Community! Looking for either of the CPUs, but preferably a 4790k. Message me offers via PM
Partially done with the paint. Everything else is currently drying and awaiting for another coat hopefully tomorrow Hopefully by the middle of next week I'll have the WC stuff ordered. Thinking about going 1 240mm rad and 1 single 120mm rad. Using my current res will prevent me doing so, but if that's the case I might order another res
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