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Both sold thanks ocn!
Deadfall Adventures please!
Up for sale is Both of my Powercolor PCS+ Boost state 7950's Run stock all its life (So don't ask me what they clock to.) Run in crossfire so the lower one in the pictures was mostly Idle Any other questions shoot me a pm Wanting to let it go for $125.00 Those are prices Shipped. Paypal only Please! Appraisal thread Sold One!
Thanks, stubass as always you are a wealth of 2nd hand price knowledge
As the title says I have two powercolor PCS+ boost versions of the 7950 and a reference msi 7950 They are all reference boards all of their life stock and gaming Was thinking $120-$130 shipped for the pcs+ and $110 for the reference maybe $330 all together? Have all the original boxes and all the accessories. Reason For Sale: Thinking about getting a gtx980
Alright just caught up on the spread sheet lol going through a few hundred posts though. Should I edit the title to reflect ivy/haswell as well?
PCS+'s Can have Elpida's and Hynix's depends on your luck. Heres a pic of my PCS+ But Great guide!
I am going to say the AMD is better. I remember hearing the p4(netburst) was not very good at all....
how can they refuse?Ill have to go there and ask i suppose. Thanks for the info though!and on the phone IR thing I already edited my post but thanks guys lol.
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