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Thanks for the heads up!
I have U-Verse, and they mentioned Los Angeles as a possible destination. Awesome news!!!
Here ya go, pardner:
As was my goal from the start three months ago when I first fired up Skyrim and began adding mods, I am locked at 60 fps @1080P. Keep in mind my frame limiter keeps it from going higher since I am playing on an 60" HDTV which can't display anything higher.I am able to get the max frame rate because I was extremely careful at choosing mods that earned a rep for not being too taxing on the hardware. I also selected almost all "medium" level quality textures when the option...
The PS4 did more in its first 24 hours than what other launch consoles did in its first month:
I'm no expert at OCing to push it to its limits. My 2500K currently runs @4.4 GHz.
Checking the internets for info on the two CPUs mentioned above, you are absolutely right. So if I wanted an upgrade it would have to be purely a GPU with hopes that the games over the next year or so aren't CPU limited. I should be able to accomodate a Radeon R9 card based on its rumored specs, yes?
I believe it's a Z28. I'll confirm later. I use my rigs for games mostly and haven't kept up on the hardware scene since I built my Sapphire ATI HD 6970 rig two years ago. I was looking to see how high I can upgrade my CPU, (and, I guess GPU too if the new AMD cards will fit).
I currently have a 2500K OC, but what are the top two fastest chips that work on my ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 mobo?
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