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you got a little unlucky?SC's also vary widely... I doubt you would've gotten one around the 73's range maybe high 60's
Yeah you have to uninstall the everything (nvidia related)Install Geforce experience only linkThen install the drivers using the geforce experience and then it should show up on the top right.
can't that is max.
So you are watercooling the top of the card and the probe is on the back? well that is your reason for the different temps. The core reading of your card is 35c but the rear of the card is a different territory all together. so its 45c? thats about normal for TX with backplates.
error in reading. you shouldn't trust software readings as they aren't accurate at all. If it was really spiking to those voltages. your CPU would either be toast or your board would shut down in response.
may be your cpu overclock? Have you tried increasing the voltage on the cards?
Yeah I Have an r7000 and its been amazing its been about 6 months only reboots have been FW updates. which have been twice. No drops strong signal its been great!.@coachmark2 Is your man to ask. But I think his recommendations will be the same.....This is what he says is recommended.
I would recommend the r7000 would be a good bet Or like you said the AC3200 or the R8000 is good too.
Differences can be pretty large but its probably mostly an SLI voltage issue that may need to be fixed via bios modding. I ran 2x980's on an AX750 so you are good on that part. Alone they wouldn't do fine together but with bios modding forcing them to the same voltage I as able to hit 1500's
I would say just wait and get 2 980ti's imo. But to answer your question. Definitely 2 TX rather than 3 980's Scaling is going to be horrible for 3 cards.
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