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 And you can actually feel that, on low CPI its very good, just feels slightly worse at (very) low speeds than 3366 to me, depends on the Surface ofc as the Goliathus Control amplifies everything, at higher cpi it definitely feels a bit "loose" or less defined in its path compared to the Pro/3366, but then again its clearly a budget product and high level nitpicking, while i have no A9500 at hand atm iirc the cursorpath of "something special" actually looks better than...
 Yes, no. General answers dont fit imo when talking about "heavy but still reasonable", i personally would never change my sensitivity if i use a heavier or a lighter mouse as it would crap me up more than the weight change. However Ive seen quite a few casual people that try to counter ultra slick surfaces and high sensitivities with higher weight, which imo is just a sign of a very bad/not fitting setup, but thats up to them.  As for thinking about it rationally,...
 ≠same performance  The dynamic between the thumb rest and the very curvy right side makes it feel a lot different to me, as it kind of dictates where i have to put my fingers, its a bit less pronounced on the XTD as there is overall more space, but then again i am in the wrong thread because i would rather like to have a bigger Deathadder. :P
 Just sending emails and money to China ≠ developing. ID looks bad. Tooling looks bad. Price is bad.
 Depends on FW, 2.2m/s sounds like the old A4Tech´s.
 Well, obv. given angle snapping, depends on sensitivity how big the impact is though, also reacts faster than the -A´s, but thats obv. as well. I noticed that mine is dead since a a month ago when i wanted to swap the cable, must be past expiration date i guess.  There wasnt much available at the time of EC-1, either DA 3G/3.5G, the jittery Abyssus, the MLT04´s, or a rather picky 6090 mouse, CM Spawn was a joke in the beginning that was only useable at 1800cpi and 125hz,...
  ^ Its only happening in wireless mode.
 Well. :P At the time i mentioned it i obv.didnt know why or place exactly why i felt that way, as  i am not using mousetester when i get asked to test stuff as it could cloud my judgement, didnt impact my gameplay, but i also dont like it as it feels more choppy or like a loss of (ingame)fps. Probably not worth mentioning in slow games.
 But what keycaps do they have on the q button?  Im rather surprised that nobody with a controller has shown up yet.
  Year and week.  Well, at least its more of a FPS than world of tank watch, altough the classes as they are could potentially create a similar playstyle/reliance.
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