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 Input lag with render ahead at 0 is ofc reduced but still higher than other engines, altough i didnt mean that with homework.
 You certainly havent done your homework on that one, lol.
 Lol, that analogy doesnt work, the components of G402 are more expensive than that of DA Chroma for example.
Looks a bit too flexible. :/
 Actually Logitech was one of the first to use PTE, and that also counts for every PTE, altough we are talking really slow.
 A3060 and a9500.
 Same casing as 3090, not much has to be changed.
 There are ways around it, heat treatment for example.
 His post referred to 3310 being the source of the weight increase(if measured weight is even accurate), which cant be.
 Weight is basically the same.
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