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 CPI give it away, otherwise it would be either 1600*2 or 3200*2(as limiting 3305 to 2000cpi wouldnt make sense), also take a look at what Lua´s sensor was marketed.
 And that "because" is exactly the problem, "Symptome(no 800cpi Step) because Reason(Array)", but if the reason is wrong then it simply is wrong. ^^ As said, these are two separate issues.  Exactly, but not because of the array(altough we are kind of in a greyzone regarding that with 3050). And it doesnt matter what is useful or not, given access you can make it go whatever the hell you want, doesnt matter if i have something like *16 or something that enables me to have...
 Why not leave it to him to refute what i wrote? Not recommending anything above 500cpi due to cursor path, and stating that A3050 doesnt have a 800CPI Step due to Array Size are two different things and no matter how you turn it, 19*19 array size doesnt mean that there cant be a 800CPI Step. Im at the point where i even question if you know what CPI Steps A3050 offers.
No, he wrote "It doesn't have a 800 step because the array is 19x19." And that is just simply wrong, where is the problem with understanding that? Edit: It doesnt matter if it is useful or not, and those are two separate issues and two different sentences in the mentioned post.
 Low CPI are nearly completely irrelevant to the topic.
 "It doesn't have a 800 step because the array is 19x19." is absolute.
 No, your point was that 800cpi are not possible due to the array. 
 And here i thought that the point it was about can be found out by the context....
 array size doesnt dictate possible cpi steps.
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