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Inb4 A5050 for 80$ because fanboys will buy it anyway.   Edit: I am also starting to doubt that Xtrfy is swedish, meaning as swedish as Perixx is "german".
FPS are tuned down at lower speeds, there was a thread where this topic was discussed in detail, if i find it i am going to link it.   Also as the thread implies it is only "somewhat objectively", considering that there are more variables than just simply when the signal arrives, e.G. a Sensor that is bad at low speed motion detection isnt necessarily unresponsive once it is in motion, like PLN with CPI Scaling, or 3988 with its higher FPS than the 3310, Precision(as in...
 Yes, altough with slight differences, higher FPS for Example.
 Worse than playing on Console.
 Not much stuff to talk about 3366, except that the lens mounting method is rather worrisome, but fixed by now.
 I´m the proof.
 There is nothing to stay silent about because it uses AM010.
 Input lag with render ahead at 0 is ofc reduced but still higher than other engines, altough i didnt mean that with homework.
 You certainly havent done your homework on that one, lol.
 Lol, that analogy doesnt work, the components of G402 are more expensive than that of DA Chroma for example.
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