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Thanks Duality. any other input or is Duality pretty spot on?
Up for sale are two of my systems as I am moving across the country lugging around 2 systems is just a no go. Looking to downsize. Will take paypal and If needed to sign up with other payment services I'll try to accommodate These are prices without shipping. i7 3770k - Been delidded with CLU bought about when launch and delidded same day. Ran underwater since day 1. Maximus V Extreme - traded with another OCN user for a MVG has most of the original items but don't...
Thanks guys plus rep for you both! Can I get a break down of individual worth?
Looking to Downsize as I am moving across the country and yeah Thanks in advance. System 1: 3770k Delidded with CLU MVE 4x4gb of samsung "wonder ram" System 2: 3570k Delidded with CLU Maximus IV Gene gen3 2x4gb of samsung wonder ram MSI ref HD 7950 Was thinking around 350 ish for system 1 if i sold it as a whole no idea for system 2 thanks again guys!
Can never have to many mech keyboards I am in!
Heard this game is pretty good. I'll have a go at my luck!
in for one of the 7970 blocks!
I think this is the case where it seems like it downloading but its just running checks on the files. I've seen it do this for a few of my games that I have moved.... Butttt i could be wrong.
settings>downloads>steam library folders.
Just be aware that z87 is not compatible with 1155 slot either.
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