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AltoughIndeed, thats the way i like it as well, if the cable is too flexible and you reposition the mouse you might land on the cable, or you just kind of throw it around everytime you stop the mouse after a swipe, i actually liked DA 3.5g´s cable.
Brasil, i would assume.
The way you wrote your sentence probably made electro even more confused than before, thats why i posted it, would have been easier to just say its about cursor behaviour and not about withstanding physical acceleration.Not exactly redundant, the high numbers are, not acceleration in itself because speed ≠ acceleration, how exactly it affects the tracking can probably be better explained by someone else than me.
Time to get myself a camera i guess.
Thats far in the past with the 3G´s.
You know "sharp" and sharp, its not like you can cut your self with it, but if you position your ringfinger on the edge you can actually rub your skin of, a few years ago when i switched from 3.0 to DA it actually got to the point where my finger started bleeding, think of something like blisters.
While it is indeed pre 30-Tick, the Problems have nothing to do with the tickrate unfortunately, no hits at all and "false" hitmarkers cannot be explained by tickrate, the spread actually isnt actually a problem at all if you have "reg", insane desync and server memory leak, are just the icing on the cake, actual results on personal level can differ widely for many people between rounds, and for me at least, the last patch just made everything worse, and no its not my...
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