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It is nice that they have tweaked the suppression mechanics, however they apparently have forgotten about the horrible flinching that is still in the game.....
 Well, some Aussies have gotten free trips to cologne and money from EA in BF4.
 Technically there is, the matchmaking is trying to find players/server based on the Skill stat, however it can only work with what is available, same as with autobalance on the server, People want close to perfect balance but that is only achievable via proper and only matchmaking, but at the same time people dont want to have their squads split up(5[or more..] fun clan guys are also destroying the balance), kicked off the server for the sake of searching new players, or...
 Actually, there were three.
  Its a two edged sword though, there were only a handful of servers where i had the guarantee of not getting kicked or banned.
 A good fit however alleviates the problem of weight.
 ? While uninteresting for most people here, R500 was released in September. As for why the Prism mice arent out yet, one can only speculate, one possiblity is that the lineup and direction is getting reviewed as competitors are able to sell their 100$+ mice quite well, while when you take a glance at Amazon charts it seems like their best selling Product is the R100, and R700 doesnt even make it into the Top 100(and no, its not because its a brick, but its just too much...
 IMO the low speed behaviour makes it relatively easy, the way it apparently handles fps also makes it feel different to me during direction changes.  I also seem to be one of the few around here that actually prefer the tweaks over the G100s and the MX300, it feels less "alien".
 So basically you just want a ~100g mouse? Im sorry, but no brand can please everyone. And Ino already explained the "why" to you, people care more about features than weight.
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