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Just got my first 100% perk on my PZ IV - H! Six sense is amazing and really changes how you play situations.
290 is much cheaper and almost as good as the 970 + free games290x is slighter better and the same price as the 970 + free gamesuntil Nvidia drops prices, I think AMD is competitive this season
Just updated my catalyst drivers from 14.4 to 14.9.1 and it seems to give me a performance increase of 10fps or higher. Anyone else notice this?
You are right about the t-34-1, it looks amazing stats wise, much better than the worthless t-43. Problem is I already was a ways down the soviet line. The t-34 85 looks like it is better than the type 58 as it has more alpha on the top gun.
I'm bored with heavies....what's a good t6 or t7 medium to work towards? t-34 85?
Amazing deal. I've had one for the last 3 years and it keeps my 2500k under 60 at 4.6ghz
I know the feeling. I think that most people don't realize that you are allowed to change direction if you see your entire team going to one side :roll eyes:By the way, how do you get shadows too not look so spray painted on?
I recently fixed my desktop so I'm back on WoT. I'm looking for a new tank to work towards. Currently my favorites are: Panzer IV H - T5 - Derp Derp T-150 - T6 - Love the 107mm KV-2 - Derp Derp DERP Tiger I - Learning to love it still Recommendations?
I love the sails design as it looks classy and more sophisticated for adult computer users and adult gamers. Corsair makes up a large portion of my build including Case, Powersupply, memory, and fans. Despite the build quality, I wouldn't buy new fans or a case with this awful logo
I 2nd this...Why on earth would you pay more a motherboard than the chip???You would be way better off just buying a better chip
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