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 TBH this is getting out of control, other major websites are reporting the same crap, needs some emergency tweeting.
Nice Clickbait title and some serious journalism going on right there................
3090 and 3888 would be the prime example in that regard, altough recent trend is that the public versions are slightly downgraded.
 Would be expected of Zowie, that shape isnt to my liking anyway, looks like it would simply force some weird kind of clawgrip one me considering length and arch, doesnt seem well thought out imo.
 You have to puzzle it a bit together but the basic variables for everything are Surface, Illumination and Assembly. Especially considering that 3310 and 3988 are based on A9800, altough this is valid for every optical System.
 I really like how he talks about effort when they are just improving upon existing designs. :>
 I rephrase that: If i would be a sensor, i wouldnt see high LOD as a problem.  Well, ask those swedefags with what data the tool is calculating those results.
 What kind of problems? If its high LOD i wouldnt call that actually a problem.  It would be interesting to compare it with your results, Alextwokay´s problem sounds like something is wrong with the illumination so yours should score signifacintly higher while showing the same pattern.
 Lets just say some people dont like it.
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