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 I had to make it memes.  The pricepoint makes it sad.
 Just to mention it, you need to add STM32 to find it on google,  same as the Xornet II.
Neither the Cougar mice nor the Rival 100 have Rubbersides.   G402 might be worth a try, as the ridge isnt as pronounced as on previous designs, it only has true rubber on the right side, but even if you lose grip you can practically lift it with the sidebuttons.   Another Option would be the Epic Gear Zora, which has actually a pretty nice shape, rubber on both sides, but it is heavy, its tracking is sub par, and generally not worth the money from an objective...
So much stuff to buy, i already bought 250m, X5o, Rival 100 and Zora this month. :(     And i havent even bought Video and Audio recording equipment yet. :/
Well, whatever works, i personally am used to tilting my KB under the monitor, it isnt uncomfortable to me either, however i want to try "russian style" sometime soon, because it looks particularly comfortable.  
 Nah, thats just PLN.
 Horror stories as in? Its just PLN with limited malfunction speed.   On a sidenote: Thanks for mentioning the source whoever you are...
Lens looks like 2120.   Edit: No guaranty tho, given angled low res picture.
3m´s? Are they serious?
 Well, in a way we are talking 80´s tech here.
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