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Think about Cars and their engines, slightly similar rules apply here. I was also wrong about some A3050 stuff before, but i wont say more.3366 is a new architecture, 3310 is based on 9800, and you should think more before you write something, things are not that simple.
Marketing failure i guess.
SoC Version of 3305, identical Specs, iirc.
Its actually PAW-3606, altough i cant find anything about it at Pixart, only that it exists, but it seems like it has been used a few times already. Found the Datasheet:
Well, others would say that A2020-A3080 are not "gaming grade" because of Angle Snapping, as with everything, its matter of preference and individual needs, and its not like A9500/9800 have only cons, not to mention that 3310 and A9800 have a lot in common.Most probably, overall A9500 was an upgrade in comparison to everything else at that time, different times, different hypes.
Well, its not like its not working, also you have to think about the LED alternatives at that time.As "you-know-who" told me often, variance wasnt a concern at the time, not hyped, not well known outside of certain communities, rest is more or less covered above.Stretched Models. But unfortunately that doesnt help with desync against French Fgts, i never understood what went wrong with this Game.
I dont think somebody is able to tell the difference between 5110 and 2120 on such pictures, but judging by specs(60-160ips) and the lens design it is definitely A3050.
Im not sure how much i should tell, but barely surviving shouldnt be the goal, not to mention that its not only Software.They dont this time, altough they are claiming that their R&D Team achieved the low LOD. :>
As long as you are not going "full force" on it, the lense wont care, just tap it a bit to see if it is moving.
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