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Depends on your temperatures under load. If you wanted to you could do that.
Yup that port is the inlet port.The pump isn't sucking in air. I mean if it was wouldn't the air bubbles be everywhere? or in the outlet tube?Completely filled it up and it's still about the same. But ill let it sit a few more days to see.Thanks for the help!
So I am using Mayhems pastel red coolant and for about a week now I still get bubbles on the lowest part of my loop I have been putting pressure on the tubes to get the bubbles out but they still occur. Any Idea what they could be? (There are no bubbles anywhere else and I have a D5 pump setting to 4.5, Increasing doesn't help). [[SPOILER]]
This.Also make sure you have cup of really hot water to dip the ends of tubes in to help slide those hoses on because it is quite the struggle.
No, it is not.
Swap the cpu cooler to a vertical orientation rather than a horizontal one. Add more fans either to the front or back. Both is possible. Your gpu is dumping air onto the case and the air i feel isnt being transferred fast enough, also your cpu is sucking hot air from the back of your gpu, which would contribute to the issue.
I get 8x/8x which wermad said is also true. It hasnt effected me so i am going to say it wont affect you.
Yeah there is one near where i live and i couldnt believe they have ek stuff lol.
Sounds like you got it. Good luck!
The single port is the top, (fillport) unless you have it laying horizontally. Then the ports on the otherside go to your pump (outlet). And the one with the silver pipe is going to be where your water goes into (inlet).
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