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I agree that it will get nerfed back to earth as it outclasses even medium tanks with its speepd and dpm
Love eve, but they lost me at 800+ million ISk per month
Boinc overall points are somewhat meaningless (aka for amazing competitions). Its more about the points for each individual project that you really care about.I don't have a lot of points because the 2 projects I care about are mostly CPU based: World Community Grid and TheSkyNet POGSP.S. - Finrond I'm coming for you You took over my top spot on the OCN POGS team
Thanks for the info. I signed up for the 5 free classes. It was easy
I think it is OS X specific, because it looks like it doesn't matter whats in the file (although I could be wrong)This is the error message:Deleting this file that I edited allows Boinc to run normally. I have also tried changing the permission on the file without any luck
I get permission errors when launching Boinc when adding this:verbose=1items_per_kernel=10kernels_per_reduction=9threads=8sleep=1build_options=-Werrorto this file in my application data folder of bionicmini_collatz_6.06_x86_64-apple-darwin__opencl_intel_gpu.configDo I also need a app_config.xml file somewhere?
How do you set the gpu.config file to use less gpu? That file is empty for me
anyway to set gpu usage on an intel integrated gpu on OS X? Anyway to configure a gpu_config file? I would run collatz on my Macbook Air but it gets to hot. I'm at 9,000 points for this BGB Sucks to only run CPU apps
What is the best "low impact" GPU project for a AMD 6870? I tried my classic Moo! Wrapper but it is causing my faulty card to crash. I remember poem@home being good but they don't have any GPU tasks it seems at the moment. Any high PPD CPU Projects?
Update: Do not run any intel GPU projects on your macbook air! Running only 1 gpu task shot it over 100C I can actually run 4 cpu tasks under 92C which is within the limits
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