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I think that might have more to do with the art direction of this particular FF. Check out this thread for a great look into the art behind it and why a HD remake would be amazing:
Really? Compared to this?The textures are much smoother which allows you to see more detail in the characters
Playing FFIX on an emulator right now. With the graphics turned up, it looks phenomenal. It's too bad that a version with this quality of graphics isn't released on PSN for PS3/PS4/Vita FFVI - iOS - 10 hours through (borrowed on a friends) FFVII - PS1 - made it halfway (own) FFVIII - PS1 - Made it halfway (own) FFIX - PS1 - in progress (own)
Well I had to focus on just WCG this Pentathlon, but I hope I made I a dent with 121,000 Doesn't seem like a lot compared to GPU tasks
Do you know if you can filter by specific days?
Can we make a custom points page with each project?
Most Distributed Computing has this same system as it needs to valid your results
I had no idea there were that many in the game. Good Job!
not a fun time to play at all.Did 5000 dmg in my e75 while blocking 7000 and my team still got steam rolled.
Just added a Mac Pro with 2 x E5620 crunching WCG. I'm going to stick with that as the cancer marker project hits close to home.
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