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Are you sure that it is a 3305 one? Because that would mean that they use different lenses for different mice. 2.6 would also be weird value.
A3080 has more anglesnapping 400/1600cpi native, 3305 in A4tech´s package, has rather low malfunction speed, rather low FPS, 1600 and 3200cpi jitter a lot, so pick your poison, you may or may not like one or either of them.Why? Because enotus said it? Those tests dont mean crap.
Everything is relative.
G1xx ---> symmetrical, 4 Buttons G3xx ---> symmetrical, more than 4 buttons G4xx ---> ergonomical, "mid end", not many buttons G5xx ---> ergonomical, "high end" G6xx ---> ergonomical, lots of buttons G7xx ---> "high end" wireless Easy.
Anyone here who wants to take a picture of the PCB?
Well, lets see what 3320 brings us.
Why not do a Kingsis emblem?
I have read that one a long time ago, and as you said people compensate for it if "the alignment is off", thankfully i am able to compensate for it without any problems and imo it would confuse the "insert bad word" out of me if the sensor would be aligned to my wrist, not to mention that my grip changes during gaming so immediate readjustment would be needed, as it stands from my POV, it is personal preference. It might be interesting, but not for me.Also if i want that...
Well yes, but the pinkie "being weak" doesnt only translate to picking it up but also creating force to stop and move the mouse around, especially without palm , altough this isnt the case with the mx500, in the end it is still a preference. "3 Fingers on Top" also causes my wrist to lay flat on the table, which is neither good for my mobility, nor for my hand. Theory is quite nice but real world application is always different. Not to mention that there is no "right...
Somebody has trust issues, but yeah, confirmed.
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