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Have you tried and antlion mic? ( i think thats what their called)? They attach to your headset and they are pretty well reviewed.
Uninstall drivers. Reseat card in the pci-e slot. (take it out and put it back in) Reinstall drivers. If same thing happens try a different pcie slot.
you have to use offset voltages if you are able to. At least thats how ivy works I am not sure about DC/Haswell but it should work the same.
International people?
The amp and these infinities would be pretty good for openers.While monitor speakers are nice, their sound is usually very neutral due to them being "studio monitors"
Have you read through This? the Lepai Is a decent starting point for an amp bookshelfs would be on the list provided. Its a good starting point.
Would be quite the road trip but I am in!
Got one thanks!!
No problem.Good luck with your endeavors
professional use?If so she would be better off with an i7.if not then it should be faster than what she is using right now.But overclocking would help regardless.
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