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yup normal 8x 8x for that mobo. and for Ivy or Sandy anyway.
Roll off the slot and use a gift?
Yeah WW barbs are ridiculous lol. Saders are fun for their big crits but they do not do AOE dmg lol.
Cool I am in I need to start backing up my computers.
What I would first say is the Software DSR that would introduce some stutter. Second would be the 4.4ghz for 2x970's that would choke it up a bit.
This! There is no scalar on the korean monitors that dont have multi inputs. Like dp and hdmi.
Totally in!!
free 2 day shipping. Basically on select products.But never was 2 day for me. so YMMVAlso free if you have an AMEX card. (At least for my card it is)
GPUPI supports not only GPUs, but also CPU calculations. It needs at least OpenCL 1.x with double precision support.Titan x have 1/32 DP support so I am not surprised.
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