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No I completely understand!To clarify, the case on the front supports eithera 200mm fan2 x 140mm fan's2 x 120mm fan'sNow I already replaced the 200mm fan with 2 x 140mm Noctua ippc 3000's.Is that enough to offset the 3 exhausts? or should I flip things around.There is a 240mm rad on top along with a 120mm rad at the rear.
yeah with SVID off you cannot use adaptive. You will have to settle with offset or manual voltage control. The huge variance of voltage you are getting has to do with your LLC setting.
I do have 3 more AP-15's but I am not sure if putting them in the front would be better as I assume 120mm
Just looking for some advice on fans as I don't really know much about them.This is what I have set up right now:What I have so far in the case.I have a 240mm rad on top the restriction is pretty high as there are just small vents on top, all the exhaust from the rad goes to the back.In the front I have right now is 2 x 140mm thermaltake Riing fansI have some NF-A14 iPPC-3000 PWM coming and I am wondering If I made the wrong choice....Goals:Want to improve airflow from the...
g2 hands down.
Sold! Thanks again ocn!!
Selling a lightly used MSI r7950 OC/BE card comes in the original box has most of the accessories. Paypal looking to get $95.00 shipped. Exact Model
Kingpin. But it had multiple tiers based on ASIC quality.
Just did it using this technique.Tried to ise a 3d printed tool but it caved under the pressure so thanks!!
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