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Thanks for the find! Added to the list
Do collar have to be seated 100% (flush)? Can i be off by a little? Or do i have to be exact, like perfect?
I forgot what setting needs to be disabled in the ASUS bios menu but that's what causing it to spike up that high. I had similar problems with my ASUS Impact VII and I had my CPU RMA'd. Turns out its a setting that needs to be disabled. I can't remember what, but its on the forums somewhere. I'll have to chime in when I come across it again. EDIT: Clear your CMOS and see if that changes your temps. And see if disabling HT will affect your temps. And see if your heatsink...
Going back to your post with the variety of crimpers. The first 2 pictures are what you're looking for
It sounds like to me you're having issues with your motherboard and not the case.Also, aside from the post, welcome to the forums!Be sure to configure a list of parts for your profile. And for the cooler, assuming a closed loop; the H100i will work.
I'll sign up for this. Thanks!!
That came with your impact? o.O?
Since we're on the subject. How about anodizing? Doesn't seem like there's much constraint compared to actually painting the fins.
Make sure you apply 3-4 good coats of plasi-dip, and let it dry thoroughly in between coats. A light layer will be a pain to clean off (peel off) lol. Also you can use plasti-dip as a base coat, so if anything you can just peel off whatever you paint over it. check out my build log: on my 10/31/2014 build entry, the second and third picture of the entry was...
That's a reset switch
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