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Alright just caught up on the spread sheet lol going through a few hundred posts though. Should I edit the title to reflect ivy/haswell as well?
PCS+'s Can have Elpida's and Hynix's depends on your luck. Heres a pic of my PCS+ But Great guide!
I am going to say the AMD is better. I remember hearing the p4(netburst) was not very good at all....
how can they refuse?Ill have to go there and ask i suppose. Thanks for the info though!and on the phone IR thing I already edited my post but thanks guys lol.
Hmm I am also looking towards getting a new phone as i still have my iphone 4. But does the HTC one really not have the infrared (so i can use it as a remote for my tv)? Watched a review it does have the infrared. lol. So if I am grandfathered into my "unlimited data" via ATT does that translate to 4g usage as well?
Sorry guys I haven't been updating due to finals. I will start updating once its over sooo yea just give me a little more time guys!
lol they are 13lbs? I guess you are right.It still is a feather weight compared to my older H/k 775 mono amp for my sub. lol.
Technically it would be better to make a slight space between the rad and fan to allow a more even air pattern to penetrate the rad rather than just wasting the huge circle in the middle.Depends if you can make the "sealing" work. If not just cut it out i suppose lol.
I am thinking you could use something to "seal" the gap as long as your fans are still being attached to the rad. by sealing I am thinking of a material that you kinda line the doors leading to the outside with... I don't really have the name on hand...... lol.... If your fans aren't being attached to the rad then yes it would be a problem as the Air wont really penetrate the Rad.
What is it subpar to? around its price range ~120ish.Saying something is subpar is also very subjective. Are there better products for a higher price? of course there are.Is there a problem with people sharing experiences about a product that is "subpar" in your eyes? there shouldn't be.Heck I am rocking an H/K 1700 that went on sale recently for $200 and it weights the same as that Yamaha media center thingy. Does the job i need it to do quite nicely.But most modern H/K...
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