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  The question should rather be "who is not?". As said A9800 uses similar methods, and its not like any other brand is better in that regard, actually Razer was pretty late to the whole "just add counts" party.
Same Trick as A9800 i guess.
 Altough it probably fixes double click issues, debounce time must be insanely low on 5x firmwares.
 Well, no, while newer hardware is certainly more capable at higher cpi i would advise against going too high and stick below or close to "true hardware capabilities".  I use a Windows Tablet for Drivers and stuff, altough my chroma was good out of the box, i cant can't guarantee that every chroma has a new SROM by default.
Well, the problem is that mlt04 isnt a universal answer to the worlds problems.
 DA Chroma actually does steps of 50.  AFAIK with everything it has been "fixed" or rather changed(ofc its up to the brand to update their devices), it was foreseeable that it was just a trend that would be gone at one point.
 He said that 6400 is the only confirmed step at that time, not that its the only, S3988 is 50-6400cpi in 50cpi steps  d2fc-f-7n (20m), anything else wouldnt make sense.
Every step, but ofc lower ones recommended for better overall cursorbehaviour.
 Early A9800/9808/9818 SROM´s had an "insane" amount of smoothing, ofc as most are aware that is fixed  by now, but if the Brand wants to include a newer one is up to them, so long as nobody with MLG confirms that it got an update in that regard i would stay away from it, not to mention that i would rather jump out of the window than play with something that has this branding.
 Its probably finnish tradition, some of them have weird rituals where they are ordering mice and sending them back, or removing stuff from mice to make them lighter, but in reality the are trying to do some weird kind of summoning.
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