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 I am saying that motion interpolation aka smoothing is being used in almost all cases to mask jitter at the expense of delay.
 It represents the pain and the struggles of the designer.
 Well, as we all know masking it is standard, dont know about KPM though as  i gave mine away.
  inb4 bringing desk to lan.
Mh, the LOD adjustment is gimping the mouses responsiveness and low speed capabilities somewhat, it always "eats" the first count, but tbh i cant remember if 3988 has the low_mot_jit option, not sure why it even would swap to on in the first place.   Edit:   Wth, cant reverse it anymore apparently.   Another Edit:   Well, uninstalling the Software did the trick, not just closing it, i suggest Sepukku for the developer.   If i understood it correctly, there is now even a 3325 with 5080cpi.
 Well, computex is coming up, not expecting much either though. 
 Not only that but Human Benchmark is far from what is going on ingame, i shoot human(like) targets, not green boxes.
 It has been done before, average joe was confused by it.
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