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 Well, my first impression is "Why cant the US bomb this?-Tier".
 And i can feel the weaving more with G1 feet than with bigger ones(e.G. EC-1), if you cant and like it that way, then im happy for you.  Which is exactly my point, not to mention that idk where i was "peddling" before.
 It was more towards getting "free stuff", i(or rather the Org. i was in) was sponsored by SS a few years ago, given the volume of that i should have theoretically a good bias towards SS, obv. i dont though. :D
 Or maybe it is because my feet are flat enough on all of them, obv. with that feet design you feel the weaving of the control, but that also happens on the G1, the mlt04´s and lots of other mice, as for the middle click, yeah its pretty bad on some units, however i personally dont tend to use it for critical stuff. And as for bias, i would be more biased towards Ozone Gaming, Tt eSports, NOIDpad, Qpad, Steelseries and all the other stuff i was affiliated with.
 Dunno either given that i have one right now on a Goliathus Control.
 Wouldnt say they are expensive given hardware, especially not G402 with its pricedrop.
 And expensive.
 You dont need this mouse for that though, the only thing it really brings to the table is the ingame overlay and API´s, but then again, i dont need "help" to see if a situation is intense or not. It still surprises me that there were people that have backed it, especially given that you could get a G403 and something like the Polar H7 which connects to your smartphone for the same price.
 Well R700 is over the top while not being over the top, its "pimped out" but doesnt have a killer feature at the same time, its also 109.99€ here and not even in German Amazons Top 100(R300 is placed 25 and R100 29th). Like you know, they should go real bonkers when its that expensive, like, a palm plate with hinges and when you pop it up there is a colour LCD with buttons next to it to set the mouse up including macros, illumination and maybe some mousing stats and idk...
Lets wait and see what the actual Street price will be, while it wont drop as low as the G502, at least they start at the same MSRP, altough i hope that it will drop quite a bit to put some pressure onto the market, the vibration feature also feels like a "i dont want to just copy my former Employers" thing.   Edit: Thinking back, Logitech actually was the first with a vibrating mouse. :/
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