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 Yes, both of them are a3050 as well.
  A3050, offset to the right.
 Yeah, must be great working Dual/Triplemonitor Setups with 400cpi, also just because they are still in use doesnt mean that they have lasted 10+ Years, new specimens can still be found and kidnapped in Schools or workplaces. Not to mention that other mice canb also last that long or longer, which would make something like the 1351 "the most non sucking" one.  
 Hans Zimmer is now doing Graphics Design? I dont think so.  Also 99% of those Intellis and WMO´s are simply there because they were bought or bundled with something 10 years ago.
 Yes, and iirc you have to remove side/cpi buttonpcb as well to remove it.
 3060, 3070, 3080, 3888, 3090, 3310 and 3988 all use ADNS-2120 as their (recommended) lens, but the lens has nothing to do with what you are experiencing, it is because of Firmware and SROM differences, SROM 6x for 3090 added smoothing and more native cpi steps, 3888 never had a similar update.
 Only for Ironsights, i couldnt adjust to something new after 900h, changing FOV while keeping same sensitivity just messes with my perception.
 You shouldnt be giving out Information that easily, but since we are on it anyway, have you also taken a look at the one from Hitbox/Logimax?
  IMO that is mostly due to the shape, difference in Performance isnt that high, Rival is very high and wide in the back which imo is comfortable in its own way but hinders movement to a certain extent.
@Ino. pls  Both have native Steps of 50, as mentioned above with the 3310.
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