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Day one hundred-and-thirty purchase!
Heh, the only reason Sony hasn't won all eleven months that the systems have been available is because every PS4 was sold out in the US during December 2013.
Thanks for the heads up!
I have U-Verse, and they mentioned Los Angeles as a possible destination. Awesome news!!!
Here ya go, pardner:
As was my goal from the start three months ago when I first fired up Skyrim and began adding mods, I am locked at 60 fps @1080P. Keep in mind my frame limiter keeps it from going higher since I am playing on an 60" HDTV which can't display anything higher.I am able to get the max frame rate because I was extremely careful at choosing mods that earned a rep for not being too taxing on the hardware. I also selected almost all "medium" level quality textures when the option...
The PS4 did more in its first 24 hours than what other launch consoles did in its first month:
I'm no expert at OCing to push it to its limits. My 2500K currently runs @4.4 GHz.
Checking the internets for info on the two CPUs mentioned above, you are absolutely right. So if I wanted an upgrade it would have to be purely a GPU with hopes that the games over the next year or so aren't CPU limited. I should be able to accomodate a Radeon R9 card based on its rumored specs, yes?
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