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While the 3DS is not an utter failure, he was making the point that it is by far the least success Nintendo handheld. It also doesn't look like it will continue to sell well into the near future either as sales growth for the handheld have flatlined near 1.4% growth. This is most likely because of the shift in how mobile gaming is viewed now that tablets and smartphones are the norm.From Wikipedia
Looking for a SSD in the 100 to 130 dollar range - around 480 gigs The Scandisk Ultra II 480 looks like its the best. Thoughts? Amazon Link
Hello Everyone, I would like to make an emulator system for a friend's birthday gift. He is a huge retro games fan and has a collection of over 400 NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. games. I have done extensive research and I have come across these options. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on what route to go: 1. Raspberry Pi 3 - $60 total - 4 player support, Maybe up to N64 games (Quad core)? 2. Rasberry Pi Zero - $25 - Only up to SNES Games (Single Core), Not sure...
Wonder how long it will take to make RetroPie work on this 64 bit chip. Would this be fast enough to run PS1 or higher emulators?
My HD 6870 is still rocking a lot of games on high settings so I can't help but feel a little neglected. Plus it's not like I had great driver support for the last 5 years....looking at you AMD
I wonder if there will be more 500gb SSDs on sale for Black Friday. I need one but I'm waiting to see...Also, MLC is probably worth the extra money
Yep, had 2 games yesterday that demonstrate this perfectly.Game 1: top 3 spots my team e25s vs 3 heavy tanks + Ccty map = Ass handed to meGame 2: top 3 spots my team e25s vs 3 heavy tanks + open map = Ass handed to them
is this site legit?
Does this take into account that AMD is in 100% of this generation consoles? Doesn't this give them a sizable percentage of market share in gaming GPUs?
At the last update, only 19 points separates us from Free-DC!
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