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I actually think that the St. Emil and the t28 Prototype fall in the same category of being not good at all....I just really want the t30 and the death cannon
any t28 prototype fans? I just unlocked it and now I'm trying to figure out how to play it and how to get the top modules fastest.
Signed up. I hope I can get my 8 core up and running but I don't have high hopes. Anyone find any good free VPS that we could run trials on for the duration of the event?
There is definitely some truth to the driver issues. I am an AMD gpu supporter and will continue to buy them for their generally better prices, but I have had 2 large driver issues in the past 2 years. I aways am afraid to upgrade my driver from one that is working perfectly (hence why I am still on 14. 5
Completely agree. Thats why I already purchased an SSD for either option.The conundrum is that server hardware is usually more robust and has longer term reliability, but is used for who knows how many hours. Replacing parts means several days of downtime while the order comes in.For the same price I can buy cheap consumer level hardware that is new (with no proven reliability), easily replaceable at the local store, but has much lower level performance (4 core xeon vs amd...
I am worried about purchasing used server hardware because if something fails its expensive to replace or hard to find parts quickly. What are your thoughts on that?
I am building a untangle firewall/web filter with the AMD AM1 5350 that is low power and small. I cannot find an itx case that supports using an intel pro 1000 dual ethernet nic. Any suggestions?
As I am in Europe, I used to look for similar items and found a used server company that offers these: are you thoughts on those?
Completely agree. MM is a joke.I consider myself an average player that shoots for just over 50% win ratio; which is fine perfect for me.I HATE loosing games because of bots. It seems every 4th game I get a top tier bot that ruins the game.If you see me in game, yell at me or shoot me right through the front glacis because I play german torches
I a looking at building a PFSense router for a small school. I need to spend as little as possible but I need it to run snort for up to 200 users and 100mb download. The option that I have found are: 1. The atom quad core board with dual lan around $90 2. AMD quad core AM1 build...
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