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Well i have a samsung, amazon basics, sandisk and i would say what ever is cheaper and the class speed you need.
Gpu-z screen?
I have had my ripper xxl since ~2007 and its now starting to curl will grab another thanks!
Definitely! After getting my Cosmos S (in like 2006?) seeing the Cosmos Pure Black announced just made my Cosmos S seem Lame lol. But the Handle Bars prove to be quite helpful just wish I could still get the 4 in 3 HDD caddys for them. So I could turn it into a NAS Case at least.
yeah I have a Cosmos S and I refuse to give it up in hopes that I can use it someday for something lol.
Here is a better shot of the legends on the varmilo. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah i figured as much well i am going to have a splitter fir all of them and ill report back i suppose.
Kinda but even in single pass if you have Good flow it shouldn't really matter you should be fine for what you want to do.
Already told you in the other thread you wont see a difference.... But I'll wait for others if you dont believe me... I would sell whichever one would net me the most money. If extra space doesn't matter.
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