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Thanks for the info. I will definitely be downloading this as the damage stats would be helpful and the target markers.Just to make sure, is this type of mod allowed? I don't want to get my account banned by accidentally installing an illegal mod
I like his UI setup. It makes it easier to see how much damage your doing and where your aiming. I wonder why thats not the default
Alright so I have heard a lot of recommendations for French Tanks, USSR tanks, and the T18 American tank. Any German Tank recommendations as thats the lines I have already started grinding through?
That's great advice, thanks. How do you typically scout and not die?Also, I'm going for "fun" tanks and tanks I think are cool. I'm not going for tier 10, maybe a tiger then start another line
I just heard they were harder to play. Problem with doing multiple lines is you don't advance very fast
Just started playing this game last week and I'm addicted. I love history so I'm grinding through the german tanks despite them being harder to play. Currently using PZ III A LT and going for the DW2 HT (I heard it sucks but I have to use it to get to the really good german tanks). I'm also enjoying sniping with my Marder 38t TD Any tips for a newcomer?
That's really unfortunate, but I have heard of things like this happening. It sounds like they advertised the regular RK3188 chip, but you actually got the RK3188T chip which is a cheaper and lower clocked chip.I have also heard that it really only runs at top speed when using 1 core and lowers the clocks when using more. I am not sure if this is heat related or just how these chips work.Better luck next time I guess!
Has anyone tried installing Boinc on these devices? I wanted to know if they can handle running on all cores at 100% or if they throttle due to heat issues. I figure they would make great low cost, low energy use crunchers for World Community Grid if they could take the heat.
I was wondering if there was any way of creating a mobile boinc instance on a usb? I have looked for one and haven't found it. I have admin rights over a lot of computers but don't want to install or even have boinc running on all the computers all the time, but I am OK with having it run while I'm working on a particular one so I can make sure heat and computer responsiveness is at a reasonable level. Most are OSX and I need to work using OSX, not rebooting into Linux...
They look like a great deal and have a lot of great reviews, but are they better than the $200 airport extremes that we currently have?
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