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is this site legit?
Does this take into account that AMD is in 100% of this generation consoles? Doesn't this give them a sizable percentage of market share in gaming GPUs?
At the last update, only 19 points separates us from Free-DC!
Fire up those machines! We are only 13,795 away from dropping to 20th by the Free-DC team
OCN is currently in 17th place!
can anyone tell me how much Vram you need for VHQ? I'm running 1gb and it seems to be maxed out
very slowly stacking up some finished work units with my now antiquated HD 6870
Registered. Might be too hot here to run much for long
I think that might have more to do with the art direction of this particular FF. Check out this thread for a great look into the art behind it and why a HD remake would be amazing:
Really? Compared to this?The textures are much smoother which allows you to see more detail in the characters
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