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  Indeed, altough mapdesign certainly is rather bloated, weapon/class balance seems to have been halfway decently thought out(except some stuff like the gas grenade), i also like how the m320 isnt OHK. I actually dislike the overall Damagemodel, but despite that, i think that it simply is more enjoyable for infantry, vehicles are support for infantry, unlike previous BF´s where it was the other way around.
 Well, fair enough. :D As for the Topic i think ROG GX850 and all of the other mice which are using this shell are kind of a longer, Ergonomic version of the Dell, altough they only come with A6090 or A9500, and its been a few years since i held one of these.
 That depends on your Hand Size. :P Im more interested in doing a ergonomic version as well (i guess @Menthalion is sticking to ambidextrous), the only problem i have is how it interacts with the narrowed buttons as it would shift the fingerplacement a bit to the right. Im not really a fan of Ringfingerrests but i think in this case something similar to Spawn with less width and higher would work well.
  How low you can go with Huano Switches is also a question.
@CeeSA, showing him those pictures is just cruel.
 So you want to make it asymmetrical to your liking?
 So basically just a flat pinky rest?
No surprise actually.
 I wouldnt get too excited considering how the DRTCM37 performed.
 Maybe a tiny bit lower.  
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