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Nice firetruck BTW
Where's your motherboard? I think you connected all your cooling to a stamp Considering how much space is inside that case, I'd call it an air cooled pc
Similar scenario: As Comcast walks out of a posh restaurant on the better side of town, it checks its pocket while waiting for the valet. As it struggles around in a pocket full of cash, it wonders to itself, did I just lose my quarter?
The problem is that it's most likely not just looking at graphics cards. 8 times seems like it wouldn't be a problem for someone who buys prebuilt computers but what about people who don't? Maybe it looks at all hardware in total. What if you get rid of or add an optical drive? What if you replace your HDD with an SSD or add more HDD space? Sound card? Esata/usb cards? Ram? Want to upgrade your cpu? It really adds up if it looks at every little upgrade especially within...
Honestly, between green and red, I'd go with red. Reds actually have very similar ratings as the greens on Amazon, maybe even slightly better. The main difference between them is the reds have better error recovery but the main reason to get them is they have an extra year of warranty over the greens. I always do a full scan on all my drives a month before the warranty expires and I send back any of them that have errors just to get a fresh drive after the longest period...
It was a suggestion at using a cable that does the conversion for you rather than an adapter which would lead to two possible points of failure. I wasn't saying you HAVE to buy this cable. It was only an example, if the "maybe something like" part didn't go through.
Instead of an adapter, why not try a straight up cable? Maybe something like this
Had a glitch. I closed the browser while having the options window open. I then closed the options window after. After that, opening up the browser would only bring up the options window but no browser. The only thing I could figure out was to reinstall. Tested it twice, it seems to be like that every time.
All replies have been repped, thanks a lot everyone. Now to find a way to afford 6tb reds
Yeah, these drives are for storage only and the most active the drives ever are, are when I transfer files back and forth. Second hardest thing they do is play 1080p movies/shows so it's not going to be of high actual use. They will be on for many hours a week though since I rarely turn my computer off. As you mentioned blacks having a longer warranty, I am aware but cannot afford to replace so many simple storage drives with blacks which is why I'm contemplating reds....
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