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There is no way of knowing. You just do core first then work on memory.
until he flashes.and then asks the same question again.Everyones 24/7 is going to be different depending on the person and the card.There is no x clock is 24/7 gaming clock. Its up to you. Do YOU feel safe at that point. If so then THAT is your 24/7 clock. No one can tell you.If you can't make that decision yourself well .... you have bigger things to worry about then.
noIts just a hair under 4k just look at those. and just assume a 15-20% increase in frames.
If it can run a 780Ti it can certainly run a 290x.It just barely uses less than an OG titan which is around what a 780Ti would pull so its about the same.(Overclocked is a different story)Gsync or Freesync is a question these days which blows because it locks you in.but the 290x would edge out both of your choices, it would also be cheaper. He would be able to run higher resolution monitors without having to choke which most poorly coded ports really eat up the vram....
780ti barely edges out the 970. I mean its still a very relevant card. Can he not fit a 290x? because thats what I would choose. Its even cheaper than the options you have provided. Unless you give him a better "bro" discount. lol.
Should list what MHZ you are boosting too core/memory I think you are around 1400's/ 4000 in memory? Sounds pretty average on stock bios.
Gtx 970 has my vote for the extra 0.5gb of memory No red?
KuuFA - 3770k @ 4.8 - Titan - X @ 1501 / 4000 - 16581 - 3/26/15 Need to get my 5.0/ memory timings for benching down.
Yeah misread his post....... but I think my original statement holds true.
I don't think you realize that NV doesn't produce products for overclocking purposes. They send out a product that beats their previous products stock for stock. Its up to the end user to OC and see where the performance lies. Stock for stock Maxwell beats last gen while sipping on power. You are trying to do an OC kepler to stock maxwell. That's being unfair. Thats like saying well my 5.2ghz sandy bridge beats a stock Devil's Canyon. It just doesn't work that...
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