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 The money of 100k average joes > the money of 1k "mouse extremists".
 So they are comparatively large? I really didnt know, im new here, i usually use the xbox controller to play FPS.
 Doesnt really matter if they only come in medium, small, manlet, child and baby size.
 I hope that they werent US Dollars.
What is that mythical Palm Grip you guys speak of?
 Its "3.0 shaped".
3200(in this case) is basically the sweet spot out of benefitting from higher cpi, but without the drawbacks kicking in. Unfortunately it seems that the limiting factor are the games, it felt slightly better to me in CS:GO and the Q2Pro client(especially at direction changes), on the other hand it felt off to me in Frostbite based games, didnt bother with UE3/4 Games as there wasnt anything to play at that time.
TBH the lineup doesnt make much sense to me, Revenger S and Surpassion could have been one and the same Product, they need to have a gap in pricing otherwise it would make no objective sense to buy the Surpassion over the Revenger S, on the other Hand a 3360 mouse with LCD would have "no" price limit upwards.   Then they have three "Mid" size mice for right handers, the actual Ambi mouse is getting no Update(450m).     Should also be M for Midget size. :P
  Its a wireless mouse, now guess at what PTE is good at. :P
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