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 Neon is using A9500 with some weird "Beta" A9800 SROM.
  We will see if it is weight or not(and more importantly if it is worth it to get it removed)once we get one to test, but official release is still one month away.    Well, it is the more flexible solution i was looking for.
 I took it of its tomb and updated it to FW 1.30, Cursorpath has improved a lot, but obv. its still A3050, however its latencies are fluctuating a little, especially during movement it feels odd because of that, flick shots are pretty easy though, button latency is G900+ 4-6ms and motion latency +2-5ms. Edit: I also removed the weight, it now feels slightly lighter than X5.
  Seems like it, especially considering the Taipan 3500 and the Turret, it just seems like they finally ran out of 2020´s. There was also a champagne gold version but i cant find the link anymore.    *PTSD triggered again*
Has anyone found PCB pics of the new DA 3500?
 Thinking about it, 3305´s -H lens could possibly fit as well, maybe needs some slight modding, but theoretically it would double the malfunction speed.
 Swapping LED seems to have fixed it, will test later in detail, something is still "off" though. Also makes me want to get a Kinzu V1 just to test a different LED.  Nope, they are "genuine", lol.
 With 1.0.17/Fw 36? Edit: Swapping LED, lets see.
 But at least it is responsive garbage.
 X5o is device1(blue). Edit: Doublecheck with G900:    The result was obvious the first time i used it, but i simply didnt want it to be true.
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