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I game on my PC and PlayStation 4. I recently tried adjusting my Pace 5268AC router's network options so I could host lobbies in Tekken 7 on the PS4. Even though I could join others, players couldn't see my lobby. I tried opening up the entire portal for the console through DMZ adjustments and it kept resetting the IP Address, causing my lobby to disconnect every 15 minutes or so. I tried port forwarding (TCP & UDP), following instructions at for my exact...
I have a 1TB 840 EVO SSD and recently applied the latest firmware update that addresses the degradation issue that plagued this model. My question is, does the method used in the patch to keep the SSD speeds in check still work if I slip the unit into a PlayStation 4, or does it a PC-only fix that needs interact with the OS in order to function?
* UPDATE * For some reason, after I applied the latest beta drivers, my GPU overclock settings started resetting again when waking up from sleep or restarting my rig. The trick above wasn't working. I got it to finally stick by first applying the change like before, but then turning my fan to manual within Crimson, applying the change, then reverting back to auto and applying it. That seems to have worked. What a weird software bug.
Thanks for the +7 GBs. Every bit helps. Maybe I can find some other ways to cut that folder down.
C:\Windows\winsxs is the culprit at 21 GB of the 34 GB that the Windows folder is taking up. The largest folders in there are Manifest and Backup (3.2% and 2.5% respectively). However, there are a TON of AMD 64 and WOW 64 folders in at .5% and below.
I have my OS on the drive and have done well keeping the SSD tidy for a number of years. However, as I go through the folders, I can't seem to manually find about 20 GB of space being used up according to the root C: pie graph of total space. I even switched on hidden folders/files and nothing significant popped up. Random guess, was Win 10 secretly dloaded onto my system? I haven't kept up on all their attempts to get me to switch. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
One thing that bothered me with Crimson was how my GPU Clock OC of 1140, adjusted through the latest version of Trixx, would always reset to default speed of 1040 on my R9 390 Nitro whenever I restarted or put my computer to sleep, or after I closed a game after an extended session. The Memory Clock OC always stayed locked. So I was forced to go back into Trixx, load my saved OC profile and hit apply to get it working again. I use GPU-Z to confirm all of this. Today I...
Day one hundred-and-thirty purchase!
Heh, the only reason Sony hasn't won all eleven months that the systems have been available is because every PS4 was sold out in the US during December 2013.
Thanks for the heads up!
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