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If i would list all A4tech´s and their revisions and Gen.2´s and whatever, i would get old. RX250 and similar are not on the list because they are office mice, conflicts with the thread title, and who would use it anyway considering that G100s is out there.
Actually, it is. Money + Time Issue.Many Players are proving that it is, if they are performing to their fullest is another story.The illumination method isnt the issue.Well it can be, but its often more than that, depending on various factors.Nope, can change due to various factors, for example the way the laser diode is made.
You should look again, maybe this time in the right section.
The other 99,9% who are not on OCN, they have already brought out the G100s, which is very niche, so logical step was bringing out something like the G502.Innovation, maybe, maybe not, but i like that they make investments and take risks.
Yeah, these lines are just too short, i can make DB 3g look less "angly" when im doing it slow and smooth, also these "1pixel corners" are quite suspicious,so yeah, your choice to take the risk or not, if they have changed the firmware, i have missed it.
IR-7572 and M05 had Angle Snapping, so maybe, maybe not, chances are quite high that it will come with Angle Snapping.
PAW 3305 with 1.0x lense, judging by specs.
ps/2 works via Interrupt requests iirc, but i havent dug further into it.
I´ll just quote "youknowwho".
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