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 Replacing as in swapping it out with another one, not re-placing it as in reassembling it another time.
 Which kind of exists, just as a bundle and with A3050 though.
Well, lets wait and see how it works out, i am actually intrigued by the longer shell because it overall has a soft arch, unlike something like the ZA11 for example.  That is a good question, it also seems like they are scrapping the "storm" brand.
Whats the tl;dr on the important stuff besides the "Not our fault if mice arent tracking on it"?
 I only got to 66 due to a lack of time/motivation besides the usual training. Edit: I also had the msot fun in weeks with the McCree Buff, but now its back to plain old FTH for the most part. Another Edit: Done with PGM btw.
 You also shoudnt forget that the models turn and have animations with lots of leaning, and as every more or less clientside game, it seems to "dislike" average connections.    Well, it all comes down to the individual, i use 400/7(dunno what that equates to) and have no problems. (also shoutout to youtube for cutting away the biggest part of the video)  
imo   a: deal with it   or   b: dont use A9800 derivatives
 If Mc´s left click has spread, it must be minimal considering that you can hit widow from the other end of the map. Also for me personally the hitboxes are a bit behind regardless of tickrate, and some people tested them and they were pretty close to the model size, however for me they tend to lag behind a bit. Technically Zarya´s  left click also requires precise tracking outdamaging the right click if you hit close to everything. And just to mention it, soldier atm is...
  Precise aiming, meh, its more required on public, in comp play everything else matters far more, especially given the meta,where for the most part only one guy truly has to aim in the first place.
 Then kiss it at the butt and then on the front if you cant feel it with your hand, or play harder, :>, regardless, in the case of the Alcor having 5 people experience the same is anything but placebo.
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