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Congrats!! You're 2 years ahead of me and I'm only roughly a 1/5 your reps lol
Back to your question. You're not going to see a price drop in their step up program. If your friends did the same exact thing, then they would know you'd have to pay the full amount as if it were released to the public [(price you paid for the new card)+(the difference)= Original cost excluding tax and shipping/handling]. I've stepped up a few times with their program and its always been that way.
For one you'd have to buy the card "New" ( and of course from their retailers). The prices really never drop on their step-up cards and you have a limited amount of 90 days to step up. You'll always pay the difference from MFG. price and how much you paid for your card (excluding tax). You really can't cheat their system as the program is an alternative way to purchase a higher tier card if you didn't have enough from the start.
CoH 2? You can check that out.
Have you got ahold of Corsair directly? I might have an extra one..but I have to double check whats in my closet lol.
Thanks! I'll see if I can work on the list this coming weekend
I'm basing lots of info off of this thread and the discussion held at MD.Honestly, Tomato, Tom"ah"to (lol). And I agree, why does it matter? I don't think AKG would would want to ruin its image.
The momentums are also closed-back. You might want to look into that if you're not familiar with open and closed back headphones.Aside from that, the momentums are great, but it really depends what you're using them for. I did own their urbanites(which are identical, but for close back, it did its job, they start to hurt after a good 15 mins of use)but it was used for my everyday wear(mainly around my neck which was really comfortable) and wasn't really a great pair of...
They're adding 1450 units after the first drop, which also is stated their "final".
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