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 Ive seen it quite often recently, nothing speaks against 5050 using the same multipliers as 3050, except its performance of course.  Weve been through this.
 Interesting, as previous stated specs were inline with 3050 and 3090, now we have no specs and 3050 specs, so yeah its probably 5050, and 3050, i will change them to the "current gen" regardless of older versions, f them.
    Breaking mechanical Switches, how strong and manly.
 Its AM010/3320 Hardware.
  Not at all, its the same shell as the Hansung M42 and Reachace S100, Neon M50 being a modified version. As for the mouse itself, cpi dont add up could be marketing/communication failure and it is using PMW3330, but well see.
 Well, instead of Finalmouse i would reconsider life. Jokes aside, A4Tech is more Budget/featurebomber oriented, what makes them weird though is the Ideas that they actually put into production, but fail on their implementation, e.G. the light strike switches, and ID, tooling, and fit is just China Tier on nearly everything:  Something like the A91 is more fitting to our expectations:   however its still built like crap and as most brands in China they either use A3050 or...
 I dont quite understand the question. If you mean A4Tech itself being represented and selling, well, they are avalaible in retail here in middle europe. If you mean their 3325 mice being available, besides the P81 i havent seen one yet, though they are honestly terrible ID wise.
A4Tech is finally upgrading....  [[SPOILER]]   but its something i guess.
 You cant lose hope when you dont have much choice.
 All they will do is tell you that they are working on it/told the vendor and stall for years. :D That was what they had to say about Saphira´s malfunction speed:   And i was being lenient, diplomatic and nice at that time because i had to.
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