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 People tend to care about cosmetics a lot for some reason, but they are underutilized as a reward for being useful ingame, if all the mvp´s would have a 50% chance at getting one, that might already be enough incentive for a lot of players to do more important stuff.   Btw. i still cant understand why Revolvers are so unpopular, sure the reload times are painfully long, but the payoff is huge.
 It was like this at Release but people complained about it, i had quite a lot after just a few days: 
Consoles just keep on giving:     Most PC Players arent a lot more competent either though: , and there are also specialists seeking cover behind the wooden fences on Giants Shadow:
  Dont know what you are on about, it has an illuminated Fatal1ty Logo, cant get better than that.
 Unfortunately it mostly ended up in a spam fest when i played Ops, soembody throws a Gas Grenade and suddenly everybody remembers that they can do the same. :D
  Conceptually yes, but it doesnt work with those player numbers/spam, especially the Bombers are annoying,  people are actually speculating that the new gamemode will be Operations small, i personally would prefer a tug of war mode like in Homefront though, just simply has more dynamic to it.
    They couldnt even put the bellysticker halfway straight on, and it might just be the camera angle but it seems like the lens isnt properly aligned either.
 ? The Battlepacks themselves have revisions, opening them later changes nothing.
 Offers more than G100S, so the naming scheme overall makes more sense and implies a higher product, the Asian Market might be more "attached" to the G100s.
  Yeah, but some sort of tweaks could have been done, Kone shape is far from perfect and a little more "roundness" could do quite a lot for people that arent liking it, this is just the bare minimum that needed to be done, Roccat has been the edgelord that made RGB lighting a thing, fast forward 9 years and its just typical german boringness at high MSRP´s.
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