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My purpose of installing the mobo first is to see if there is any clearance issues with the RAD. (what's more important, the mobo or the rad?). From there you can get an idea of what else you can add after all the core components or mods. Check my 250D build out, its still in the process; I'm just awaiting my HDD to come in and I'll continue to have everything in place
+1 to ASUS routers. Yeah its too bad Belkin bought Linksys, otherwise I'd suggest you Linksys router. $40 budget is pretty low, but if so I'd try to get something new rather than used. At you'll have warranty on top of your purchase.
Yes it'll fit.
3544 Hours on Dota 2; a good 3-4 years of WoW, and hours of the battlefield franchise.
That's not too bad of a build you have set up there.. Everything seems like a go from your needs. I'd spend more just to get the k-series (and for reselling purposes or if you do end up OC'n) but other than that you'll be fine
Thanks guys! Keep them coming, I'll have it updated within this week or so. Been busy since the semester ended.
It's a tough call. I know on the verizon version, I wasn't able to change the APN settings. They kind of blocked that from the user, so the option was completely grayed out. At the same time, the ATT variant tends to have a more "universal" or comply with other frequency LTE frequency around the world. In your shoes, I'd think try to think of the ideal country you think you'll be heading to and see what services they have out there as well as LTE frequency if you want to...
The IMEI is like the phone's unique identification number in a large data base of numbers. Say if the phone was stolen, then the IMEI number would be flagged and in most cases it won't work. Also, try to stick to a GS6 made for your network (like a T-mobile/ATT version of the phone); ATT/T-mobile use similar frequencies compared to Verizon and everyone else (also their antennas on the phone are different). An unlock phone or GSM global phone would work on almost every...
I'm not sure if you'll expect a problem since it does have the ATX adapter. That's pretty small considering the case can support a large(long) ATX PSU.
If you have an extra PSU, go ahead and try that. If you don't your PSU or mobo might be FUBAR. Aside, from that does your computer POST? Try just running the mobo with 1 stick of ram, cpu, gpu. Make sure you have it hooked up to a monitor.
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