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940BE still going strong here, although I don't load it up every day. It was getting to 62C the other day on BF4 Beta, so I turned the fans up to make sure it didn't go any higher. Most of the time it is just doing office work so easy stuff...Plays BF3 two or three times a week, that's the only load my 940 sees.
Running good (almost playable) recently on my setup below - around 30fps on medium on 32p servers. 64p servers do lag more and drop down to the 1x fps
Which voltage have you tried to increase? 0x124 sounds like insufficient CPU-NB voltage - up the voltage a notch in BIOS ...unless you're looking for an excuse to upgrade, if so then go for it lol!
Do you mean DDR2 ram? or DDR3 running at 1066? What blue screen code do you get? is it a 0x50? Also what temps at full load? Try setting ram timings manually, 5-5-5-18 or even 5-5-5-15 should be good @ 2.1V for DDR2 as you are running them at less than the rated speed with the 2x multi
Averaging 25 to 45 fps on Auto with the rig below, at 3.5Ghz on the CPU and 965/1350Mhz on the GPU. 1GB GPU is hurting, but I think it will be playable on release. Whether it will be worth it or not, is another question that I will hope to see answered at the end of the month.
I used to run 2x 4870s on my 750W, so your power supply should be fine for 2x 4850s. That said, if you are getting a modern CPU, then getting a modern GPU would probably be advised over a 4850, which is now 5 or 6 years old?
Gonna try. I feel like the card is capable of it, but the temps are getting high. Its at 84C now at 955 so the temps are getting up there...can't be bothered with a new cooler, but I might blow the card out with compressed air as I haven't cleaned it in a year...
I seriously can't wait, another week for BF4 beta. I've been working on my GPU overclock to get the most out of it in BF3, as Mrs. Department of Finance probably won't approve an upgrade. Means I have to push my aging system to the limit. I'm actually up to 940/1340 on the 6950, and there is still 10% left in my deneb, so I'm going to push the 6950 a little further so I can max out my cpu. Fingers crossed I can reach about 970/1400
Lol wow a Perthite! I've been living with my 13" lappy for the past 2 months while the tri-moniter system was in a 20ft container...complete withdrawal systems, so when it arrived I unpacked it all and started playing BF3 straight away. The humble 1080 screen feels massive on the first day after using a 13" for months.
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