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Well the build you have has a 2 fold problem there.I think what would help everyone here is your budget.By upgrading your processor doesn't give your GPU more horsepower, It just gives it potential to work with.
You have to realize that not all pentiums will clock to 4.7 with reasonable voltages.Overall your build is pretty budget the GPU will have to struggle a bit to get the 60 avg frames you want on ultra. (I suspect in a firefight or when a building collapses you will dip far below the avg).
Well you are going to be rinsing right? Usually I let the solution sit for awhile maybe like 30min ~ 1 hr and then I flush.PT nuke is widely recommended. Silver coil is pretty popular too.Both with use of distilled water of course.
This is the Ten Keyless version which doesn't include the numberpad.Keyboards come in 3 different sizes?FullTenkeyless60%I think those are all.
Is your memory set at 1866mhz? It shows that you are set to 2x667 which turns out to be ~1333 might be your problem? this is my result although I am clocked slightly higher:
I usually use a 10:1; water:vinegar ratio when rinsing/cleaning rads and blocks, Ill disassemble the blocks and clean them with a soft tooth brush after soaking them in the solution after awhile. Then just rinse with some distilled water and you are good to go!
so it looks like a HD 5770 What is the motherboard model? MSI afterburner can help you with the GPU overclock. You will have to go into bios for the CPU. Not sure if you can get far with the i5 650 as I never had that generation of cpu before.
Well what would help is if you gave us a bit more detail in your computer specs: Is it custom built? What is the motherboard model? The graphics card model? (You posted Radeon HD 5700 but the last 2 numbers are usually never 00 you might need to download GPU-Z)
Both sold thanks ocn!
Deadfall Adventures please!
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