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Well, FAMAS still has the Bullpup Bonus. Also makes it interesting for competitive again.Btw. has anyone else had this Bug where you have no hitreg and your weapon is completely silent?
And the question is, who would pay that much, like 65+ USD?
Well they do, mostly, making it just a bit bigger increases Price by alot, its not like they pay for cm².
IMO G402´s sniper button is "out of the way", just at the tip of the thumb with my grip.
We should rather stick to Variance instead of Acceleration just to make sure these misunderstandings arent happening anymore, i can see it going out of hand already.
Think about Cars and their engines, slightly similar rules apply here. I was also wrong about some A3050 stuff before, but i wont say more.3366 is a new architecture, 3310 is based on 9800, and you should think more before you write something, things are not that simple.
Marketing failure i guess.
SoC Version of 3305, identical Specs, iirc.
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