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Mark of the ninja if you still have it
I second this ^^You can have awesome upload and download speeds ( or slower), but stability and latency is a huge factor when it comes to FPS.
I honestly don't see a problem with using a 1u server psu for your project. The only it comes down to is what your build is going to consist of . They're just like any other PSU, but in a different form factor.
Check these out, I believe its the last day for this drop.
Yes, that speed is sufficient to play online.
Thanks! I remember while I was in the market looking for a PSU and EVGA was one of the the companys' i was looking into.. Their G2s were to long. Nice find though!
Hmmm, $70 shipped is a bit to high since you can get a 850 for $70 shipped. I'd say around $50 - $55 shipped.
After 3 months ( since the mobo came back from RMA), finally got a tracking number to replace my soundcard.It's an awesome board, but CS was pretty bad on my end.
+reppedAlright, I'm going take apart my extension and re-evaluate all my crimps.Aside from that, those crimpers from Lutroo are never in-stock lol. My female connectors produce that nice crimp you have pictured, its just the males give me bad results.
By chance do you guys have a crimper you guys personally use and produce good results? I'll have a picture (hopefully tonight) of the crimps I'm getting. EDIT: I tried taking a picture but I can't get a good close pic of what I'm trying to show. I guess another question I should ask, is it necessary to have that "pretzel" kind of crimp? Where the wings actually curve in and "bite" into the wire? Looking at all the crimps I've made on all my male connectors; It looks...
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