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 That actually comes as standard. :D Edit: And they also hide comments that relate them to motospeed.
Does it skip with a FOV of 10?
But what if i lift the back first? SS again finding solutions to problems that dont exist.(anymore)
EM925 Pro would come to mind, not true ambi and "just" 3336, but 130x70x40mm big iirc.
 *differently abled.  In China.
  That would mean that im too stupid to lose on purpose though.   Not sure if the Ventus X RGB or the Gigantus is at fault here, couldnt reproduce it either.
 1000hz has already been confirmed though by the official product page. X8 was actually alright for its time, cursor quality was rather meh, but it was serviceable.
 The new Layout for Giants Shadow Redux, if you havent played incursions, this was the old layout, which gives too many advantages to the british side: 
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