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 Depends on a few factors, both are what i would call "sufficient enough" when used with low cpi, but you have to be careful with 3305 depending on sensitivity as it is available with two different lenses by default, both are also impacted heavily by good/bad Firmware so it depends on the individual product.   That PCB Logo, illuminati confirmed. Much R&D, such work.
 The ones with NXP MCU´s arent saving anything for whatever reason last time i checked, was a while ago though.
 I have expected that it is going to look cheap, but that much....
  Or maybe it is just a sub brand for casual products as stated.
 Ofc, but OP is playing with G502 atm.
Quoted myself, gg.   Edit:   Who stole my Edit Button?  
 Well, it actually doesnt look too bad, would be pretty small though.  
 I would rather advise to get a lighter mouse.
KTEC KTM-9500+ was adjustable from 70-90g iirc.
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