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 On one platform? 3090 and 3310 have different ancestors, as an quick overview: A9500--->A9800--->S3988                          --->PMW3310 lots of A30xx´s(except 3050)--->A3090--->EOL A5050--->A3050/55--->already EOL or soon AM010--->PMW3320
 Maybe at one point prior to the patent trade it was handled as such but i dont have any info on that and DA 4G release and everything are overlapping there, but even if 3988 would have been public from the start, 3310 would have been a "necessity" considering casing and price, considering as of what is now, they just fill different roles.
 Because Steelseries?
 *Summer 2010, actually back then there wasnt anything to complain about Zowie, but then again, times were different 5 years ago.
 Well, believe it or not, but there are wireless mice which are marketed towards gamers, and then there is stuff like the recon, which cant keep stable polling with all the lights turned on.
 There is no 3998. ^^ S3988 is S3988.
 From a consumer Standpoint, Variance. From an Industry Standpoint the cheap price and low power consumption. It would actually be interesting to know how many people who are talking about 3050 have ever tested one, im not a personal Fan of it, but i probably would prefer it over 3310 if you would only give me those two options, but then again im not a fan of 3310 either.
 Depends on what you are looking for.
 i have only skipped through it, but if it is making 10010111100 into 1111111111100 doesnt sound like a good solution imo.
 Must be pretty early stuff with 3070 srom.
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