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Intel i3 - 4150 for the same price would absolutely recommend the 8320 over the i3 for the same price for gaming and for video editing8320+ More Cores+ Easy overclockingi3-4150+ Much lower power usage+ Integrated Graphics for media center+ better single thread performance
Sounds like a great deal for an unlocked phone.Does it run all google play store apps?
Being an Eve Online fan, I was wondering if you could clarify how this game compares: 1. Are there player limits on the server? (Eve theoretically has everyone on one server) 2. Is there construction/creation in the game? (building ships, ammo, guns, etc) 3. Are there different classes of ships? Thanks
Thanks for the info! I'll try and win that
Exactly, I love tier 5 but feel bad when I have to beat up on tier 3 and 4s.
My favorite matches are the ones with most tanks at the same tier regardless of type.For example, an all Tier 5 match is a blast because no one is underpowered and no one is overpowered. (I hate being a T6 heavy in a mostly T7 and T8 match where even the light tanks have as much HP as me)Why don't we see more of these matches?
For me and a lot of my friends, the $180 - $220 price range is the sweet spot for GPUs. Its all a matter of timing it right to get the best card for the best price in a good generation I think even the popular 970 is still above the price range that most people are shopping in, except of course on this forum
Thats the spirit! We need more experienced players at tier 5I have a great time at T5 because it has a lot of mediums, arty isn't bad, and heavies are well balanced in their roles. Problem is its a lot of new players that aren't experienced enough to react well
I agree, most of arty just doesn't fit well with the rest of the game. The fv305 is the closest to a reasonable way for arty to play since it has to get close to the action, not sit in the corner and wait for the win or wait to blow up at the end. Seems disconnected to me.Not sure how to make it better as I don't think they should be removed altogether
For me, fun is the most important thing but....> higher win rate = more fun, because winning is fun> playing a Tiger I with 132 pen = no fun at all
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