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You won't be disappointed. You're able to fit any size PSU ( my longest one is 180mm which is ~7.5" long). As for GPU you're open to almost all available cards on the market .
The backplate is completely removable. And by removing the backplate, more likely will remove the cooler from the PCB. Place the card on a flat surface so the cooler doesn't completely come off the PCB. On a side note, have you tried directing a fan towards the cards? Seems like you got some pockets not getting air.
Finally gave in and bought myself a copy
For those looking to WC in the future. Rads 30mm or less work
Yes I have . And with the way I'm going to configure my rads in my build won't have a problem at all. But say if you wanted to use the existing front 120mm fan port. You'll have plenty or room for both rads. After that, only other thing you'll have to consider then is what pump you'll be using and reservoir. During the build, I ordered mostly everything and forgot to consider a few things when I was measuring (i.e fittings add more length and forgot to add some extra...
Today I got my stuff in an Axe box, last time was a pamper box lol Not really digging the frost look, though I did find a thread on how-to clear this up Won't have time to do that this weekend but those pictures will come up when I do. Just waiting on one more color to come in and I'll start working on sleeving the wires Got some headphones to go with his build
So far, I had 3 variations how I wanted to set up the rads. With the bunch of tetris skills I was able to achieve 1 one of them. I think what made it difficult was the choice of reservoir. There was a 120 rad with a built-in res, but it wasn't much of a challenge and I really dig the BP res that I found over at PPC. I'll have a picture of where the rads will sit. Nice! "Lambros" Thanks!! I'll try to keep you guys entertained!Yeah, the power supply was a bit overkill, but...
Hey guys, Updated my build log and moved my thread to the appropriate sub-topic
Alright guys, thread is up-to-date. Build is slowly coming along, but I promise the outcome will look great
I was taxed :/
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