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Got to mess around with the jigsaw and dremel today Guess what came in today ( don't mind the bed comforter, my mother sent me these for my birthday thinking it had brown camo...yeah...)
I have a thread started pertaining to this thread ( Radiator questions). Both JackNaylorPE and Jakusonfire gave very informative data on WC if anyone's interested. And to answer about WC, yes you can water cool your system. Just expect it to be loud if you're planning on cooling multiple components with little rads.
Prices are now obo
That was very informative. Thanks for the information! Aside from that, I have no problem with SP120s at all. Just trying to do as much homework before I pull the trigger on a few things.So when you mentioned "8 fpi" = less resistance; therefore I don't have to run max fan rpm's? (for example, running my fans at 2400 rpm would be overkill?)
Thanks for the quick answer. +rep to you I was about to reconsider my design I have with my upcoming mini-itx build. As for fans, I've also been reading that I need to acquire lower FPI fans to get the most out of the slim 240mm ST30 rad. Would I be fine with the current SP120s? Trying to aim for quiet build as well.
Greetings community, Noob question, but I have literally been googling all over the net to get an idea what a slim 240 produce. Can a slim 240mm RAD cool a gpu+cpu? What I got so far, is that for every part i follow this equation: 120mm rad+ 120 Overhead room for OC'n. In my case I want to cool a 4670k and my current GTX680 (will eventually upgrade). Is it safe? Or would I have to add another rad? + Rep for answering
What 240 Rad can fit inside the case alongside with sp120s?
Fittings are sold. 2 45s and 2 90s remaining
Hey guys, Just another update. I know I said I was going to post pictures yesterday, but it was late last night. Although I was able to prime the chassis I'll continue on priming the rest of the stuff hopefully tomorrow. I won't have anything done tonight except wet sanding. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the front plastic plate/bracket. Anyways, that is it for now. I'll get some progress done some time this week. And the Impact VII is making its way...
Thanks for stopping by I have my eyes set on the Moonsoon Chaingun fittings. I should be putting more stuff on order soon to replace majority of the watercooling stuff I previously had. But, i'll try to fit that huge Aqualis reservoir in there and try to make it aesthetically please with a D5.Aside from that I popped a few rivets off and in the process of prepping the chassis. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the panels yet, ALTHOUGH I did have some things drawn...
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