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 Using a Point system and a timelimit would have been good enough, the rush section with 25 tickets just stretches one match far too much and the gamemode doesnt really need it either. I also prefer the way Frontlines was done in Frontlines/Hoemfront, where you have two to three cap areas at the same time, and when the front shifts you have two to three cap areas in another part of the map again.
 Just because i am quoting you, doesnt mean that i want to refute your point(at least in this case).    But we arent buying sensors, that 3310 isnt on the same level as 3360 in raw specs is obv. not the case, but i rather see it as a "raised potential limit", not a given, 3310 itself is a good example as the KPM shows what is possible with it, but taking "care" for a 3310 product is redundant in the first place though, except when the whole product line is using it. And...
  Depends on the viewpoint and usage case(e.g. 3320 with 1m/360° wont work), at the very least i think people can agree on that there better options in certain cases, especially given the pricepoint of certain products. As for ingame performance it also depends on the (literal) viewpoint as well, when i uploaded gameplay with the PTSDGear Zora, Ino mentioned that he was barely seeing any difference, which is partly due to 60fps and compression masking the jitter, but...
 How dare you expect anything for your money, you just have to get good at CS, because everyone plays CS, right?
 They are just swedish.
 Well, two reasons, in BC2 and BF3 they did the conceptual map layout first and then build the map around it, in BF4 and BF1 its the opposite, and it can be seen on serveral maps where the flag placement makes a lot less sense, and the sizes of villages etc. doesnt add up to the gameplay.And more importantly, BC2 and BF3 had CQ small/medium, which obv. plays better, a lot of the hate for vehicles comes from the fact that there aretoo many per player, while at the same the...
Or you can just order 5 3360 for 65€ at codico, which would be 13€ for a 3360.
 cm/360 are important in this regard, Malfunction speed on cloth is unfortunately relatively low.
 Well, with daniels idea nothing changes in regards to the forum, it would just simply be a centralized Infocache, but i dont know if OCN can provide the necessary structure.
 Depends on Surface and sensitivity settings.
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