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Crossfire is pretty popular in Asia and iirc it has problems with mousemovement when you use more than 125hz.
Facelifts of Cars are getting released and older models are still getting sold as new, same here, already produced stuff isnt suddenly disappearing.On other Topics, there is a limit to how much can be said in public, you shouldnt forget that as well.
I forgot to mention it back then, after looking deeper into it it seemed like a surface illumination problem to me, it actually has a dark spot in "Camera Range" and it even felt a bit like A9500.
Imo the most probable thing, 3310 with 8200cpi, considering where 3310 comes from.
If you have the Option, let them send you both Versions and look which Coating you like better, and altough it may be smaller, fk1 might be a better fit coming from the saphira, not that it would be in my interest to give you any tips. :>
Looks like everybody is "Comp" player nowadays..............
That depends on the Indvidual needs imo.
Microswitches from Himake iirc, so yes they click.I would say they are somewhere in the middle.
- ~150g - 5 x 6g iirc - shouldnt have, not sure if there have been any changes to pln2032 - cant remember anymore
For the record, ramraze needed one hour.
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