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I've got a HTC One M8 and it's been taking crappy pictures (though it was taking fantastic ones when I first got it). The lens looks like crap, very smudgy but doesn't look scratched. I've tried applying some rubbing alcohol with a q-tip but it had no effect whatsoever. Any other ideas?
@Ghoxt It would actually allow me to select updates and hit install, but the download would never start. It would just sit at 0% complete. I was attempting this after I'd literally just installed the operating system, so some kind of malware/spyware is pretty unlikely. I ended up fixing it by applying some "update readiness tool" from Microsoft which allowed me to actually install SP1 (which was also failing to even install). Once SP1 was installed I was able to finally...
Installed SP1, still won't download any updates.
Activated and service started. Thanks for the suggestion.
I've got that issue I've seen on a number of threads I found on Google where Windows (7) Update won't download anything, it's just stuck at 0. I've tried deleting the files found in "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore" (.edb file and Logs folder) and restarting, no change. I tried stopping/restarting the Windows Update service but it won't actually stop, so that's an issue. Any other ideas on how to get Windows Update to actually download updates?
Another build:
No offense taken. Thanks for the heads up!
It's part of a combo, so that's actually a $20 difference. I don't really need a bigger drive, I have 4 TB of external storage.
That's a shame... I've used it every day for 3 years without issue.
After thinking about simply replacing/upgrading parts on my current rig, I decided it might be worthwhile to simply buy a completely new rig and sell my current one as a complete computer and monitor. Here's the best I've come up with so far: Would love some input on reducing the price as much as possible. Just a general gaming rig -- League of Legends, Borderlands, some Battlefield. Also, any idea what I'd be able to get for my sig rig...
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