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I recently fixed my desktop so I'm back on WoT. I'm looking for a new tank to work towards. Currently my favorites are: Panzer IV H - T5 - Derp Derp T-150 - T6 - Love the 107mm KV-2 - Derp Derp DERP Tiger I - Learning to love it still Recommendations?
I love the sails design as it looks classy and more sophisticated for adult computer users and adult gamers. Corsair makes up a large portion of my build including Case, Powersupply, memory, and fans. Despite the build quality, I wouldn't buy new fans or a case with this awful logo
I 2nd this...Why on earth would you pay more a motherboard than the chip???You would be way better off just buying a better chip
Anyone find a review of the Pentium G3258 versus the AMD 760K?
I really would have liked to see them compare the pentium versus the AMD 760K.The 760K has the newer richland cores which have higher IPC and overclock much higher. The prices are also dropping and should be around the same price as the pentium on sale. Combined that with the higher cost of the pentium boards and they should be equal or have the AMD solution a little cheaper.
This makes me think back to my fond days with the Core 2 Duo E4300, low price and amazing overclock.......then I think about how that was a Dual Core I had 7 years ago I think its time to move on from dual core processors
I wonder whats the cheapest setup you could run to get a decent over clock on this thing. Anyone put together one?
Thats what I was saying earlier, lower tier games can be a lot of fun because everyone doesn't take them as seriously and they are missing those big slow tanks that drive the higher tier matches.They should be even more fun soon with the T18 nerf coming so make it more balanced.
aaaah, you must be the guy in the FV that tracked me from 880 to 0
Thanks Bob,It looks like all repair for the first set which makes sense because I've actually been continually tracked to death by arty a few times in my t-150 and kv-2.p.s. - If everyone stopped playing arty, there would be one less thing to complain about in the game
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