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In! Thanks for the giveaway! Congrats on sobriety! giving up something chemical can be really hard/harsh! It takes great bravery and courage to give up on an addiction but you are better without it! This would go in my spare rig! which would replace a 8800gt! lol.
Hello Guys Just put my MSI reference 7950 boost under a uniblock and want to up this sucker more. I am voltage locked at 1.25v @ 1100mhz was wanting to get a little further with more voltage anyway I can do that?   Asic is a whopping 60.3% Not sure how to mod bioses but I dled the tool in the OP and well i am not sure it does what I want it to do lol.
Depending on the game 1080p @ 144 can be pretty tough but overall 1440p is harder to run. Its almost double the pixels you have to render.
The cheapest modern card you can find. Imo.
Depends on the GPU if they were flashed or not. (I.E flashed for more voltage, Clocks, ETC) and yes they were run on full load for long hours that would far exceed a normal gaming session.
In for the motherboard! Will pay for the shipping and time! (don't know if that is allowed). If i win I'll trade win10 keys. If that is allowed. I've been on the fence on upgrading to either x99 or z170 This would make it a lot easier to decide lol. but of course good luck to everybody!
Trust Prime95 + Open hardware monitor or realtemp. Don't trust anything by Asus (Software wise)
Only in certain cases that are really Ram intensive. Gaming wise you will most likely see 5% in the best case.Ram disks and the like is where quad channel takes the cake but even then I doubt you can see the difference between dual and quad.
A hyper 212 isn't enough for a -E type processor. You would want to go for the higher end of Noctua and the like. You would want to trust prime as that puts 100% load and stresses the processor all the way.
In! Thanks for the give away!
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